Saturday, September 08, 2018

1 of 467 1968 Hemi Charger R/Ts , Unrestored barn find original owner car, it was exported to Venezuela, but returned to the to make money at auction... only 15k miles on it

With power steering and power brakes, but no stick shift, huh.... hey, that 727 is a damn good transmission too, and sounds pretty cool when shifting from 2nd to 3rd at full throttle

Lotus 51R

offered as a production model the 51R (‘R’ for Road) was essentially a Type 51 Formula Ford single-seater with wings, lights and other token concessions to Highway Code adherence.

It was meant to be shown at the November 1967 Earls Court Motor Show, but was refused entry by the rather straight-laced organisers. It subsequently appeared at the January ’68 British Racing and Sports Car Club London Racing Car Show before Nick Brittan road tested it in central London for Car magazine.

There's a Studebaker Lark Daytona running at Goodwood, the only racing Lark Daytona 500 in Europe... and since there are no parts for those, it's running a Chev 283 and a Mustang axle. (Thanks Steve!)

During the final year of production, a limited edition 'Lark Daytona 500' model was also produced as a pace car for the famous Daytona 500 race in America.

This car is the only racing Lark Daytona 500 in Europe

It has been built on a no expense spared basis, originally by renowned single seater experts Fortec Motorsport and more recently by historic saloon specialists, Richard Moore Racing. The car runs with a top specification Peter Knight freshly prepared and fully FIA compliant Chevrolet V8 which gives circa 430BHP. The car runs to a minimum agreed weight of 1,200 Kgs in the Masters series and is also rev limited to 7,000 RPM.

The car is extremely competitive and has recently circulated Donington Park in early 1 minute 23, Goodwood in 1 min 30.3 and Spa in 3 mins dead.

It is offered with a host of comprehensive spares including 12 wheels and tyres, 2 limited slip differentials, spare body panels for front wings, doors, bonnet and boot (including moulds where appropriate) and many further assorted components.

It has been invited and competed at Goodwood 5 times over the last decade gaining regular top finishes in the Pierpoint Cup, the Jack Sears Trophy and the St. Mary's Trophy. In fact, at the 2018 Revival, it qualified third overall and finished second overall in the St. Mary's Trophy celebrity race, just behind eventual winner, Ash Sutton, after a race-long epic battle. and it's for sale 

Friday, September 07, 2018

gold mine of steam locomotive books online found. Click on the book cover to look inside and zoom in on pages

ummm, cleanup, on highway 5 (thanks Bruce!)

On September 4, Typhoon Jebi, the most powerful typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years slammed into Osaka

a lot of cars were damaged too

and the airport next to the ocean? as you'd expect, it's a flooded mess

the Luxury Car Experts... the valets

7 seconds. There. Now, this guy will take 4 minutes to get around to telling you... maybe he's paid by the word? By the minute? Surely not by how many people lose interest and click away!

Thanks Maurice!

the only Chicago and North Western steam locomotive engine in Michigan, the 175, 4-6-0,is getting a restoration at the Steam Railroading Institute. Made in 1908, retired in 1958. It sat falling apart in Hancock/ Quincy for a long while

After being retired by the railroad, and made obsolete by diesels, it was stored in 1961 in Winona  Minnesota, where it was neglected and began falling apart so badly, that when a museum was approached to take it as a donation, they declined due to the advanced deterioration.

Then it was bought by a outfit in 1964 that wanted to make a really cool tourist railroad experience route through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, on the extensive amount of unused railroads of the Copper Range Railroad

They ran out of money after buying the engine and tender, and the possible investors they imagined would show up to fund a tourist endeavor never showed up. There really isn't any money in the UP... 3% of Michigan's population lives there, in 30% of the land mass that is a really big state to begin with. The mosquitoes and rust moths grow quite large.

 The locomotive was abandoned in 1972 and in 1974 the locomotive was donated to the Quincy Smelter where it was put in a useless storage shed that couldn't withstand rain or snow. It collapsed onto the train's old neglected wood cab, further damaging that.

After all, this was just when America hit the wall, and things started falling apart, all the industrialization stopped, the cars went from great to the malaise era, and unemployment went beserk. Nam vets came back to the UP with issues, but not jobs. They left a Norman Rockwell era, and returned to the Nixon and Ford era.

innovative use of a outboard motor cover... why not show some personality at the mailbox?

I can't recall where I found this photo

Fantastic! Optima finally has a car enthusiast page on their website!

Street Machine columnist Mark Arblaster for example, has a feature on the Optima page for his stock looking (without the decals and stickers) Valiant, it's a 500 cu in, 1000hp supercharged 9.1 second car.

Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle in Addison, Illinois has been making some impressive cars year after year, in their Skunkworks Racing Division

in 2011 there was the Raybestos Brakes 1964 GTO-R,

In 2014 the Craftsman Tools 1965 Mercury Comet-R,

and the 1964 Plymouth “Violent” Valiant

and last year:

and the LeMans Corvette, which I'm not sure if I've photographed

hat tip to for reminding me that all 4 of these cool cars came from the same shop!

Ford upset the applecart of super cars drag racing at the Super Car Reunion..... yeah, that is a rare occurrence!

next time someone says "chill the frick out" you'll know the oil needs a separate oil cooler.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Strange coincidence, Clooney on a road trip with Burt Reynolds video came my way just now. I can't make that up


this is the wrong way to stick a landing

Instrument panel from captured B-17 "Wulfe Hound" found at a flea market in Germany

The original central instrument panel of "Wulfe Hound", a B-17F of the 303 bomber group that had made a forced landing in the Netherlands in December 1942

 It was the first B-17 captured intact by the Luftwaffe and was thoroughly used by them to better assess weak points of the "Flying Fortress".

This panel was found with other aircraft parts close to Berlin around 2009, during a cleaning operation carried out by the army.

The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals is going for the gold ring, the 3 Rapid Transit System Caravan cars from the Steven Juliano Collection will be there this year for the Tenth Anniversary MCACN

In addition to the Rapid Transit System Caravan cars along with special Guest Chuck Miller, who originally created them, there will also be:

A 50th anniversary display spotlighting the 1968 model year, dubbed The Class of ’68, will have several “displays within the display” that are sure to be a hit. This includes a gathering of significant Hurst built 426 Hemi powered Dodge Darts and Barracudas.

The Corvette Legends Invitational will showcase the L/88 powered 68 and 69’s

November 17 and 18, 2018
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

a Swift driver got stuck on the base of the Mount Gilead, Ohio, Victory Shaft monument (Thanks Todd!)

because in the middle of the population center of Ohio, there was only one monument in the middle of town, and by god, it was a challenge he couldn't back down from to try and get around it with a 53 foot trailer.

Something about spinning around the pivot point of Ohio was compelling him to be stupid.

The Victory Shaft was erected in Mount Gilead's town square in December 1919, following World War I. It was presented as a gift from the federal government to Morrow County citizens to thank them for purchasing more war bonds per capita than any other county. Warren G. Harding, a Senator who would later be elected President, was the keynote speaker at the dedication.

Happy 906 day! It's National Yooper Day! And also, a opportunity to recall the most common of the best flowing heads for the 440 cu in Mopar

the 906 area code is the only telephone prefix area code for the upper peninsula of Michigan, the common nick name of the unique people who live there is the Yoopers. 

And you're welcome for being the last defense of the USA to the aggressive Canadians who at any moment could decide to flood over the border with their poutine and beer, and maple syrup, and ruin the economy of... well, beer companies and microbreweries, and them New Englanders who make maple syrup. 

Yup, by keeping the great Lake Superior deep and cold, we single handedly prevent the ragin' canucks from wiping out the American culture. Whens the last time you found a Canadian nickle or quarter in your change? See? Not through us! Those goofy people in Washington are too soft though, with that big warm Pacific keeping them above freezing in the winter... they might be slacking off on maintaining a staunch defense against Canadians, so beware if you're on the west coast. 

SiriusXM is free until September 10th

you will need an inactive XM or Sirius radio or computer to listen in

Remember though, never pay full price. They are VERY flexible on what they can charge you, and have offered as little as 5 dollars a month for 12 months for returning customers

Thanks for the memories Burt... 1936-2018

Smokey and the Bandit grossed $126 million (that's $508 million today, and only Star Wars took in more that year) and was Alfred Hitchcock's favorite movie.

A running back in high school and college who talked with legendary coach Bear Bryant about attending Alabama, Reynolds put his gridiron skills to use in Robert Aldrich's The Longest Yard (1974), playing Paul "Wrecking" Crewe, who leads his rag-tag team of prison inmates in a game against the guards.

the Tampa Bay Bandits, a U.S. Football League team in which he had an ownership stake, were named for the movie.)

in 1972 he became the first non-comedian to sit in for Johnny Carson as guest host, and in the 1980s, he developed the syndicated game show Win, Lose or Draw with host Bert Convy. The set was modeled after his living room.

He was Hollywood's top-grossing star every year from 1978 through 1982, equaling the longest stretch the business had seen since the days of Bing Crosby in the 1940s. In 1978, he had four movies playing in theaters at the same time.

He received an Oscar nomination for Boogie Nights (1997), and won an Emmy Award in 1991 for best actor in a comedy series for playing Woodrow "Wood" Newton, a former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback who returns to his small-town home in Arkansas to coach a woeful high school team.