Friday, September 24, 2010

Here is a quick sample of what you'll see in the pits at Speedfest

The above is rare, it's a air cooled opposed piston engine like the VW... DB is the symbol on the nose of the car... stands for Deutsch-Bonnet...  the car is a HBR5  (thanks Graham!)

Above is a Railton

Big corrals of race cars!

Speedfest is happening for the next two days, factory race cars, Trans Am racing series cars, older NASCAR cars, and drift racing cars

Above, 2 cars fail to make it through the turns,

Third times the charm for getting a good video of a drifter up close and fast

Honda vs Dodge Dart... crush zones vs real steel bumper

Needed to replace the rear bumper and valance
anyway, just didn't want to do it now...

Drive safe everyone,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The race cars have returned! They'll be racing on North Island NAS all weekend, it's called Speedfest. They met at Orange and Isabella for a car show

Driven from the pits of the track on NAS Miramar, and over to Orange and Isabella near the Hotel Del Coronado... in the usual location of the Coronado car show that happens each spring in March or April

Two Lagondas were there... way cool! Above and below are both Lagondas

Keep fresh spark plugs handy... great idea!