Saturday, June 25, 2022

sweet replica!

the 1/2 a bug

the Hemmings and Hagerty Great Race is going on between RI and ND this year, in farm country

the Hemmings and Hagerty Great Race is going on between RI and ND this year, and has just went through gravel roads in Wisconsin, way out in farm country between Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota

I haven't seen a Peerless in forever!

15 years apart

avoiding facebook morons, and amusing myself with kittens instead

Friday, June 24, 2022

Disney is making a 6 part series of Baymax, (fun !) and they do a great job with the old bus! Comes out on June 29th

The Goodyear-Zeppelin Airdock was designed in a wind tunnel, and when was built in 1929, was the largest building in the world without interior supports.

a radical curved design based on a hangar built in Dresden in 1913. This half-cylinder form with its shell-shaped doors helped eliminate the vortices that more traditional, rectangular structures can create – whirling masses of air that made moving giant airships in and out of hangars such a risky business.

The USS Akron was the first airship built in the Airdock. 

the dirigible has one wheel on the bottom of the control capsule, making it eligible to meet my requirement of things posted having wheels, and being cool

in 1928, the Kings Bay Mining Company built a narrow-gauge railway to help carry coal from the mine’s entrance to and airship hangar site, in the north of Svalbard, a group of Norwegian islands halfway to the North Pole, in order to supply the dirigible exploring the arctic

Nice collection of antique VW radio's.

How about that, I never heard of those getting removed and used as stand alone units for the home

In 1917, Dr McCarroll was driving her Model T down a stretch of highway when she was almost run off the road by a truck. The experience spurred her to invent the white line down the middle of the road to separate lanes of highway traffic.

Unfortunately, at the time, the very good idea fell on deaf ears at the local chamber of commerce. So McCarroll went out paintbrush in hand and personally painted a white stripe down the middle of the road herself.

Today McCarroll is credited by the California Department of Transportation with the idea of delineating highways with a painted line to separate lanes of highway traffic.

However, there are contradictory historic facts about who was the first to have the highway lines idea. Probably because news traveled so slow, and painted lines to divide the road lanes wasn't considered news

Edward N. Hines from the Wayne County, Michigan road commission, claims to have come up with painted road lines six years earlier. 

In addition, accounts say that two other men painted highway lines in 1917 in other parts of the country: 

A white line along “Dead Man’s Curve” in Marquette County, Michigan by Kenneth Ingalls Sawyer,

and a yellow line down the center of the Columbia River Highway in Oregon by Deputy Sheriff Peter Rexford.

there is a Ukrainian website in English that is broadcasting the news of the war, and here's an interesting story, a soldier (former businessman) together with his business partners, purchased eight 2009 Pinzgauer armored vehicles for Ukrainian defenders

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Designed by MAD Magazine illustrator Mort Drucker, the promo poster for the movie American Graffiti

not sold at auction, John Wick's motorcycle rig

the license plate from Falfa's 55 Chev (American Graffiti) just sold at an auction of Hollywood props

if you get a kick out of movie and tv show props and memorabilia, you might like to browse through the online catalog of what was auctioned off, from Blade's sword, the Bride's sword (Kill Bill), Forrest Gump's ping pong paddles, Hellboy's pistol, Indiana Jones' pistol, Batman's gun, Leon the Professional's pistols, Marty McFly's hoverboard, casino chips from Bond movies, Tron identity disc, Wonder Woman's tv show bracelets, Zorro's swords and whip, Wolverine's claws,  etc. Click the below link

Washington State Patrol troopers found an empty, totaled McLaren tucked under a guardrail near Tacoma. Abandoned. (thank you Don!)

The car hasn’t been reported stolen, and its registered owner lives in Washington.

the largest farm equipment salvage yard in Pennsylvania

Probably the first flight attendant to get elected to the house of representatives, Lucy McBath, Georgia

 in 2012, Representative Lucy McBath’s son, Jordan Davis, was sitting in the back seat of a friend’s car at a gas station. 

A man pulled up next to them, pulled out a gun and fired 10 shots into the car, because of the “loud music” they were playing. Jordan was shot three times, killing him.

 After Jordan’s death, McBath left her 30-year career as a flight attendant at Delta Airlines

Davis, who was black, was unarmed. The gunman, who was white, was convicted of first-degree murder in 2014.

Intriguing, as that is probably the fist non politician reason I've heard of that motivated someone to get elected to try to get action on a problem they've faced. 

In the extensive report on her time in office and accomplishments, it does not mention what results she has achieved in preventing kids from playing music so damn loud some nut shoots up a car full of kids, I presume that was her motivation to get elected, as she is quoted as stating "if our laws hadn't failed you".

She doesn't explain that, as it's illegal to murder. Perhaps, she refers to a law where 17 year olds could carry a gun, as that's illegal, for self defense. But recently it's been in the news a lot that politicians don't want anyone under 21 (including the military?) to own any gun. 

"Since then, I’ve worked to honor you. I’ve taken your legacy to Congress to fight for common sense gun safety."

I don't know that I've ever heard of any gun safety that a politician has ever acted on, except to write the 2nd amendment, creating "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."  That's safety you can count on, the citizens of the country having the guns to send ammo at the bad people trying to kill them. 

It's good to have the right to self defense tools like guns, so that anyone that can lift a gun can defend themselves, their family, their people, or their country. That's what the guys in the revolutionary war did. That's what the roof top Koreans did in the LA Riots in April of 92. 

Today the Supreme Court of the USA weighed in and spoke up for the 2nd Amendment, pointing out that the people of New York state have a right to carry a gun concealed, BECAUSE that is in the constitution. See, no matter what you think about the rest of the news, or opinions, the American constitution says that citizens of the USA have some rights. Even when other people don't like them. Like no govt religion, voting, trial by jury, assembly, petition, prevention of excessive bail, no unreasonable search and seizure, freedom from double jeopardy, freedom from self incrimination, due process, speedy trial, legal assistance in defense, face your accusers, trial by jury, guns, and that powers not delegated to the federal govt, or the state, are reserved to the people, and my favorite, freedom of the press. 

I just learned there is a Lincoln car club magazine, and a Lincoln museum, the Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum, is part of the Gilmore Museum (thank you Graham!) just North of Kalamazoo Mi

the Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum

Goodwood Festival of Speed is ON!

plastic aerodynamic belly pans weren't a thing when I worked under cars, and so I had no surprises... but mechanics now a days must find critters pretty often

A 1939 poster promoting rail trips on the Isle of Wight.

2 door '62 wagon tribute to the Ramchargers with a dual quad hemi is available to by, for $90k