Saturday, October 08, 2011

Spark plug collection was on display at the annual Santee car show (which was bigger and better this year)

 Some very cool innovations in spark plugs were tried in the first couple decades of automobiles
 the one on the right is a primer plug.. you'd drip a little fuel into it to help it start... because fule pumps hadn't been invented yet. Fuel tanks were gravity feeding the carbs, which were frequently low on the side on the engines
here is the advertising for the primer plug
 This mirror is helping to show the fan that the designer thought would help cool the spark plug... but it wasn't very well attached and fell into the cylinder often enought to bankrupt the company in lawsuits.
 here are a variety in electrodes
 the above at left are both mica... because no one had perfected porcelain.. and now the material (according to Wikipedia) in sintered alumina.
The middle has another variety of electrode
 the long electrode was near enough to the piston to get a spark... how I don't know, as the piston to con rod is oil film insulated, and so is the con rod to the crank, and also the crank to the block. So how the electricity in the ignition was working is a mystery to me
 terrific variety

For other spark plug collections: look in the first dozen photos in Jim's post

But Marty made an incredible display, here is 1 of 3 panels

Quite different.. art on the dash and ostrich leather in the center of the rims

that is something on the edge...

Comparison between a black interior and a white interior Mustangs

I really like the white one..
David did the work...
 This is David's Stang

Looks like a no expense spared Pantera. So why are they trying to sell it?

Makes no sense to me to make a car the way you want it, interior, exterior, engine, suspension and all the rest... then get rid of it... why?

Another Bitchin Camaro

 One of the best custom gauge panels/ instrument clusters I've seen. Good looking, well designed and the right looking gauges

JR Competition had it's 1st annual open house... cool place! Lotsa Space! and can do about anything needed to a street, strip, or show car

2080 Wineridge Place, Escondido. West of the 15, off Valley parkway, take a right (north) to Auto Parkway, left (west)  to Anderson,,+Escondido&oe=UTF-8&hnear=2080+Wineridge+Pl,+Escondido,+San+Diego,+California+92029&gl=us&t=m&z=16&vpsrc=0

They can take care of restorations, engine upgrades, head porting, etc etc speed shop stuff

 A signed NASCAR tire is really damned cool, but having a catering truck show up for your open house is bitchin!

Coolest looking Isuzu I've seen... big damn wheels and a lift kit are rarely this well suited to the trucks they are on