Saturday, December 20, 2014

innovative way to customize a drift car to save yourself some time on body work

this tube bumperette is attached to the shock absorber in the bumper... I dig it. cool idea

the flip top Toyota

Stabil had this Camaro in their booth for SEMA, what do you think?

Chip Foose's '60 starliner

the seven Saudia 1977 Corvettes

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Back in 1977, the GM main agent in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, ordered a shipment of cars from the USA. Included in that shipment were a number of Corvettes. Unfortunately not all the cars found buyers and some seven Corvettes, all painted in different colours, were stored in the desert for the next two years.

Then one day, a group of British engineers working for the state airline Saudia Airlines stumbled upon these seven Corvettes, and managed to purchase them for a bargain price of only £4500 each. The engineers really wanted to get them back to the UK, and struck a deal where Saudia Airlines would put together a package to make it all possible.

At the time, Saudia Airlines were a major sponsor of the Williams Grand Prix Engineering Formula One Team based at Didcot, Oxon. Part of the special package that they came up with would be for all seven Corvettes to be painted white, with the two-tone stripes in blue and green running from front to rear, including over the T-Tops, together with the crossed scimitars of the Saudi Royal Coat of Arms in gold on the bonnet, plus numerous other various adverting decals.

The paint-spraying team working for Saudia Airlines in Jeddah arrived applied a color scheme that would emulate that of the airline and the 1979 Williams Grand Prix Engineering Formula 1 Team FW07 race cars. The Goodyear Tyre Company supplied five tyres for each Corvette, while Gulf Oil paid all the fuel expenses. Once the cars had been painted and prepared, they were then all flown by Saudia Airlines Douglas DC-9 from Jeddah to Athens, Greece, from where they were driven across Greece by the engineers to a seaport where they boarded a ferry over to Southern Italy.

Part of the sponsorship package deal was for the Corvettes to visit major cities en route to the UK and stop off at Saudia Airlines offices, where stickers and badges were given away to enthusiasts and the public alike. The route took the Corvettes via Rome, Genoa, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Paris. info from

there is a collector of 1910-1920 cars and bikes, Mike Giddens, who found a 1917 Excelsior in parts in an attic, with only a couple thousand miles on it

He carried each piece down a ladder, then rubbed down every little bit with soap, water and some degreaser to expose the factory army green paint and decals under the decades of dust. The bike had just a couple thousand miles on it when it went into storage long ago. The rubber bits weren't worn, the clutch and brakes had 100% of their material still. A brand new 97 year old bike. It is not on display, he rides it just as Ignatz Schwinn expected him to.

Found on  which is the facebook page of Occhio Lungo, from Alta California who also has a blog to entice people to desire vintage 100 year old motorcycles

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Finally a good cop story to show you

2 things... at an audition for Bad Girls, this one ought to win for this performance, the other thing? Better build a better boot, this one was pathetic

two Hellcats down... the rest just became worth a couple thousand more. This trend will continue until the foolish have crashed

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It's not the 1st  the past week had a media loaner leaving San Diego heading to Julian

the 1983 Corvette

Dave Freiburger to be inducted into the Dry Lakes Hall of Fame

Matt Williams of Gold Coast Roadsters just told Dave that he's been inducted into the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame for 2015.

The event is in April, and is very cool to attend, it's open to the public, and takes most of the afternoon, and if you haven't heard of the Mendenhall Museum: take a look at this petroliana heaven

For the exact day: 

Cool VW rv!

21 window deluxe samba/kombi uses in business

Whats that blinky thing for? Oh... good idea, spell it out

about as close of a call as you are ever going to see... skip ahead to 1:35 to see how thin the margin is between missing and slamming through a double trailer semi

What they puled out of the sinkhole under the Corvette Museum

Jim and Chester's Garage Tumblr posts some really cool and rare photos, I keep going back, year after year to catch up

'65 Plymouth Sport Fury

Can you identify the 3 guys? Bud Moore, Dan Gurney, and Parnelli
Dual Quad Mercury Cougar. Rare? Oh yeah

Dyno DOn in a 1 of 2 made, Boss 429 Cougar

Betty Skelton at Darlington

Ford Drag Team tour 1968

Holman Moody Falcon fastback

2 seater Mustang prototype named Pegasus

Never see Talladega anywhere.. so I post them when I find them

Nassau in the mid sixties with a pair of Grand Sports

Cale Yarborough special Cyclone Spoiler

How many companies see a 100th anniversary? How many did in 1952?

Back when car wash locations were eye catching