Friday, August 29, 2014

great art in old car brochures

Amish stop sign

you only have to grow older, not act your age

Go Pro makes a damn good high def sports movie camera... TORC Wisconsin 2014

The long jump... and then something went a little bit wrong.

grandpa of the year award goes to:

Secured load vs unsecured loads

The driver in the bottom photo was able to walk away.

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Red Wine racing club jacket

LA Sheriff deputy who killed bicyclist due to emailing while driving his patrol car is immune to prosecution, not even ticketed for distracted driving

California prosecutors have declined to file charges against a sheriff's deputy Andrew Wood who was apparently distracted by his mobile digital computer when his patrol car drifted into the bike lane, stricking and killing a prominent entertainment attorney last year.

‘Wood briefly took his eyes away from the road, typing on his onboard computer in response to an email, precisely when the narrow roadway curved slightly to the left, causing him to inadvertently travel straight into the bike lane, immediately striking Olin.’

Under the law, law enforcement officials are allowed to use electronic wireless devices while carrying out their duties. The victim’s family have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Sheriff's Department and accused Wood of negligence. Olin’s loved ones also started an online petition on demanding that charges be brought against the deputy. So far, more than 67,000 people have signed.

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According to the Sheriff’s Department’s own policies and procedures involving the operation of a vehicle, “members shall always employ defensive driving techniques to avoid or prevent a collision” and shall not operate vehicles “in an unsafe or negligent manner.”

In mobile digital competency tests, employees are also reminded “to use caution” while operating an MDC and that “distracted driving is inherently unsafe,” according to training documents provided by the Sheriff’s Department.

Wood, who is still a deputy, transferred shortly after the incident to court services but had made the request more than a year earlier, a department spokesman has said.

What does it look like for another cop that was driving and using his laptop?

Keep you eyes on where your 4000 pound killing machine is going. The life you save might be your own

Some ships are christened with a bottle of champagne, some bridges are smacked with a big rig trailer.

Just one hour after opening the new bridge, some moron smashed into it

Mitch Anderson, who works at Oswald Service near the underpass, said he was helping a customer outside the auto shop when he saw the crash.

"I just turned and I was like, 'Really? Already?' You know, I can't believe,” said Anderson.

"I had a customer stop in just this morning and he was saying, 'You know, Kevin, it would be a good promotion to take bets on when the first accident's going to happen in the underpass,” said Kevin Oswald.

Idaho Falls police said the driver of the truck, 31-year-old Ryan Blatter of Idaho Falls, has been cited for inattentive driving.

some old hot rods are still around

Bill Lakes built this roadster, and at the time was the machine shop manager at Edelbrock, knew how to make a car fast, and good looking enough that it was the April 1950 Hot Rod Magazine feature, and won multiple records at Bonneville in both B/Roadster and B/Fendered Roadster classes (turning 144.24 and 123.84mph respectively).

Those headlights look terrible though

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the design changes of the Ford Mustang

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Notice they skip from 1969 to 2005? All the ugly 1970's King Cobra II are best forgotten I suppose

Pierce Arrow tiger advertisement art

1928 American LaFrance brochure

Thursday, August 28, 2014

the beautiful art in the Studebaker brochure

the VW owners test

wooden wheel prototype for a patent application, to try to replace rubber wheels during the WW2 shortage

Ford of England cars through the years 1928-1958

furniture that is awesome

Joe's Mini Bike reunion, Sept 20th, just north east of Burbank

his 3rd annual Joe’s Minibike Reunion is coming on September 20 at Crescenta Valley Park in La Crescenta, California.

Strictly US made. Nothing new. Nothing imported. A minibike is defined as a two-wheeled motorized vehicle that’s not a moped, motor-scooter, mini-cycle, cross-over, or a full-sized motorcycle. Although typically intended for off-road use, it may be designed for light duty or around-the-neighborhood use, but can never be street legal.

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Design and engineering matter. Also, use a crash test dummy before you try a loop ramp yourself

I believe that before human testing is approved, you ought to run the tests and trials with crash test dummies... that's just me though

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this kid is amazing at mimicking rally car sounds

Jake Gyllenhaal makes incredible movies... the vehicle stunts in this movie by themselves will have me watching it

1951 Graveley lawnand garden tractor... the front end is a Studebaker fender

This Gravely Studebaker, the rearend is 1951 Gravely. Front is 1952 Studebaker front fender.