Saturday, August 30, 2008

Variety of cool car photos from different sources I wasn't good at noting

1922 Oldsmobile display window... via Shorpy
Think about starting and stopping in this tube!

the Darth Vader Citreon by Nick Bötticher

I think this was from and is an Arkansas city in the Ozarks, with a Flippin Mayor, a Flippin City Council, and here is their Flippin website

A look at the beauty and art of the best designed autos, 1935 Delahaye

1936 Delahaye 135 Competition Court Figoni et Falaschi Coupe
Besides the aerodynamic shape, the distinct features such as all-enclosed fenders, the accent dash that runs from the grille, over the hood and hugs the rear fender, four fully hidden front lights. To break up the side skirts, a belt line runs along the fenders that makes the car look bulbous but doesn't subtract from the overall elegance.
Unique features of the interior include a plush ostrich skin uphostery, a sliding metal sunroof and a front windshield that can wind open for ventilation. I particularly love the door handle design, and the repetitive curve design that is the overall shape, the fender leading edges, the chrome accents on the fender skirts, the chrome accents on the side grills down the sides of the hood.

Assorted amusing or interesting vehicle photos, from Dark Roasted Blend

car body fitted onto a big truck, inspired by the big troop transporters of WW2?

read the back and white sign!
Interesting adaptation of a tractor to make a paving roller.

Jet fighter fuel drop tank, not a bomb casing, wrapped around a motorbike
Most effective steering wheel lock!
This isn't a real GPS... c'mon, spring for the Garmin!

The Supercars photo of the day, this is what my Superbee looked like.... often

Too many great cars for sale, rich people are fortunate to have such an enormous selection

I'm referring to the many car collectors with their entire inventory for sale, as they play with them while waiting for them to sell. I don't for a moment believe anyone with great antique cars in perfect condition isn't using them, renting them, or leasing them between purchasing and reselling for profit. I would too! Wouldn't you?!

Here's 58 cool cars, Rolls, Porsche, Stutz, Maybach, Isotta, Duesenburg, Bently, Bugatti, and more... mostly impossible for us regular people to consider ever buying.

My favorites from Tere's photos at his weekend car show

Automobile magazine Sept '08 issue, excerpt from page 101

referring to the F1 McLarens that are demolished, wrecked, and so on.... "untold numbers have been destroyed at the hands of overexhuberant owners or their spoiled-rotten children, ungrateful oddspring who should be damned to spend all eternity sitting in traffic at the 101/405 interchange in Los Angeles, wedged into the third-row seat of a clapped-out Plymouth Grand Voyager between Bill O'Reilly and a wet dog. With a full bladder. The F1 was that good."

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rolls Royce trivia

Not all RR were built in England, the company had a facility in Springfield Massachusetts. In 1919, after the First World War, Rolls-Royce recognised that the USA was the most important car market in the world. Americans bought more cars each year than the rest of the world combined.

From Automobile magazine and this website claims to be the unofficial and most comprehensive RR and Bentley website