Saturday, June 01, 2013

todays Friends of Steve McQueen show had a lot of cool things I'll show you in the next few days, please stand by

the above is the first thing you'll see on the exit from Hwy 71

A crowd pleaser visually and audibly

and the coolest vehicle at the show was the Dunkle Brothers 1949 GMC tractor with a 1947 car carrier trailer

More on these soon, will full galleries on each, plus a Von Dutch hand made scooter, and the Von Dutch "Toaster" /  R60 BMW motorcycle and handmade sidecar 

great choice of colors on this 57 Bel Air flamejob

AHA.... 1980 Knotts Berry Farm dash plaque, never seen one before

far under the hood

but what ever he was doing was successful. Probably loose starter terminal nut

rough but real, a Shelby Mustang GT 350

rare one of 2 1936 Cord 810 has been made suede and chrome

New decal to poke humor at Prius

Worst back seat I've ever seen in a muscle car, I hope there is a good reason for such a travesty to a convertible 71 Barracuda

yuck. The rest of the car had some issues too, but this is terrible

Friday, May 31, 2013

1923-1925 | Renault 10CV Type MH 6x6 Sahara

found on

Renault launched the six MH-type wheels in the early nineteen twenties, to cross the Sahara and facilitate communication between Algeria and French West Africa.

It paved the way for large African adventures with several expeditions between 1923 and 1925. Between Algeria and French West Africa, the Sahara was a barrier that the railway had not crossed.

Citroën launched its autochenilles in 1922 and the following year, Renault developed its six wheels. In fact, 12 wheels as they are matched in order to better "focus" on the sand.

 With their two rear drive axles, these cars combine good climbing ability and ease of use. End of December 1923 the first successful mission by rallying Touggourt Tozeur in two days. In the aftermath, the shipping Gradis-Estienne made in January 1924 joining Algeria-Niger. But the longest yet to come: November 15, 1924, Mr. and Mrs. Delingette, accompanied by Mr. Bonnaure mechanic, engage in crossing Africa, Colomb-Bechar in Cape Town! They do this on July 3, 1925, during the journey having passed the Citroën Central mission. An extraordinary adventure: 23,000 miles during which they have crossed 35 rivers by canoe and 129 bridges constructed or adapted

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Bob Lutz has a new book coming out this week

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Group S 800 horsepower (?) Lancia Stratos Delta S4 ECV, with Marco Elan (SP?) driving

the '68 Camaro in Best Little Whore House in Texas

327, air conditioning, and it kept popping up in the auctions: Mecum May 2011

probably the only car influenced guitar amp ever made. The Peavey Wiggy

you can learn a lot about it at

but you can read a bit from the designer, Dweezil Zappa:
After "Music For Pets" I designed an amp with Peavey called "Wiggy." This became my main amp for a while. It was solid state with an interesting low mid frequency graphic eq circuit. Tonally it was very reminiscent of the Acoustic amp Frank used in the mid 70's alongside his Marshall. The Wiggy is what I used when I recorded with Lisa Loeb on "Cake And Pie." At that time my main guitar became an Ernie Ball Albert Lee model. I didn't realize the subliminal effect of his signature on my tele until the time I started playing his signature model EB! He also played a very memorable solo on "What The Hell Was I Thinking?" I did many recordings for film and television with my "Wiggy" rig. At that time I began to take a serious interest in recording and engineering. Certain types of amps and effects were being developed as smaller alternatives to big amps. There was a system by Lexicon called MPXG2 which had a 6 watt rack mounted amp along with a multi effects processor. I used this for a lot of sessions including the Britney Spears cover song "Hit Me Baby One More Time." I liked the idea of such a compact guitar rig option. At the time it was not a complete solution for every kind of tone though. I also used it and my Wiggy amps for the album "Automatic." The song Automatic featured an effect in a TC electronics G-Force box. The first time played with the effect I started recording the song. There's also a cool wide stereo effect from a short delay made by an old ADA multi efx 4. I've added that into different versions of rigs since then specifically for that doubling effect. It was in the 2009 ZPZ rig and the 2011 ZPZ rig. The guitar orchestration for "The Grinch" and "Hawaii 5-O" is all done with the Lexicon and some crafty eq from an Orban Parametric Equalizer. Next I started experimenting and recording more stuff in the studio without amps. I made some strange sounding recordings for textures on "What The Hell Was I Thinking?" by running into different distortion boxes and then directly into channel strips on the console. I used Native Instruments Guitar Rig for several projects and many overdubs on my "Go with What You Know" CD. At that time I was also in development for a tube version of the Wiggy amp with Peavey. They never went to market with it but I used the prototype on "Go With What You Know." The Tube Wiggy is most notably heard on Noitpure and the solo in Fighty Bitey.

The cars at the So Cal Shootout at the Del Mar Goodguys 2013

GTO at the Goodguys Del Mar 2013 So Cal Shootout