Monday, December 03, 2018

Avoin Voison are very rare for a strange reason, they were made of aluminum

More than 11,000 were made before WW2, but only about 160 exist, and one reason is because the aluminum they are made of was in such high demand for necessary war items. Luxury cars were certainly not needed to win the war


  1. Its AVION,french for airplane.Avions for the plural.
    Voisin means literally 'neighbor'.
    Love your stuff.

    1. I don't know if you're attempting to educate me in French, correct me in English, or are mistaking that car company for something that they didn't call themselves. The badge on their radiator grill is Avoins Voisin
      So, help me understand what's happening here... I'm confused, but do know that I can't speak other languages, barely type my own correctly as you've probably seen may others complain about, and it's possible that I've been calling these cars Avoin Voisin incorrectly for about a decade, contrary to their badge
      In French it's been written Av Voisin, by a French man.
      If they can't get it straight, I'm not even going to try.
      Thanks for the appreciation!

  2. Jesse,

    Check the badge again in your previous post -

    It is "Avions" on the badge


    1. You're busting my chops on the spelling. Really? Avoins, or Avions, it's all French to me, and that is a language I do not have the ability to speak, or spell. Hows about we focus on how I'm not any good at spelling words in English first, then lets get around to the foreign words.

  3. Normally, I wouldn't say anything about your spelling, but since it is the name of the company, and it reflects the aviation influence on the cars, I thought it was worth saying. I definitely wasn't criticizing your work, just trying to help!

  4. Ah. It's either a company by the name Voisin, as they advertised themselves, or, Avoins Voisin, on the badge. That's confusing enough.
    Then, read the first comment where Billy is busting my chops.
    Now, considering all the people that feel I'm simply not accurate, often erroneous, etc, advise me. Just what would your reaction be, to the variety of people, that tell you you're wrong to pluralize Avoin, and wrong not to? What do you tell them, and do you have time for all that nonsense when you could instead be finding amazing cool stuff instead?

  5. I would get sensitive if people were correcting me, too, especially since it's your blog and they're getting it for free.
    One more time, though, it is Avions, with I-O, like Avionics.
    I'll leave you alone now.

    1. again, read Billy's comment, then tell me, what's you reaction after all these years of people telling you what you're doing wrong.
      And would you rather being enjoying this short life, or reading commentary about stupid shit like the spelling of a company that's been out of business for decades, in a foreign language?
      A company that can't decide if it's Avions Voisin, or Voisin?
      look at the badge on that car
      look at that badge
      now look at this one:
      Now complain to their company and quit bothering me about the way they do, or don't write their name, spell their name, or advertise their name. I'm not French, I'm not paid for accuracy.
      Thank about it, how much bullshit am I paid to put up with? None. So quit b o t h e r i n g m e a b o u t s p e l l i n g. I've now spelled it out.