Saturday, October 06, 2012

Something new for event catering... sidecar ice cream delivery.. Cool!

Are you seeking something new for your next big event? We are reliable, on time, innovative and bring new breath to the classic ice cream experience. Our Ice Cream Professionals go through extensive training and background checks. We have professional uniforms that harken to a simpler time, white button down logo shirts with black bow-ties. These uniforms have great appeal whether your event is Corporate, Formal or family oriented. We carry only quality ice cream novelties from recognized names like Ben & Jerry's®, Haagen Daz®, Breyers®, Starbucks®, Good Humor®, Eskimo Pie®, Popsicle®, Wells Blue Bunny®, etc.

It's not a new idea, just a good one

Touch a Truck, an annual and growing event that raises funds, and kids interest in big rigs, semi's, and trucks has grown to the point that it happens in the Qualcomm stadium parking lot now

This family-friendly car show is a sure hit with kids and parents alike, as all the vehicles are open for you to climb in and honk the horn! From the Wells Fargo Stage Coach to Robosaurus, military vehicles to monster trucks, Harley's to HumVees, classic cars to emergency vehicles, big rigs to construction rigs. Touch A Truck will please your palate, too, with 20 gourmet food trucks, an old fashioned bake sale, lemonade "experience", and more

This is Robosaurus! I didn't get there early enough to catch it in action, I had a car show I was at before this years Touch a Truck.. some days there are more than one car show to see.

The jungle gym  bus interior

The Boogie Brothers Blues Band was pretty good! I liked them, and their playlist, though I doubt the kids were able to hear the music.. the kids were HYPED up!

Max's Ring of Fire (MROF), a 501(c)3 tax-exempt public charity, is a pediatric cancer fundraising and advocacy organization that supports innovative pediatric cancer research and clinical trials. We are dedicated to funding practical, relevant Phase I and II clinical trials which are based on research from the University of Vermont, University of Texas/M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Hawaii, UCSD, the Van Andel Institute, among others.
We also focus on speed, by helping to bring new therapies to the bedside now for the patients that need them most - those with advanced relapsed or refractory neuroblastoma. These are the hard cases that most oncology research frequently overlooks - yet it is these difficult cases that likely hold the key to finding the answer to cancer.
100% of every donated dollar is guaranteed to fund meaningful neuroblastoma research and clinical trials.

A modified delivery? Interesting custom idea I've never seen before

First time I've seen a badge for the Automobile Association of New Jersey, I bet it's the only one in So Cal

Wheelchair with lawn cutting blades... ummmm, what? What is the idea? To push yourself around the front yard and cut the grass?

the Alviso Roadster at the Ventura Nats 2012

 unusual gas tank... I don't think I've seen one like it before, but it's got an interesting shape. If the cab was rounder, that tank would be even a better match