Saturday, November 17, 2012

the Holman Moody prepped, Fireball Roberts 1963 Ford Galaxy #22... .. a museum stored - fresh off the track - race car

Q code, single 4 barrel, 427 with cast iron hi flow exhaust headers

If I could recall all that I was told by the owner, a Holman or Moody, I can't recall which... but a nice guy, he said this was beign neglected in a museum, the NASCAR museum I think, and it hadn't been maintained, kept up, not even properly stored for decades. So when a Holman Moody museum was started, they got their cars back... see, they hadn't sold them to the museums, just loaned them.

Hyundai Service Engineering Trackday Veloster

For about 5000 dollars the engineers at the So Cal Hyundai headquarters did all the mods they could, because the parts were expensive and labor was free. It's amazing how much they did. 

Under the start button, and in front of the shifter a Google Nexus tablet was installed.

here are all the things they got it to do!

Old Time Tanker Beer (Mack Truck) with before and after photos

 Having your photo album of "as found" to working on, to finished project... in a cool display like this? Awesome

I'm amazed that they found an old C Cab Mack.. that is amazing too

maybe the oddest vehicle at SEMA 2012, the Chinese van : Changhe that has a body mod kit to make it resemble a 1960's VW van

The '55 Kaiser that Gene Winfield painted

Last Rides made by Jesse Enriquez, very cool and well done

Friday, November 16, 2012

Carroll Shelby in bib overalls, waiting for his race car to get fueled up, in the 1958 Cuban Gran Prix

photo from thanks to Kurtis Grant!

For photos from the 1957 Cuban Gran Prix, see

and the above is from the 1957 CGP, and is also Carroll Shelby

the 1957 Gran Prix of Cuba color photos

 there is a very unusual car in gold color above... anyone know what it is?

Wow, in the above photo are a lot of cool things, firetrucks, fuel tankers, a pre 1958 Shell Station, a ww2 jeep, racing t bird, lots of great old cars and trucks, and a great trailer