Saturday, January 02, 2016

not much else impresses me about the 72 Road Runner, but the full on front view is damn cool

Found on a new digital magazine,  which has a stupid way of turning on the magazine from the home page

Here was the other cool blue 72 Road Runner with an impressive photo

click on this 3rd line to start the magazine part.

interesting idea for a wagon, putting the competition on notice with those tubs

he's won 274 of 277 events with his 86 year old Douglas, and he's 81 years old. Meet Henry Body

Henry bought his Douglas bike 18 years ago and maintains it with help from friend Bill Douglas, grandson of motoring legend William who founded the motorbike-making Bristol company that originally made the bike.

images from Classic Bike Magazine by Gary Freeman

it may be called the Mid-America Trucking Show, but why are the trucking manufacturing companies boycotting it this year?

Kenworth, Daimler, Volvo, Mack and Navistar, all announced their intent to not exhibit at the annual tradeshow. No word on Peterbilt, who is the brother company of Kenworth.

Daimler started a wave earlier this year by announcing it would only participate in odd-number years. In even-number years, it would focus on the enormous show in Hanover, Germany.

Update Jan 5th: Daimler lays off about 2 thousand employees:  and

and update Jan 4th, Freightliner lays off 900 

Cool looking design, the American Underslung

tow motor tractors in the movie Rocky

New useless law with good intentions just went into effect

A law requiring slow-moving passenger vehicles to safely pull over and let traffic pass if five or more are backed-up behind them.

This is useless unless they allow us to paint ball the slow assholes. 

Eisenhauer Freighter. The first, second, and fifth axles steer

Van culture is going strong

I just learned of a prestigious antique car restoration business near Pasadena, Tired Iron Works

Uniroyal Master, hasn't turned a rotation since 1969.. and I've never seen one before

Friday, January 01, 2016

the AMX that is getting worked up to be in the 2016 Peking to Paris rally


Experienced rally veterans Jim Valentine and Jonathan Lodge have prepared a 1968 AMC AMX.

interesting and unusual helicopter design

Doonies 2

Hispano Suiza trivia

 Made in France, they used the strange name which means "Spanish Swiss".

This was derived from the fact that the company originated in Spain and the designer, Mark Birkit, was of Swiss origin.

Leonardo da Vinci's mechanical drum, possibly the most obscure and oldest wheeled thing I think I've posted

the only Jeep I've seen painted gold, from season 1 of Mash, when Honeycutt and Pierce convinced Burns to stay with his greed for gold

Copo 427 solid lifter '69 Camaro found in a garage in Wisconsin, 15 miles from its original dealership. Made with an M21 and a 4.10 rear

this is the center of the Swift hurricane of disaster, the only safe place to be.

4 ton limit 136 year old bridge, was just asking for it, apparently

4-ton weight limit historic bridge in Greene County.

The tanker truck owned by Bucccaneer Enterprises of Buckhannon, W.Va., partially fell through the 136-year-old Pollocks Mills Bridge Sunday night.

The driver, identified as Jason Wayne Strawderman, 38, of Beverly, W.Va., told police he didn’t see a weight limit when his GPS led him across the bridge

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Ooooo a swing bridge. I want to try it!

the amount of spare time needed to make this must be years

how to survive a trip with kids in the car

cool bbq

look at the monster rims on this funeral cart

I've seen tanks with less stout rims!

Burial of a Portuguese officer from the Green Legion which is attached to the Spanish Blue division.

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year (exactly 1000 posts more in 2015 than 2014, by coicidence)

Paraguay is putting 2 World War II Sherman tanks into service for parade duty

Paraguay has 10 Stuart tanks, and decided to re-activate its M3 fleet in 2014, for operational training purposes.They were overhauled with refurbished engines and received M2 .50-calibre machine-guns in place of the original Browning .30-calibre.

The Shermans are serving with Paraguay’s Presidential Escort Regiment. 

Damn it, Swift had to end the year with a bang, (driver asleep at the wheel didn't make the curve in the road, driver lived, cab smashed)

a lot of the archives of the Henry Ford will be, or are, available online

450 rolls of film from the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair
 Ford Mustang heritage photography
and Countless historic Ford and Lincoln advertising images

"The Henry Ford" consists of the Henry Ford Museum,
Greenfield Village,
 The Ford Rouge Factory Tour,
The Benson Ford Research Center
and The Henry Ford IMAX Theatre.

The Benson Ford Research Center, part of The Henry Ford, currently houses more than 14 million documents from Ford Motor Company. This project will enable The Henry Ford to devote more resources to making documents available to digital outlets. The digital assets will then serve the dual purpose of helping Ford connect with consumers and helping researchers worldwide access materials through the museum’s website.

And some Cobra Jets, are boats.

I was immediately reminded of the Cadillac Boat  because of the name issue

the Sherman tank graveyard of Ireland, created when a ship sank

Well played, truck driver

the Marx brothers

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Groucho and Harpo... and I'll just guess Jackie Cooper, and Greta Garbo,. or Betty Davis. I'm probably wrong on the guesses. 

Don't drive after you get drunk tonight, phone home instead

Here are designated drivers listed by country, or state, in the NDDDS National Directory of Designated Driver Services, with 612 listings, in 44 states, and 309 counties

there are 2 in San Diego for example,

Designated Drivers of San Diego $180 minimum charge. Every hour in addition to the third hour add $35. (example. A 4 hour drive is $180 plus $35 =$215)