Saturday, March 11, 2023

Pete the POM Inspector (a POM Inspector was checking to verify that something was "Passed For Overseas Movement" Thanks Steve!)

interesting photo.... ever seen an excavator loaded into an airplane?

Bultaco was founded by businessman Paco Bultó, but he didn't run the company, he had a commercial business director

and that's how they got into selling refrigerators, and saturated the already competitive market, with the motorcycle company distribution and dealers network

this is Paco's grandson, I kid you not

who knew loading tires with this efficient method of stacking was over a 100 years old?

1922 Dump truck design

Mercedes C111

I admire the Pirelli company, they actively share the company's cultural, history and heritage, they even blog about it.

because the variety of things that Pirelli made is amazing. Sports balls, billiard table rails, raincoats, hoses, radios, rubber flooring

some of these I am simply posting more for their art than for whatever they indicated in print

the funeral of Giovanni Pirelli, was appropriate to have taken place on tires


Friday, March 10, 2023

there aren't many photographic examples of crews doing something as un military as this to a ship, plane, helo, or tank, the SR 71 had a tail like a chalkboard, and that seems to have been a tradition with the crews

it was at Patrick AFB with mechanical failures in 88 or 89

Kellogg's PEP Model Warplane Series "Mosquito"

On September 26, 1916, Sparks from a train passing beneath the St. Charles Highway Bridge set fire to some pigeon's nests. The resulting blaze consumed the entire wooden bridge deck and caused major structural damage

I had forgotten that I'd heard of Larry Cars years ago, but I just rediscovered them on Dirty Jobs

these are just old example of a much earlier generation of Larry Cars, probably from 100 years ago.

Larries are used to charge coke ovens because of the additional functions of unsealing, removing, replacing and resealing the lid. In fact, judging by Anthony's photo, each oven has four lids.

One function of a Larry car is to be able to accurately dump its contents. Another function in some applications is to be able to weigh the contents so that it can dump an accurate amount of material. Both of these functions is why a Larry was added to the design of Hulett iron ore unloaders.

even has an operator cab at the far end

The cars are seven foot, ten and a half inch gauge. In company literature, they are referred to as ore transfer cars and there are two types, side dump and bottom dump, with, I understand right, the Hoover-Mason system of stock bins. 

The bins fed Atlas Car & Manufacturing Company built electric (trolley) powered scale cars that moved, weighed, and dropped the material into skip buckets that were hoisted to the top of the blast furnaces. 

  now you know what a Larry car is

how to get a airline seat, with no one sitting next to you...

 buy all the seats (only money back guaranteed seats) at once, then, at the minimum time allowable, cancel two of the 3, and you get your money back on those, and the row will be all yours, with no one sitting next to you causing problems

magazine cover art, mostly by Otto Brennemann (1894-1951)

Nicolaus Brennemann Sr. (ca.1697-2 Dec 1785) of Karlshausern, Baden, Germany
died on Hof Braunshardt, Hesse-Darmstadt 

 Nicolaus Brennemann Jr. (1736-7 May 1789)
1m. Dec 1756 to Barbara Kurtz ( ? -1770) dau. of Jacob Kurtz
2m. Feb 1771 to Magdalena Unzicker

son Samuel Brennemann (7 Dec 1759 - 20 July 1834) (minister) leased estate Bellnhausen near Itzenhain
m. 3 Mar 1786 to Marie Schwarzentruber (1765- May 5, 1829)
dau. of John Schwartzentruber ("the Austrian") (Guth)

Their son Jacob Brennemann (1807-1847)
1m. Catharina Guengerich (1813-1834)
2m. Anna Hildebrand
son Otto Brennemann migrated to Granville, Ill. in 1920 (from Canada)

The Chicago Herald Times had no clue, and said he was a German-born World War I hero with a background in auto design.

They may have information that was never added to the internet, because, in the October 1928 issue of Popular Aviation, page 94, is this paragraph that says he was in the German Army in WW1

If this is correct, and not speculative, one of Brennemann's paintings was in the Smithsonian museum

Otto was one of the New Deal WPA mural painters in Illinois, possibly in the Elmhurst University, at 135 Prospect St.

Always check Ebay, you never can tell what you might find, even spelled incorrectly. Here he illustrated a Rand McNally book in 1936

why post his other art here, and his family tree? This guy was gifted, seriously talented, and I can't believe that I've now put more of his work together in one place than any other website

He may be the same Otto Brennemann that was indicted for sedition during World War II, but did not stand trial. 
Brennemann was a cartoon artist and developed a series of cartoons critical of President Roosevelt’s foreign policy prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor which led to his indictment.
 The cartoons were titled “History Repeats”, “The Answer to the Betrayal,” and “ America on the March.”
Being anti administration was offense enough, and the courts were so corrupt (see Trial of Chicago 7, re 1968 riots) but realizing the prosecutor had no real evidence to prove sedition, Judge Laws declared a mistrial on December 7, 1944.