Saturday, January 09, 2016

Krieger (1898 French front wheel drive electric vehicle) running in Argentina, they served as taxis in Buenos Aires. Seen here in the 2015 Autoclásica

The three Krieger belong were brought together from the Museum of the Automobile Club Argentino, the Automobile Museum of Buenos Aires and the third to a private collector.

they even have regenerative braking

must have been a scary last few seconds, and a hell of a dismount

the Magnolia Pearl, an Airstream Land Yacht

the humble beginnings of the UPS

the Chrysler Norseman, a prototype lost when the ship Andrea Doria went down at sea in 1956

back when Chrysler was in love with Italian coachbuilders, like Ghia (the Dual Ghia of course). Well, who wouldn't be, most Chrysler designs had no imagination or pizazz

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Tucker in a car wash, 1st time I've ever seen that!

Friday, January 08, 2016

Storm damaged B-36s

car guy birthday cake pan... of course! Why isn't Summit selling these?

cool and innovative 1930s tail light and turnsignal

Go Pro year in review, the best clips of 2015 (great editting!)

Oh no... oh dear god no... it's hideous! My eyes! They burn! The only known Mod Top Daytona Chrysler built.   via

 One of 3 documented vinyl top Daytonas, and the only Mod Top, during the restoration it was determined conclusively that it was a design team "one of" creation built during the summer of 1969 while the vehicle was converted from an R/ T Charger into a Daytona Charger at Creative Industries.

It is speculated this was done for a show of some type but that has yet to be confirmed, another Daytona with a vinyl top was prepped for a show and that is fully documented. This particular car was sold new in British Columbia Canada at Plimley Dodge with the top installed when it arrived which has been confirmed.

During the restoration Mod Top material was found behind window clips and in places it could only have been placed when the car was being converted into a Daytona.

Further discussions with a design team employee conclusively confirmed that this is Chrysler Built-during the summer of 1969 Mod Top proto type with what most think is the ugliest flowered top pattern Chrysler ever built.

Duncan Mounsey, the staff engineer who created the legendary Mod Top material for the Dodge Design Team during the summer of 1969 in 4 unique colors and just before shipping it he cut 4 small samples off each colored roll and then shipped the 4 rolls of Mod Top material directly to Chrysler.

Mopar Collector's Guide magazine ran aticle on the car in Feb and March 2011.
The car is an SE Daytona one of 14 built with black interior and a white wing.

Snake oil by any other name, if frequently tested and proven to have zero beneficial effect

VX-6, produced by National Dynamics (originally of New York), and others like it, is actually cadmium that, in theory, is supposed to prevent or halt sulfation. Those who swore by it insisted that inserting small doses into each cell of a new battery saw improved start time, longer life and brighter illumination of all lights in/on the vehicle. Although some period testing resulted in a finding of “no improvement,” and others insisted that it was just an automotive snake oil, it’s hard to overlook the decades of satisfied customers.

Original VX-6 boxes and their contents may have collectibility today — often found with $5-$20 asking prices — especially among lifelong NASCAR fans; however, the product has not disappeared with time. Today, it’s marketed under the brand name Charge-It Concentrated Battery Additive by Solder-It in a 2-ounce bottle at a cost of $10.99, most commonly through another legend in the automotive world — JC Whitney.

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Muddy roads of days gone by

cars on the cover of Vogue magazine

Le Mans Classic 2014

Hispano Suiza bus at the 11th meeting of the Camiones Clasicos

the Pegaso fire engine for petrochemical plant Calvo Sotelo Puertollano at the 11th meeting of the Camiones Clasicos

recently restored by the Savall family of Alicante. This striking American and futuristic unit, was coachbuilt by DCI (Defense Fire) and was destined for Spanish petrochemical plant Calvo Sotelo Puertollano, where it has remained "hidden" until not many years ago. It only traveled only a few thousand kilometers since it was made

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