Saturday, July 16, 2022

Runge Frankfurt Flyer is a mid-engine custom inspired by early postwar VW and Porsche competition specials, the custom by Chris Runge completed in fall 2016, titled as a Porsche 356

hand-built Beast of Turin cyclekart, built to the right scale, by beginning with a wall projection

which resulted in a cyclekart he called the Beastie!

and he took it ice racing by joining the Squam Trail Busters Snowmobile Club 

few bad apples? Or squad of assholes power tripping? An EMT was attempting to unload a patient in the ambulance bay area at Strong Memorial Hospital when she bumped the cops car (why is that in the ambulance area asshole?)

In a video of the incident, the EMT can be seen standing at the hospital check-in desk with the patient on a stretcher. The asshole cop, who is wearing a red shirt, then rushes toward the EMT, pushing her into a wall before handcuffing her and escorting her out of the hospital.

Monroe Ambulance said the EMT made the correct call in bringing the patient inside the hospital as soon as possible.

“While the incident is still under internal investigation, our review of the video footage of the event indicates the safety of both our employee and that of her patient were jeopardized by the action of the officer,” the statement said. “Our employee demonstrated sound decision making by prioritizing the care of her patient and it is the expectation of all our care providers to do the same.”

Police should get 2 weeks suspension no pay for asshole behavior like this where they are abusive and NOT enforcing a law

electric car owners are so screwed, stick with Hybrids

I'm increasingly convinced that EV adoption is going to run into real problems if we can't get a handle on charger reliability... A few weeks later, it was time to drive from DC to Watkins Glen in the Finger Lakes region of New York, this time in a BMW iX. And despite plenty of planning, I still spent almost as much time stationary, arguing with charging machinery, as I did actually pulling electrons into the car's battery pack throughout the 600-mile journey.

At each charging stop, in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York, I ran into problems. A five-minute wait to see if the car and charger would establish communications was invariably the case. Waiting 10 minutes was not uncommon. Even then, there was no time to relax; more than once, an error somewhere in the loop shut everything down after just a few kWh...

Then there was the problem of whether or not all of the chargers at a given location were even functional. At one EA station with a Plugshare rating of 9.8, two of four chargers were completely inoperable and a third was reduced to just 50 kW. Four days later, nothing had changed other than its Plugshare rating, which had increased by 0.2 points to the maximum score of 10, with a note in italics about the reduced-power machine...

I spotted this pretty little BMW ahead of me in traffic yesterday, 650 am, using it for a Friday, Payday, I'm damn happy to have a cool car day!


Donkervoort's quarter million dollar hand-built and ultra-light sports cars that 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 sec, will be available to purchase in the US, good news because there is a 2 year waiting list already in Europe

Although it was founded in 1978, Donkervoort’s stripped-down, enthusiast-friendly, fastest street-legal cars in the world, have never been available to buy in the US before. But entering the US market has been a long-term goal for the marque’s managing director, Denis Donkervoort, who studied marketing and management at Florida’s Northwood University in 2008

mechanical improvements include a stiffer suspension with adjustable anti-roll bars at each corner and three-way adjustable shock absorbers. Significant aerodynamic revisions, including a redesigned nose and a new wheel design, lead to 176 pounds (80 kilograms) of additional downforce at the rear axle and 110 lbs (50 kg) of front downforce. The total curb weight of the car is below 1,542 lbs (700 kilograms) thanks to the extensive use of carbon-fiber, as well as a new and lighter battery and lighter carbon-fiber seats

San Diego pays more than $376K in trip-and-fall and bike lane lawsuits in just 30 days

the city continues to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars to those hurt and injured on buckling sidewalks and pothole-ridden bike lanes.

According to data obtained by CBS 8, in just a 30-day period from May 28 through June 28, the city paid $333,786 to settle 11 trip and fall lawsuits and legal claims.

During that short 30-day period, the city also paid $42,500 to settle a lawsuit filed by a cyclist who fell due to a dilapidated bike lane.

City documents show that the injuries occurred between 2018 through 2021.

Other payouts include the city paying $42,500 to a cyclist who suffered injuries after falling off his bike on Del Mar Heights Road.

Meanwhile, Mayor Gloria has stated that he will focus on addressing San Diego's crumbling infrastructure and more than a billion-dollar backlog.

Friday, July 15, 2022

thank goodness someone is making FUN movies that aren't pushing a woke agenda, here's kids! Classic VW VAN! Michael PENA! And OWEN WILSON! FUN FUN FUN FUN! It's a mash up of Iron Man, Spy Kids, and Batman

August 12th on Paramount +

that is the VW ID Buzz concept that has been around since 2017

Team Shelby Pikes Peak Adventure, Pierre Ford, and Tuscany West, cheered on the street legal 2022 Shelby Mustang GT 500 SE, in the 100th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Shelby American, with a 13:37.383

Pikes Peak in the fog, but this driver is still lead footing it at 141 mph

A standing ovation for Bette Nash! American Airline's most senior flight attendant, is 86 years old and celebrated her 65th anniversary on the job! She started working in 1957!

American had a party for her on her 60TH anniversary on the job! This next one will have a lot to work up from!

Because seniority reserves the priveldge of choosing routes, she can, and has, chosen the route she likes best, and it's New York to Boston, as she wants to be home each day to care for her special needs son. Effing wow, right?!

standing ovation for AL Blackman, who has been a aviation mechanic for American Airlines, for 80 freaking years. They had a party at his 75th year.... this one ought to be impressive!

Al graduated aviation high school in 1942!

For his 75th anniversary, the airline dedicated a Boeing 777 in his honor, which he then took on a joyride above New York.

Al is a 96-year-old mechanic is celebrating his 80th work anniversary, making him the most senior employee at the airline, and probably the most senior employee in the airline industry. That means that anyone working for 40 years and retiring, could have had kids, and THEY could have retired, in just the years that Al has been WORKING. 

there is finally new life in The Walking Dead, and within the new series on AMC, in an episodic method of unconnected stories, there will be some wonderful actors to enjoy, Anthony Edwards (Top Gun, ER) Olivia Munn (The Newsroom, X Men ) Terry Crews (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Expendables, Brooklyn Nine Nine)

The series, from veteran The Walking Dead writer and producer Channing Powell, will follow individual characters—some brand new, some very familiar to fans of the The Walking Dead universe.

"Each episode has its own distinct tone and point of view—but the stakes are high in each story, pushing new, indelible characters with relentless, life-threatening choices and situations," according to the network. "We get to see the apocalypse through different eyes, discovering more worlds, mythos and mysteries of The Walking Dead."

There will be more Walking Dead spin-offs in 2023, a Daryl series, and a spin-off with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, titled Isle of the Dead.

I hope to have more news about this from Hall H next weekend

The U.S. Postal Service is commemorating the pony car greats with five new stamps, painted by Tom Fritz, o be released in August 2022, at the Great American Stamp Show, at the Sacramento Convention Center

Wendy Masorti of the American Philatelic Society reported Dec. 27, 2021, on the APS website that the USPS is working with the California Automobile Museum to have pony cars displayed on the show floor for the ceremony.

That wing on the back of the roof is a factory option, the Craig Breedlove wing.

Some assembly required, but wow, what a cool car to work on! (If you have Whitworth tools, I suspect)

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Baldwin Motion Chevelle, 1969, one of 3 made

we're all familiar with the Chevy Monte Carlo, from 1969-87, and other generations, BUT, did you now that Saab made a Monte Carlo from 63-68?

interesting way to utilize a couple hinges or pivot points to leverage a folding shell to expand the interior space of an rv

A B-2 Spirit on the flightline at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, for Exercise Valiant Shield, June 2006

 U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Bennie J. Davis III

In a 5-3 decision, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that Texas Central — the Dallas company planning to build the railway — has eminent domain authority to seize land $30 billion bullet train project

The $30 billion train has been in the works for years. If built, it would travel at a speed of up to 200 miles per hour and enable passengers on an elevated, 672-foot-long high-speed train, to commute  hundreds of miles and over thousands of privately owned parcels between Dallas and Houston in about 90 minutes, according to Texas Central.

The company argues the project will benefit Texas by taking cars off roads, creating thousands of jobs and generating billions of dollars in economic impact.

Many Texas land owners whose properties sit in the proposed path of the train oppose the project. James Miles of Leon County sued Texas Central in 2019 challenging whether the company has the authority to use eminent domain to take property for the project.

According to US Navy records, the 1943 Evinrude model #4375 Navy Heavy-Duty LightFour 9.7 hp, four-cylinder outboard, was responsible for the rescue of over 700 men from bombers or fighters forced down in the North Sea or Pacific.

designed for military use , the shaft was 15" longer than the standard shaft and could be spun 360 degrees allowing it to reverse. 

It came with a rebuild kit, which consisted of many key parts for "in-the-field" repairs. As noted in the ad, this outboard was used by the Navy in drop-type lifesaving boats – boats that were dropped from bomber bays as survival equipment to rescue aviators forced to ditch at sea.

Women have had to put up with a lot of bullshit from men, but this was loopy

When bicycles really took off, in the 1890s, roughly, chauvinists pushed a fake study into society to try to convince women to not ride bikes, to keep them home bound, by claiming that women's faces would distort from the effort of cycling, and eyes would bulge, and chins jut out. 

They also claimed it didn't happen to men. 

what a cool idea for a theme for Hollywood movie art, by Nicholas Bannister

You'll want to "Schwing" over to the Gallery Nucleus booth at Comic Con for the 30th anniversary of Waynes World print from Nicholas Bannister

oh wow, Cozi TV just made my day by inviting me to meet fantastic actor French Stewart, at the 3rd Rock From the Sun, Rambler American contest give away car

 that would be a hoot, but 9-1030 on Friday morning, I must be in the Hall H line, and the breakfast is French Pastries, I love that pun, and apt choice for a breakfast snack, but I am diabetic now and can't eat pastries anymore. 

70s candy and Keystones... oh yeah!

Car pool lanes.... not for car pooling drivers, that choose to use only one of the group's cars

 when it's a family that fills a car, or suv, then only one vehicle of the family is in use, and this doesn't constitute carpooling. 

Seems like someone pulled a fast one, used taxpayer funds to make lanes that can only be used (huge fine with that carpooling lane ticket here in California) by people that find it's more convenient than using the crowded lanes to take their kids to after school sports. 

I'm against using taxpayer funds to make things that taxpayers can't use, that are limited to some special category that the majority of taxpayers are not entitled to. 

Giorgi Marc-antoine finds original paint Vespas... and he sells them, but, he certainly did keep the most interesting one for himself, and the Vintagent just featured it

This remarkable 1951 Vespa Acma with Steib sidecar was viable family transport in the lean years for Europe after WW2. This rig was as stylish an all-weather traveling scooter as you could find, originally sold by the dealership of Georges Monneret, legendary French racing champion. 

The world was a simpler place, and if you were inclined, you could travel Europe on a crazy decked-out travel scooter like this, collecting stickers from hotels and cities across the Continent like the old steamer trunks