Saturday, November 04, 2023

it's shocking how different the Delorean booth was at CES (with a concept) from the booth this week at SEMA (original and upgrade)

Somewhere else in the central hall was this next Delorean that was in the Toyo tire alley in 2021

see what I mean? 

Nissan had a cool comparison between the original and the latest in their SEMA booth

I recently posted about the truck that they started the WalMart with, and was surprised to see WalMart brought it to their SEMA booth

I didn't know that Ford used the Rustler name

it's amazing how nice these 1960s suvs are when restored!

1979 Cherokee Chief Golden Eagle

this must be the 1st tractor I've seen at SEMA, a Minneapolis Moline RTS

nice Nova! Not many of them stay this nice for 50 + years, or show up at SEMA

I bet you never thought someone would put a bubbletop on a Porsche