Saturday, November 12, 2016

the Meguiar's booth featured a section on the Race of Gentlemen sidecar Harley they had on the west coast just a month ago

Ridiculously big Hummer

Impressively bulky. But that isn't a good thing. 1st gen Humvee's are... and they are somewhere around 25 years old.

Big black Cadillac, and the copper trim looks good

it's been a while since suede and chrome was a big thing, but to me, this is an example of how good looking a flat or semi gloss paint looks with shiny trim

any Power Wagon is good enough to post, having a still in the back is just extra bonus fun

a fast back 1st gen Corvette

this was what Harley Earl's vision of a fastback 53 Vette looked like

the F350 Brodozer, and it has the narrowest tailgate I've ever seen

Toyota had a couple really nice old vehicles in their booth from the Toyota museum

Not the 1st thing that comes to mind when you hear Tonka truck

Probably the only Prius I will ever post... props to this owner, he made the coolest Prius I've ever seen. And where is the only place you can find a custom Prius? SEMA


Volvo knows how to prove a point (maybe a bit overdoing it with the extra drama music though)