Monday, December 31, 2012

most unusual... I think you'll agree. A Rolls Royce woody school bus served in Kenya to bus kids to soccer and cricket mateches, was built for a Maharajah as a regular Silver Ghost, but commandeered by the British Govt and built as an armored car for WW1 ended up used to drive HRH Princess Margaret to an agricultural show . Solidly in first place for "reality is bizarre" trophy

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After many more years, it was restored and now lives in South Wales where some of the students that had ridden in it when it was a woody bus were met by the new owner and reunited with it.

The Maharajah's and their Motor Cars... both a documentary on the BBC and an unrelated book

unfortunately I don't see it on Netflix or So unless you have a lot of BBC channels to choose from, and they replay it.... you're wishing like I am that it is made into a dvd that Blockbuster or Netflix gets.

Learned about it from which has a big gallery of some of the cars in the documentary, and one surprised me... a 1915 Silver Ghost made into an ambulance
for other Silver Ghost ambulances

Then I learned that in 2011 a book was made about the Maharajah's & their Magnificent Motor Cars
which I also can't afford... but maybe you can, so here's the link to the


the beautiful Rolls Royce in the movie "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

why the radiator cap/hood ornament is a rooster I can't figure out

according to IMCDB it is a 1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Fixed Head Coupe by Hooper. They had a commentor mention that Cinema Vehicles made one from a 2003 Chevy truck. Makes sense, to have one "hero" car that is original for close up glamour shots, and a couple look alike modern ones that can drive around and not cause the insurance company a heart attack.

Newest example of Rich People Hate Their Cars

Some dumb ass who couldn't handle the car he leased named Tyga. Yeah, not hard to figure that it isn't the name on his birth certificate and that he'd like to be a rapper.

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180 plus year old horse carriage of the Indian and British royals was just auctioned

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and since the bulk of todays posts have become Rolls Royce, I stumbled on a cross over... it's one of the Maharajah of Mysore  1911 Silver Ghost Rolls Royce
 realizing that in todays dollar value equivalent, he would be worth around 40 billion dollars, I bet he had a lot of great cars.
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All the Bugatti Royale on one website

if you're a billionaire, and want an extremely rare and incredible Ferrari with a movie tie in of impeccable caliber, it is the Scaglietti '56 250 GT LWB Ferrari Berlinetta from the movie "The Love Bug"

1956 Ferrari 250 GT LWB Tour De France which was also featured alongside humble Volkswagen Beetle ‘Herbie’ in 1968 film was offered on sale for $7.5 million. Known as one of the 9 models build by the Italian automaker, it’s one of the sought-after Ferraris. This pristine example of Ferrari’s most revered berlinetta with chassis no. 0585GT was sold new to a US-based property developer and by 1965, had found its way into the hands of Walt Disney’s studio

Funny cars of 1973

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A lot of Mongoose and Snake coverage in the last 1/3rd of the film

Sunday, December 30, 2012 found the mother of home videos... the Daytona 500 pits before the race

the above stills from the video are to let you see just how damn cool a late 60's muscle car can be if made full race. Chevelle, Impala, Road Runner, Fairlane, Galaxie, Cyclone, Starliner... you can still get these cars for less than 15 thou in running condition and make a Nascar clone.

All from found a gallery of cars in a junkyard getting overgrown by a forest

coolest guy at the boat ramp

Peter Hutton, illustrator

cars as currency, in Somalia

Disneyland Transportation Co doubledecker Ford bus, in 1969 was in Anaheim Disneyland, but in 2010 was in Tokyo Disneyland

Foley (sound effects from mundane objects without electricity) artist legend Jimmy MacDonald of Walt Disney films... used Model T brake drums for the bells sounds in Peter Pan and Snow White

Interior decorating with car parts art for the garage, or Car Guy bachelor pad