Saturday, May 02, 2015

cool hot rod, the Rusted Crow Distillery rat rod by Motor City Rat Rods

Foose wins the Ridler award again, and the rest of the great eight coverage

next to it was a stock Impala exhibiting the changes that happened to win the Ridler Award 

I just learned of the Paquette International Farmall tractor museum

a look at the automotive industry, statistically

Don't tell Toyota something can't be done... don't challenge the biggest car maker in the world. They will not put up with your nonsense.

Elon Musk of Tesla said fuel cells were Bullshit. Toyota took that as a dare. And proved him wrong

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I believe this explains why a car smoking the tires seems to always fishtail passenger side first

Friday, May 01, 2015

One hell of a living room decoration, original patina, found on a farm in Kansas

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Buster, the Porsche transporter

what happens to a cup of Coke when you set it down on the bleachers and 2 Top Fuel Dragster go down the track.

this is a new one, must have scared the hell out of the car driver, and maybe the truckers too

brilliant advertsing. When you car is dull, point out how attention stealing it is!

I'd give the advertising genius a bonus!

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Shirley Temple, what a darling little kid!

Rodders Journal gives a shout out to Stefan Marjoram for the cool sketch art he did in the catalog for RM Sotheby’s auction this month

Maserati stolen from the Maserati dealership... whatsa matta with these knuckleheads? Keys were on the counter, thief grabbed them and drove off

Police said a man walked into Maserati of San Diego on Girard Avenue around 2:15 p.m., took the keys from a counter, got into the white 2015 Ghibli Maserati and drove away.

A Malibu lost control, and like a scene from a movie, crashed through a dealership lot and took out a ZL1 Camaro and a Jaguar

his car struck a parked vehicle facing North Frontage north of Price Road , flipped over a second car and landed upside down on the grassy shoulder Tuesday afternoon.

Another five vehicles on the luxury car lot of Barrett Auto Gallery were damaged, including a 2014 Jaguar that was caved in on the driver’s side so much that its front wheel was bent in.

 Tire tracks showed the car hopped the curb on Barnard rd in Brownsville Texas, before slamming into the Jaguar, knocking it a quarter-turn sideways and 30 feet back. Debris was scattered across the parking lot, with one side mirror coming to rest at the auto group’s handicap ramp.

 The vehicle then hit a Chevrolet Camaro, flipping it over onto the shoulder where it remained until a tow truck arrived to haul it off.

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oh hell yes

The Grateful Dead and hot rodding.... whats the connection?

The cover of this album was done by Stanley "Mouse" Miller

"I found the original image in the stacks of the San Francisco Public Library," said painter Stanley "Mouse" Miller. "It was created by an artist named Edmund Sullivan to illustrate a poem in The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

His work with the Dead continued through many classic albums, including Workingman's Dead and American Beauty.

Good gif

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

10,081 mile very original 1969 Z/28 sees sunlight for the 1st time in 20 years, a one owner, unmolested, unrestored car that could be among the last of the one owner 69 Camaros

You have to keep looking at Hot Rod Magazine's Facebook page, ot Muscle Car Review's front pages, because that is where they print the incredible cars that Jerry Heasley comes across.

This Camaro was found by Michael Lightbourne, who discovered Orbitron was being used as a dumpster about 10 years ago. He has restored a lot of cars, and hunted down a lot more. Jerry once wrote that he and Michael have been finding rare cars for 2 decades

1962 LAPD Savoy going to auction

The auction listing is so precise, it says the engine is 317.58 cubic inches! The listing also says it was in the movie Christine.

one attention grabbing Vette

Parnelli Jones, a history lesson from the Trans Am wars

the guitar Gibson made for Lez Noyse, Scott Whitaker of Dynamat


a drum set speed king pedal, knobs that look like the window crank handles, the vibrato arm is a half a crescent wrench, and quarter turn fasteners for tuning pegs

the beginning of the motorized steam pumper transition

The Fonz didn't have a jalopy! It was Ralph's!

Talk about screwing with kids! All the kids knew the Fonz only rode motorcycles!

the Fonz was so in love with his motorbike he had his picture taken with it

And even had an imitator

Here's a 1st, a teardrop behind a Willys Jeep

Arctic Cat made mini bikes?

all the highways in the world

a VW bug contest give away car

I've been collecting the advertisments of contest give away cars for a while, and this is the 1st VW Bug I've come across

Wednesday, April 29, 2015