Saturday, July 21, 2007

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Escondido cruise night on Grand, every friday all summer long, Apr to Oct

The hood call outs say 400 cu in, but the license plate throw down is 652 HP. Nice!

DeSoto.. and these came with early hemis!
For many more photos of the Escondido cruise (with a better camera) see:

I'm no Adams, Bourke-White, or Eisenstadt; but I'm trying.

Cool Caddy hiding among the Pierce Arrow crowd

37 Ford.. I think

Cool radio, speedo, and instrument cluster

Pierce Arrow

Studebaker, nice clock inside the speedo

Never seen anything like this... Click on it to get the full size of course

Just posting my fix for gauges, but check out the full Waltham set.. I thought they only made watches

Pierce Arrow night brings out really rare stuff from the garages.

No way someone drove a real Ferrari to cruise night. No one insures 5 million dollar ferrari's, do they?

Conjecture around the car was that it's a 280Z... but where do you get Ferrari gauges? Anyway, It's really cool to see somehting this highbrow at a cruise night

'68 Pontiac fastback is a rare one with the optional sleeper trunk

How cool is this? if you go for an overnighter at a campsight, just jump into the trunk after the roasted marshmallows!

I dig black and yellows with original dealership trim rings.