Saturday, June 08, 2013

Old Chevy truck car parts bench... cool

found on facebook because the world would be so boring without rednecks

Mac's Motor City Garage put together a great post about the cool stuff found in race track prep and repair areas.. not exactly pits...

Learned about it on Hemmings blog. Has me wondering... I've posted hundreds of things I've found interesting, and at least 2 of the vehicles (Garlits Suburban, stretched Chev Apache) , and it occurs to me that it's not that they get posted... it's that posting the right things in a single gallery post is the key to impressing the viewer with the collected material, not that they are posted over hundreds of posts that no one is going to link to all of.

So compliments to Mac's for a well done post of cool stuff in the paddock!

one-off factory works 1970 Chrysler “‘hemiCuda” heavily campaigned by Chrysler France in road races and hill climbs

great superbird photos from Highdefforum

Friday, June 07, 2013

Does anyone know where this hood ornament identification guide display is?

I found it at but no museum was listed... and I figure it must be on display at a museum

Anyone know where? 

innovative quick change advertising to raise funds to pay for gas!

found on though this is a 1930s car

wonderfully developed photo of a 1960 Chevy Suburban school bus... which is also unusual

Ever seen a Chev Suburban used as a school bus? Me neither... look at those skinny wheels!
The lighting or the colors are what I noticed first though... Kodachrome? Vivid and slightly shifted into the blue side of the color spectrum

found on the cache of 1950s cool stuff

self employed on the roadside, but it's better than punching a clock

it's better than a lemonade stand too... people know how that Coke will taste, but not know what your lemonade is going to be like

and this is a portable gas station from the 1920's. Somewhere I posted a photo of a guy wheeling one down a city street and selling a gallon here, a couple there. It's a good idea in my opinion... it brings the convienence factor to buying gas... and not having to pull into a gas station when your car requires it. Imagine if your gas was refilled while you were at work? How nice would that be?

Both found on 

Carol "Bunny" Burkett

a mini dress and go go boots.. so I guess Jungle Pam wasn't the only go go boot wearer in drag racing!

I must have found this photo on a site I was just looking at, but I don't know which one. Gentlemint? Gentleman racer? I'm not sure

But Carol got into drag racing young, at age 15 at the wheel of her boyfriends 55 Mercury... and she had her  own car at age 19, a 64 Mustang. Racing seems to have been quickly a overly expensive hobby, and Carol went to work for big tips at the Playboy Club, and then returned to drag racing with a nickname... Bunny.

She kept racing for decades, and in 1986 won the IHRA championship in alochol funny cars!

Good stuff found on Go Away Garage

spare spark plugs mounted next to the gauge and clock... and in inclinometer... very cool

and this is one BIG fire engine!

All from

The lost dragstrips of Southern California

Stroker Ace, a Burt Reynolds movie about Nascar, made in 1983

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Did I ever post about the Marx brothers racing a 1928 Mercedes S 28 /180 boat tail speedster on Muroc in 1932?

Zeppo and Chico made a bet with a Hollywood producer that their car was faster than his Duesenburg.. and they went to Muroc with a huge crowd to see which was.. the Mercedes lost that one, Eddie Miller Jr, driving the Duesenberg, won.

 Hollywood was represented by all of The Marx Brothers, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Al Jolson, Carole Lombard, Mae West, Ben Lyon, Leila Hyams. The automotive side was represented by Eddie Miller, Harry Miller, and oil tycoon Earl Gilmore.

 Both cars were stripped for racing with the Duesenberg being prepared for racing by Eddie Miller with the enthusiastic approval of E.L. Cord.

Harry Miller flagged them off

The race started at 6:30 a.m. on a September 1932. The Mercedes sprinted ahead supercharger wailing, but the Duesenberg caught the lighter Mercedes on the first lap, and it was all over. Eddie Miller said that he shifted the Duesenberg into top at 5,200 rpm. The engine blew three quarts of oil out during the 109 mph run.

 the car was at the 2010 and 2011 possibly, Pebble Beach Concours

the full article has been scanned from Automobile Quarterly and can be found at

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