Saturday, April 01, 2023

sweet gasser, with matching era correct helmet

who would have ever thought 1960s and 70s work trucks would get restored and flip and sell for more than new trucks with all their evolutions and modern upgrades

'59 Chev fire truck

the slotted mag rim looks great on everything, truck, vans, and commuters, but especially looks great on muscle cars

this van is either a factory short wheelbase, or a really good custom! It looks very cool


damn, I love car shows with a wide variety of makes and models, and Goodguys certainly has a lot of everything, like this 71 Duster, I haven't seen a cool duster in years, lots of 73, 74s, but the 71, 72 are getting really rare

great choice of rims too

this looks restored

great Parkwood with a cool pinstriped rabbit

interesting Mopars at Del Mar Goodguys

believe it or not the above 67 Charger is for sale, with nothing more than a 383 727 and unknown they want 35 k for it. Just a rust free nice Mopar, nothing special, and they think someone will pay 35k

nice Commando, cool looking flag on the hood, it looks just right

I think this is the first Aussie Wagon I've come across in person

most impressive car I saw today at Goodguys Del Mar? The epitome of the 70s

Goodguys Del Mar is having a beautiful weather weekend for the cone killers to utilize all the traction they can find

I don't even remember the Ford EXP, but a couple of you did, THANK you for that! 

The EXP was a real 2 seater, based on the Escort, produced from 81-88, and only had the 1.6 liter 70 hp engine to begin with, and a 115 hp 1.9 engine on the EXP Sport Coupe when they killed it off.

the 2 seater was an insurance company attention getter, and competed with the Fiero, the MR2, and CRX

even this Mustang was out racing through the cones