Saturday, March 29, 2014

Coolest car show poster I've seen in a long time

1974 Harley AMF snowmobile at the Harley Davidson museum

1960 or 61 Corvette parked in the 70's, and gathering dust ever since

the story is all mixed up about who owns it, why, and why they are storing it and good luck trying to figure out whose friends fathers uncle owns it.

cool trailer

Obscure but interesting, a moderate sized 1967 Coot Snoopy funmobile (toy car) that was given to Charles Shultz in trade for a Snoopy logo for the model

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they also made a Red Baron model

the perfect retaliation

A guy was told to remove his (complete) unregistered car from his driveway and was later ordered to remove the three unregistered vehicles from his backyard. He retaliated by taking pictures of one of the town counselor’s driveway and backyard. He brought several blown up high-resolution color glossies of the counselor’s collection of motorhomes in various states of disrepair in his driveway and backyard to a meeting. Charges were abruptly dropped if I recall correctly.

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sweet. Just a pretty, simple, nice wood trimmed trailer

I can think of 3 vehicles that defined their place/niche in automobiles.

Mustang (pony car)
Checker Marathon (taxi)

You won't find any "type/catagory" in a drop down menu that says Jeep, it will only allow you to choose SUV, but anyone with a brain knows that a Jeep is a singularity. Whether you refer to a WW2 Willys or a Wrangler, that is a Jeep, not an SUV.

Mini, a bit looser than a Jeep when it comes to epitomizing it's niche, but a 60's Mini like a Cooper, is a paragon of the "Mini" and no Isetta or tuk tuk falls into the description, and a Mini doesn't fall into any other.

the Reading Railroad co Crusader streamliner... sleek

Friday, March 28, 2014

are those Moose heads on the wing of this Daytona? WTH?

the "what is it" of the day car

a website mostly about barnfinds, but since those are kinda rare, they often show raggedy collections for sale too

check them out, it's not bad!

Fairlane camping car

damn... probably goes to more car shows than campgrounds, but wow. Spectacular carry through theme

from artist "Oak Oak"

for the garage bathroom

fun with broken car parts, vent edition

Thursday, March 27, 2014

65 years of hiding a 1930 woodie, only come to light because the property was sold, and if it were left, the new home owners would get it.

Lakeside Raceway in Queensland 2 Sundays ago, Trans Am racing... thanks to Darryl for taking the photos and sharing with us!

98 real world cars were momentarily in an episode of the Simpsons, and Jesus Diaz at Jalopnik took the time and put together a gallery

Which Indian is the one Burt set records with, and where is it?

I just read an article from Tom Cotter that says the Indian that ran on the salt stayed in the US after 1962, and was given to the Pierce family that sponsored and befriended Burt. They sold it to Gordy Clark, who sold it to Dean Hensely in 1986, and  while collecting other bikes and cool stuff, passed away in a car crash, and his family and brother Tom have the salt raced Indian, and are bsing about selling the collection (aka cashing in) 

best rule for passengers I've seen

the only warning sign I bet people pay attention to

I can't remember who to thank, so if you sent this my way, thanks!

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the '47 Buick Roadmaster Hearse is now for sale ($9000) Imagine for a moment the utter coolness of this as a custom..

1947 Roadmaster Eight model 
(14750551 Buick chassis serial number)
"built in Flint, Michigan, USA"

coachbuilt probably in Greece!?!?!
(with a combo of 1956 Chevrolet tail lights and bumper) 

It now has a new home, in Italy, and is getting fixed up, follow along on