Saturday, October 28, 2017

absurd engine upgrade, 413 into an intrepid

what's left of the stolen rig was recovered

don't go to the dark side Kermit

it's called the daily ladder in So Cal, as there is guaranteed to be some work truck driver who doesn't secure his ladder and it will land on some freeway and damage someone else's vehicle.

a welder and innovation can mount any engine in any frame

Today's total wtf

I see about 2 dozen little "NOPE" I don't work on this, near this, or in this. Go away, I don't want to get contaminated with your cockroaches

75 dollars for a damn tire guage? Snap On... you're effed up to even suggest such bullshit

and the price is up 7 dollars since it was posted on Reddit

Friday, October 27, 2017

you think you've heard of most everything... but of course, you haven't. Not even everything in your own country's automotive world, and don't ever think the rest of the planet doesn't hold surprises. This is a left foot throttle adapter

now THAT is new to me. Never even heard of one before

This Zamboni advertising idea by BBDO New York features the Gillette Fusion and makes this ice skating rink pretty smooth

The Boston Bruins rolled out their Gillette Fusion Zamboni for the final two games of the regular season and three playoff games, reports Darren Rovell of CNBC's SportsBiz. It's also worth noting that Schick did something similar with its Quattro razor at a hockey game in Australia.

the Schick Quattro Zamboni was done by J. Walter Thompson Sydney advertising agency in Australia in Mar 2008.

drag radials and a TransBrake have never been offered on a production car; until now... but they didn't win an award. The Power Chiller did. All 3 come on the new Demon Challenger

Popular Science magazine awarded the system one of its 2017 “The Best of What’s New” awards.

It’s not the gas but the oxygen that goes boom in your engine; stuff more air into your cylinders, get more power. To achieve the SRT Demon’s crazy acceleration, Dodge’s necromancers of speed flow the breeze over what is essentially an air-conditioning compressor before the supercharger crams the air into its V-8. Colder air holds more oxygen, creating a bigger boom and, eventually, 840 glorious hell ponies.

Taking the opportunity to make a stand, just like Rosa Parks. It's called civil disobedience.

Peugeot had a flop of a advertising campaign when it sent 308 'nudists' to celebrate launch of 308 CC in London... the blue scarf represented the heater in the car.

the Infiniti concept car, which unfortunately, they don't have the guts to build for sale (no one but private race car builders would) is stunning from the point of view of pure pleasure driving

there is a very straight 11 mile stretch of freeway between Vegas and Pahrump, and it's by Spring Mountain race track. It's also going to host a land speed record attempt next Saturday.. Thanks Dennis!

Route 160, the main road from Las Vegas to Death Valley, annually handles an average of 1.7 million tourists.

SR-160 between Tecopa and Sand Valley roads will close from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. Nov. 4-5 while Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg attempts to set the top speed for a production car. Traffic will be diverted for this event by NDOT.   Roadside parking, cyclists and pedestrians will be prohibited.

Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch will be hosting Koenigsegg to not only beat the current record of 268 mph from a production vehicle but to hold that record for the foreseeable future.

“The Swedish car company is a member of our club and this event will be costing them around $100,000 to shut down the highway and all the logistics, insurance and other things that went into this event,

We have received a temporary occupancy permit from the Nevada Department of Transportation to attempt a world speed record on a very straight section of highway, that is the main artery, connecting the rural community of Pahrump and Las Vegas together.”

There are two records that will be broken that day, the first being the 240 mph on an open public highway and the other being the 268 mph record for the overall top speed of a production car.

When the semiretired internet entrepreneur bought the original Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in 2004, here in the desert town of Pahrump, Nev., it was a 2.2-mile racetrack with a couple of spectator tents and porta-potties.

By the end of 2017 or early 2018, he says, he’ll also have a 6-mile, off-road desert course for trucks and ATVs, a track for high-performance go-karts, and a zip line to the resort’s main clubhouse with a 160-foot drop.

Currently, the longest track is Germany’s Nürburgring, the legendary 13.1-mile circuit in Nürburg, near the Belgian border, which includes sections of public road and isn’t open for racing most of the year. When he’s finished, Morris will have at least 15 miles of private track just 45 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

The 2017 Koenisegg Regera holds the distinction of being the fastest and most powerful production car ever manufactured.

According to Koenisegg, the Regera is “the King of the Road, as the fastest accelerating, most powerful production car ever.” It is very hard to argue with this claim, especially considering the twin-turbo 5.0-liter V-8 engine under the hood that is supported by three electric motors that create a combined power output of 1500 hp and 1475 lb-ft of torque!

3 weeks ago a Koenigsegg Agera RS managed to go from 0-249mph-0..... 5 seconds faster than the 0-249mph-0 time posted by the Bugatti Chiron only last month

DUI and criminal mischief conviction results in two years probation if you're a cop, on the clock, trying to drive through your ex-wife's front door in your cop car. Seriously, no double standard there!

Must have feared for his life so tried breaking his ribs then punch him in the face. The position the suspect was in must be the scariest for police because you always see them hitting them in this position

Win the race, walk away... even if the top fueler is destroyed!

While over Japan, the inboard propeller spun off and took out the outboard propeller, they had to fly 700 miles home on two engines, it could have been worse

the prop didn't go through the fuselage.. .. and cut the plane in half

tool expectations

When you rent a truck, and pay for the insurance, are they supposed to ignore your shenanigans if it doesn't damage the truck?

Salute of the day to Green Bay Police Officer Daryl Robinson

On Monday, police received a call from staff at Howe Elementary School about a student who had just turned eight-years-old that day, but the boy had no one to pick him up from school.

"They said that his mother was incarcerated and there was no one on the emergency contact to pick him up," Officer Robinson says.

Robinson got a hold of the boy's grandfather and got permission to take the boy to McDonald's.

"So we brought the eight-year-old to a squad. He'd never been in a police car before and was very excited to ride in one," Officer Robinson says. "We gave him some Packer cards and little Green Bay Police tattoo. And then I brought him to McDonald's, got him a sandwich and then brought him home, turned him over to his grandfather and he had some other siblings there as well."

The owners of a locally-owned McDonald's had given officers free cheeseburger coupons to hand out during certain situations.

"He was excited, yeah. Looking at the toys they put in the Happy Meals. Just excited to hang out with a police officer and get away for a little bit," Robinson says.

Officer Robinson knows how this little boy feels. Former Green Bay Police Captain Bill Bongle showed that same kindness to a young Robinson.

"When I put him in a squad car and we were going to McDonald's, it brought back a lot of memories from when I was growing up. And Bongle was there in my neighborhood and he'd bring me to the gas station and we would get candy or whatever," Robinson remembers. "I think I met him on one of my birthdays when I was younger and he was, he always came around. If I needed someone to talk to or anything he was always there, helping me out. And he's the reason I wanted to go in law enforcement. I wanted the opportunity to do for another kid that he did for me."

It's nearly Halloween, time to do stuff to your vehicle to spook people while stuck in traffic

Today's total WTF

Co-worker used a lighter to see the code of his gang box’s lock, which caused a leaking stored cylinder of acetylene to explode.

an unmarked ATF agent car and the guns inside were just stolen a block away from the Salk Institute and USCD in La Jolla yesterday

On the road illuminated with yellow highlighter, that's where a load of weapons in an unmarked ATF car was stolen.

Notice all the UCSD buildings across the road

the ATF car loaded with guns was in the sweet millionaires tennis court (17 of them) neighborhood in the upper left corner.


And why is NBC news lieing about it? Instead of saying the road the car was on was in millionaire's neighborhood of 17 private tennis courts, they state "agent had his car and the guns inside stolen from a popular beach in La Jolla Thursday. The theft happened in the morning along Black Gold Road

Well, Black Gold Road isn't at the beach, it's between the McMansions. They were accurate about the street name, but... saying the car was stolen from a beach? That's a lie, a misdirect.

And, really? ATF unmarked car... how's that get stolen? Is the car not equipped with LoJack, what the cops say is the best car recovery security system? Didn't it even have a GPS tracker so dispatch would be able to see where it is?

regardless, those military grade weapons are now in the hands of criminals... and this is just one of many unmarked law enforcement cars loaded with weapons that has been stolen in California use google to learn of many more.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Todays total WTF

how to reset the "change your oil" light on a 2007 Mercedes

zip ties holding the alternator in place

when the German parts aren't.