Saturday, March 12, 2022

Robin Williams in the movie with Jeff Bridges, the Fisher King... using an F100 chrome trim piece as a sword. Well, damn. I'm never going to see one again without thinking what a fine sword it would make

something cool with wheels... a Ponant lines cruise ship offers an arctic expedition with a SHERP ATV

 What else ya got in there? Don't make me use a can opener!

found while on walk about


People will do about anything to not replace a side mirror

An Olds station wagon!  That's just crazy to find on city streets

Expired registation, 2 years ago... but, how damn much did someone spend on this Audi to let it sit and rust? 

Steve loves wagoneers

cool truck

Maybe it was left on jackstands after someone stole the catalytic converter? Just my guess

another old Datsun, 2nd day in a row, same neighborhood

most interesting thing I saw while walking around today, was this VW truck / samba / kombi in the process of getting worked on. It's got 100 thousand dollar potential if they do it right

 so why the hell isn't it under the canopy / tent to keep the rain and dew off? 

It's in the same back yard as this BMW, motor bike and newer VW van.  I noticed them first, then the older VW. Why are there so many newish BMWs that are neglected and not used? Damn waste of money and well built cars. 

a strange place to park a Beetle

not technically on the sidewalk, but on the restaurant property. So, why didn't they back in and put the passenger side to the fence? 

doesn't give a damn about parking in front of a driveway to a garage, and doesn't give a damn about blocking a fire hydrant. Effing Mercedes Benz drivers

I think these two Metros parked within spittin distance of each other shows that someone is either collecting Metros, or, bought a back up for parts to keep the best one running

using spare tires for both front tires? Is that weird? Or make some logical reason I am not not aware of? 

I don't know what RTPS means in context of miles per gallon.

the internet acronym finder has these suggestions for RTPS:
and the one that makes sense is Rear Tire Protection System ... as in it's a front wheel drive that won't spin the rear tires because the engine is so low power it couldn't spin any tire

Colorized by Adam Gawliczek

do you think the builder decided when to stop building a taller hood when he had to add a booster seat to see over it? 1911 Lion Peugeot

found around the neighborhood on last nights walk


Hard to believe someone is working on repairing a mid 70s mopar

What sort of person uses a garage too small for their car?  Ridiculous looking

Seriously, painting over your license plate is going to piss off the cop that pulls you over for speeding, or is checking the parking meters and spots this.  This is just stupid.

I'm surprised for how much these cost, that they are used so little in San Diego, where the weather is so nice year round that only a couple rainy days would ever prevent me from riding a motorbike I've blown 20-50k on

Wow, very surprised to come across a mid 70s Duster, and it's in good shape. I would never want one newer than 72 though, they got ugly and burdened with smog junk after that

I didn't know Mitsubishi had competed with VW for the mini van market


hard to believe I found another of these in the same neighborhood for the other one, which had nicer rims, but rusty

late 70s or early 80s.... it's certainly older than 1983. I had one of those, and the 83 had square headlights

no garage, no problem.

 2001 Trans Am that he got because he was patient and knew exactly what he was looking for, the exact model, W06 and 2001, if I remember right, and this was unusual as when he first found it while looking around, it was listed for 15k, and he offered 12. 

They declined, and he came across it a year later, still on the same used car lot. They had come down on the asking price, and wanted 14, I think he said. He offered 12 again, they declined again. 

A year later he saw it listed again, and checked his text message history, and sure enough it's the same one, now at least 3 years on the same used car lot, and they had come down to 12k, but were too stupid to have called him up to see if he was still interested. 

So he asks them how much, they say 12, he says I offered you that and you wouldn't take it, and now the car is 2 years older without being taken cars of, now my offer is 10k. Or you can see how many years it sits on your lot taking up space. They took the 10k. 

He had to wait 2 or 3 years, but, he got it 33 percent less. 

This puzzles me, is this the way they are preventing people from breaking into the Toyota?

 or is there some other reasonable explanation for why the Toyota is up against the fence, and the Mazda is snugged up to it?

how the homeless are getting by in the city


and I spotted this tent from across the canyon

nice artwork on these signs

I see a lot of driveways on my daily 45 - 60 minute walks, but this is the 1st time I've seen a residence that didn't get the city to change the curb, and this Jeep is going to have a bit of trouble leaving


pony tails on a helmet... you don't see that every day

I'm going to take a moment and express my admiration for Marty, and I have posted his videos before, but here he demonstrates his uncommon terrific nature by repairing a road with the excavator he rescued from the forest and repaired. (Already posted that video years ago)

the big storm that hit New Zealand a couple weeks ago washed out a lot of roads, and this one needed extensive work to make safe where the run off washed it out a lot. 

Marty not only fixes machinery, made his own 400watt hydroelectric generator from a washing machine, he also rescued a 70 year old tractor, a 12 ton grader, and an Cat D2 old dozer. I've posted each of those videos too. 

But he's earned the mention of more than the fact that he goes about fixing stuff and making a great You Tube channel to watch  he generously spends his time fixing the road that he and his neighbors use, and I believe that is a county road that his govt is probably supposed to work on. Yes, it helps him, and his you tube ch.... but seriously, it's not cheap to do repairs to the hydraulics, rams, bearings, supply these with fuel, etc. 

So, respect and standing ovation for Marty. 

the genius design of the Gerry Can

there is going to be a lot of gas price humor this spring

A New York Central publicity photo circa 1941 of one of two Hudsons streamlined by the Edward G. Budd Company of Philadelphia for the "Empire State Express."

This piece was done by noted artist Leslie Ragan (1897-1972),