Saturday, July 15, 2017

best way to get around at a convention might be a wheelchair, and making it look like something fun is just incredible

Tow Mater

the landspeeder from the original Star Wars movie, with the actors autographs

autograph images from, I didn't get close enough to see them

Star wars snow speeder... this movie prop was a very unexpected surprise in the back of the D23 Expo

Cinderella's crystal coach, the Disneyland Resort Fairytale Wedding

Agent Coulson's car, Lola, on the tv show Agents of Shield and the Charger R/T of Ghost Rider, under cover for the night at D23 Expo

What does a Minnie van look like?

I'm pretty sure the pun was intended. I'm not sure if they actually named it the Minnie Van though

Update 17 July,

Update Aug 2019, now Minnie Vans are Chevy Traverse instead of the previous Hondas

I went and I saw, now it's time to get posting the stuff I saw at the 2017 D23 Expo

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I'll be offline until Sunday, it's D23 Expo time again, and there's vary little cell phone coverage or wi fi in the waiting line under the Anaheim convention center

Damn shame.

I think I'd post a couple dozen things or more while just sitting in line with nothing to do

So, I'll be reading a cool book on Jeeps from Steve, and "Secrets of Speed, the unfair advantage" by Mark Donohue... but, you can watch the 23 minute video about Donohue and the Porsche 917 inspiring the advancements in the Audi Quatro WRC car, 1985 Pike's Peak overall winner, and 1986, and 87

looks like it won't fit under power lines, bridges, or overpasses, but wow. That's a tall stack worthy of respect

looks like a mighty big truck going for a ride

1966 Oldsmobile visual identification guide, there were 38 trim levels of variety

On the back lot of Sony

Why in the world didn't they bring these to Comic Con?

maglev tests on the Hyperloop are complete, and a success. Not likely to be used in the US though. Too much red tape, not enough national motivation to get high speed shore to shore transportation of cargo or people

the skid is inside this vacuum environment short track tube

Skip to minute 2:40 for the actual test. The rest is just them slapping each others backs and giving boring speaches

Salute of the day! A vintage, fully-restored 1965 Divco milk truck is delivering hand crafted ice cream to Greenville South Carolina

The grandson of Cotton Owens sought out a good Divco, and fixed it up this perfectly to put into use as a ice cream truck, and on a hot week like this has been, an ice cream truck would be a wonderful thing to see rolling down the street

Full mattress wrapped around a driveshaft is a big lump of junk. No idea what damage this did to the vehicle

Clever jeep Wrangler mod, use the back bumper as a 7 gallon water storage tank

this is the kind of cool hot rod at Bonneville I like to see and post about

nice hot rod, the last thing they ever posted at Northwest Rodderblog

this kid has a cool homemade atv, the cat tread looks like it's a modified tire tread, just stretched out over the buggy wheels

incredible balance

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bobby Green of Old Crow Speed Shop has a cool short wheel base 1922 Overland - Whippet

Outfitted with a four-cylinder Whippet engine, its streamlined "speedway" body was made by Faultless, and it rides on a narrowed Overland frame.

so he fixed it up and brought it to the 2015 Race of Gentlemen

He co-owns and produces the annual Race of Gentlemen in Wildwood, New Jersey and is the co-founder of the nightlife company 1933 Group (named in honor of the year Prohibition was repealed), Green creates bars that also hark back to America's past, like Sassafras, a Savannah, Georgia, townhouse he turned into a jazz-era cocktail lounge and plunked down in the middle of Hollywood. He splits his time between 1933 ventures--its eight bars took in $13 million last year--and his Old Crow Speed Shop, where he stores more than two dozen cars and motorcycles and a trove of auto­motive memorabilia.