Saturday, April 11, 2020

this was at the 8th annual Kustom Kulture Show, in February in Helsinki.

but it's going to take some time to dig around the internet to see if it's credited with a creator

Wheelstanding competition, there's a great run at 8:15

and the green Camaro at 12:20 is in the post after next

54 COE that drag races... okey dokey. That's a new one

hellbent on destroying it, he captured the Most Violent Award at the 21st Annual World Power Wheelstand Event at Byron Dragway 10-4-15

round 3 starts at 5:47

never bother watching the first minute of anything anymore, it's all useless filler. '68 F100 and tire smoke

67 Impala that's got a lot of suface rust, but we've all seen worse get restored

someone started to fix this up, with junkyard hood, doors, and fenders, then gave up

all hail the Beastbarrow !

Alex Lunt, owner of Lunt Construction in Tallahassee, Florida, introduces the BeastBarrow.

It features a second inline wheel attachment for the standard wheelbarrow, designed to lighten the workload and add stability over uneven terrain.

All of the weight rests on the two wheels. This allows heavy loads to be pushed rather than lifted. The BeastBarrow alleges to reduce user fatigue, as well as strain on the lower back.

The wheel assembly is steel while the wheelbarrow is welded aluminum.

the Bratislav Bullet, the Slovakian Speedtrain, is getting restored for Bratislava to Prague runs

Designed and built in 1936, and decommed in 1952.

Designers made this train that could go at speeds of up to 92 mph in the late 1930s. You know, that's not much, is it? But in the last century trains reached an average speed of 42 mph

The Slovak bullet has an original design of the drive mechanism with electromechanical power transmission, with high efficiency especially at higher speeds

Last year the train was moved from Kopřivnice to Hranice, where the project called Return of the Slovak Missile began. After the general overhaul, the machine should be operable and operate on the route Bratislava - Prague.

Chip Foose, discussing some rare bikes, and surprising me with trivia!

After modeling the ME 109E race car in SolidWorks Paul spent some time doing a bit of rendering on it to represent a fantasy race car version of the airplane that Messerschmitt might have built in the 60’s or 70’s (thanks Paul!)

electric car from Citroen, the Ami. about 30mph, 3 hour recharge, around 6000 Euro. Designed with as few unique parts as possible. The front uses the same body parts as the back and even the doors are exactly the same.

would be great for campers, commuters, min wage earners, etc

But mostly, for driving in Paris or other cities that ban old cars, and maybe even combustion engine cars.

It's a big planet, damned if I know if that's a thing yet

I'd like to drive it off road

hero of the day

it turns out that Reddit has a thread for "carbage" - cars full of trash. It turns out, that there is a mental link between being homeless and not being able to part with trash, not even next to a dumpster. That's effing sad, folks.

One of the first steps in treating mental illness in a homeless person is actually solving their housing insecurity. The two go hand in hand.

somehow, just being in the same area as a Swift truck can cause problems for the innocent

on the rare storm that causes rain for more than 10 hours or so, the San Diego River in Mission Valley will flood over a couple of the bridges in Mission Valley, and every single time, some idiot tries to cross through too much water. Yesterday, it was SDPD

as if taxpayers don't have enough to pay for with these morons, now you can add the repairs, and the tow truck fee.

and here is how easily a breathalyzer is tricked, and the drunk drive even with the ignition interlock in place

and before you comment about how posting this does anything for drunk drivers, take a moment to realize that cops drive drunk, are busted, and let loose, without getting arrested, and it's only because other cops let them go. If you don't have a badge, they treat you a lot worse.

I'm not so powerful I can assist, or stop, any drunk drivers. There's simply nothing I can do for or against anyone driving drunk that isn't standing right beside me.

Dubai highways at night during the quarantine lockdown

it does not get much more 80's than this

the sculptures of SoCal artist Cozmic Joe Filardi

Petty's 1960 Plymouth Fury

Friday, April 10, 2020

Al Unser Jr. and designer of the 1983 Galles-All American Racers Eagle Indy car, Trevor Harris, use an unorthodox method to diagnose a front suspension issue on the Galles/AAR Eagle Indy car, 1983 at Phoenix during testing

White walls from tread to bead. Look like some very soft ballons

I doubt this worked

I'm pretty sure this would be too heavy in loose sand. Probably work twice as well on ice

racing and crashing, burning, flipping, etc etc... a good collection of mishaps

you don't see this everyday. There's a good reason

Crash boom bang.... when rally cars don't stay on the road.

wow, it's been a long time since I posted rally crashes

One of the luckiest drivers ever at 9:05

an American LaFrance Speedster that had it's first life as the Colorado Springs Fire Department's fire engine in 1915, but eventually was abandoned in a Missouri field and not rescued until 2013

Powered by a 14.5-litre six-cylinder and a three-speed transmission delivering power to the rear wheels via chain drive. 37 inch tires

Jimmy Ford trying his best to gain traction at the Continental Divide hill climb in a car he got from his dad, a 77 Firebird, which became his high school car before getting made into this dirt road hill climber

excerpts from Motul's coverage of the 2018 Bonneville Speedweek

Speed Week is mainly famous because of the Hollywood movie “The Fastest Indian” starring Anthony Hopkins. He plays Burt Munro, an elderly loner who goes to great lengths to set a new record here. For once, the charming movie isn’t exaggerated. Because Burt Munro truly exists. There are hundreds of them, in all sizes and appearances. They’re all old or older, pickled, smoked and burned, with a smile like Fozzie Bear, and with wrinkles deep enough to hide another spanner. A 75-year-old with 49 participations under his tool belt is only average, and Fred touched both 276mph and his 85th birthday recently.

The participants’ list consists mainly of old-timers who don’t have anything. Like Tim. He’s a car guy, but he opted for a self-made 100cc motorbike which is so low, it’s barely controllable at low speed. “Why? Because bikes are cheaper. We’re high class on low economy.” His wife can’t understand the fuss. So Tim brought a friend to lend a hand and to drive around in a rusty Beetle with a parasol on top. “We’re sleeping in a 1973 Dodge camper van I got for free, and I found most parts of my bike all around. The leather on the tank is from an old sofa, the saddle used to be a diving suit and the steering gear originates from a chainsaw.” Tim will never earn a red cap. His device is not even barely fast enough. But he hopes to get his name in the official books, just for the sake of it; 100mph would be a tad faster than the current record.

Motul brought eight pedal cars made from oil drums for kids to race, at Retromobile. Pretty cool for an oil company - which must have access to a lot of oil drums laying around

The idea behind the first Motul Pedal car race was simple and straightforward. Twelve talented young racers divided into teams of two would do a Le Mans style start, jumping into their pedal car, neatly crafted from a Motul oil drum, and set off for a thrilling two-lap race with a driver change in the middle.,8460703.php

how about that extra seat on the running board? I haven't seen one on a tourbus before, only on a Mercer, Ireland 1907

1942 - watching a parade in Southington, Connecticut

1953 Jaguar Mark VII with Marilyn Monroe in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

Helsinki, ORE 1947

Rowan Island, Helsinki Finland 1930

from a cool facebook page of colorized old photos:

Genoa, 1958, photo by Pepi Merisio,

from filthy to fantastic, the coffee and donut video of the day. This was a 9 hour cleaning job

Things I'm super impressed with,

The hand drill with a round brush used to agitate the dirt in the floor mats.... that is smart!

and this stuff, because like I posted a couple months ago, there is so much stuff sticking to my commuters paint, and I didn't realize until now, that it was rusty iron, which makes sense when compared to what I've seen on my paint. Now I know there is something that directly deals with it

use this for getting pet hair out of seats and carpet

by the way, before buying this stuff yourself, consider what a detailer will charge you to clean your car, versus what all the products will cost. It might be cheaper, and a huge time saver to get the pro to clean your car occassionally

1949 Jeep Willys completed in 2010

This was built using a brand new body that was professionally shortened 16" and mounted to a brand new frame.

This one-of-a-kind Jeep has more features includes a 30-caliber machine gun that has been decommissioned and for display only with tail gunner seat, authentic bomber aircraft steering yoke used as the steering wheel, and side painted weathered D-day emblems, aircraft dash gauges and military switches, authentic military bomber seats and machine gun barrel shrouds mounted on upright exhaust mounts.

those old strange looking Ferrari were in a group to themselves in design... the Ferrari 212 Inter Vignale "Bumblebee"