Saturday, September 09, 2023

Book review, The Motorcycle, 120 Years of Motorized Masterpieces From the Haas Moto Museum (book will be released on Oct 17th)

the section break pages are quite nice

Terrific design and layout, very nice cover imprint under the dust jacket, be sure to look at that

by the numbers

About 235 pages of photos, and captions. No articles, no reason to dive into the research on every bike and all it's parts. Great photos, great collection, simple eye candy

It took 2 hours to read through, very satisfying

summed up
Better than most coffee table books, as it's the inventory of a museum, and you could go to the museum, and take photos of your favorites, but, would they be this good? Maybe. Would you see everything and get the descriptions too? Probably not. 

So, coffee table books (especially this one) impress me, as they are less expensive (or free in a library), very thorough, and quite informative beyond just being good photography. 

I learned a lot

The 1911 Zenith had a gear shift, with a sliding rear wheel that adjusted the belt length to different settings

Alejandro De Tomaso bought the Benelli company in 1971

1914 Wall Autowheel simply bolted onto a woman's bicycle

and the full page close up photos are real good! 

Crazy, right? Military Harley with a Rotax engine.1999 MT500, 355 were made. The engine is known for dirt bike racing

Alp Sungurtekin set 8 world records, and was the fastest unstreamlined, pushrod racer ever with an engine under 1000 cc. 175 at El Mirage. 
It's asymmetric handlebar design allowed Alp to twist his shoulder and reduce his aerodynamic drag

1970 Jim Gee Truimph twin engine racer, developed over ten years, and the engines rotated in opposite directions

1917 New Imperial, for the Russian market, had " War Product" on the engine. Made for the Russian govt in WW1, but was not delivered after the revolution in Russia led the UK govt to cancel the contract

great idea, the rack over the back tire rotates down and becomes the bike stand! Very cool innovation

The Haas collection seemed to have one of everything but a Böhmerland, they even have a Kimura and a Nimbus!

Wow, a collection of Michael Ulman sculptures! I love his art, I first saw it in 2007

I only noticed 3 mistakes

If you define something once, you don't repeat it. You are advised not to give a shorter definition the 2nd time

and in the two images above, it's clear they didn't use a proofreader (I am a proofreader, I think, because I notice these things)

1980 BMW made by Dirk Oehlerking in the art deco style,

Based on the design of the 1929 Majestic, Bryan Fuller made an electric motorcycle with transparent polycarbonate wheels and hub-centric steering

incredible engineering, Mark Atkinson used hubless wheels, duo pivot steering, electric power, and carbon fiber panels

Cristian Sosa crafted this around a 100 year old Douglas opposed cylinder engine, and added an AMR500 roots supercharger, bolted it up to a ’58 Triumph gearbox and primary

Heard on Real Time with Bill Maher

 when cops ask minorities to snitch on each other, the minorities have every right to say, "you first"

has anyone told the cops that on the side of the car it says "protect and serve" not "what the fuck are you looking at"

Real Time With Bill Maher: Anniversary Special

well this is new in collecting stuff, the oil change tags!

Friday, September 08, 2023

Barney Oldfield's Golden Submarine Event Poster

Vanderbilt Cup Race souveniers coming to auction

Tesla is hiring all over, and one of the jobs they are filling is the intake vehicle inspector

responsible for ensuring a true picture of the quality of the cars is capture prior to the car in-take. This position is responsible for ensuring all damage to incoming vehicles is accurately documented and an estimate for the repairs is generated.

I applied, but they responded today (in less than a week) that they found someone more qualified. They probably have. 

BUT, I sorta think I'd be really good at it, as I've had 6 years of inspecting vehicles at the car dealership I worked at, and found the things ALL previous inspectors missed. 

Because photographers look at things differently, and notice small odd things that inspectors don't see. Just like when you wash your car, you notice the things no one else did. 

Well, I also might be a bit more focused than someone who isn't actually interested in vehicles, but just works to earn a paycheck. I spend my spare time looking at vehicles, because I enjoy it. 

Standing ovation for retired Riverside Police Department motorcycle officer Shawn Casteel who sued the City Of Riverside, because police supervisors retaliated against him for speaking out against ticket quotas. The jury heard enough evidence to award him 2.8 million dollars.

A jury on Thursday, Sept. 7, awarded $2.8 million to a former Riverside Police Department motorcycle officer who sued after he said supervisors retaliated against him because he spoke out against what he alleged were ticket quotas, his attorney said.

Casteel had been with the Police Department for 20 years, earning a coveted spot as a motorcycle officer in 2007, the lawsuit says. Starting in 2011, he said, the Police Department began violating the state law. Casteel complained about the practice up the chain of command.

“For refusing to meet the unlawful quota, and for speaking out against it, (Casteel) was retaliated against, and subjected to adverse employment actions,” the lawsuit says. “(Casteel) has also suffered extensive general damages in the form of anxiety, stress, anguish and mental suffering.”

The lawsuit was filed in 2019. Shawn Casteel retired from the department in 2022, said his attorney, Matthew McNicholas.

Casteel said supervisors prevented him from being promoted, caused him to lose overtime opportunities and pay and wrote negative evaluations after he protested. Casteel also said his health suffered as a result.

Section 41600 of the state Vehicle Code says law enforcement agencies may not require officers to make a specific number of arrests or write a specific number of traffic or parking tickets. Also, agencies may not compare the number of arrests or citations by one officer against the totals of another in evaluations.

“It’s a complete vindication for Shawn,” McNicholas said. “He stood up for motorists and he’s the one who suffered the harm. It’s a victory for motorists of Riverside, and hopefully, they will no longer be subjected to ticket quotas.”

The city, in its written response to the lawsuit, said Casteel failed to go through internal complaint and grievance procedures.

“I respect the jury’s decision, but I’m disappointed,” Police Chief Larry Gonzalez said Thursday. “I really stand by what I testified to in court: This department does not engage in quotas or retaliation and everything we do is lawful and appropriate.”

The trial lasted a little over two weeks at the Historic Courthouse downtown.

This came despite, in Ili’s opinion, Casteel being the “poster child” of the traffic division. He said Casteel was assigned to events at elementary schools and churches, parades and discussing traffic safety with the public. Casteel also had teaching positions in the department.

Because of those assignments, Casteel wrote fewer tickets than other officers

Jim Bueermann, a consultant to police departments nationwide and a former Redlands police chief, acknowledged what many motorists suspect — that some departments have had quotas.

What the pivotal point of the UAW strike in Detroit? Only 8 billion dollars.

Negotiations will remain active for one more week between the United Auto Workers (UAW) and Detroit’s big three automakers: Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. If neither party is able to reach an agreement, then the UAW will be going on strike until their demands are met.

A recently study predicts that if the Big 3 meets the UAW demands, it could cost upwards of $8 billion in profits over the length of the contract 
A strike could delay the ongoing EV transition, with lost production costing automakers another $1.4 billion per week.

So, in about 8 weeks, more or less, the manufacturers hit the break even point in the strike. It's going to cost them more past that, but, they lose NOTHING to let the strike go as long as the new contract costs equal amount will be. 

8 billion, one way or another, will be the estimated cost to the corporations, and they will not get around that. 

If their multibillion dollar managers (each costs over a million a year to the corporation) who have only one job to accomplish per their hiring agreement, raise the profit margin of the corporation, were worth their annual salaries, this 8 billion wouldn't matter.  

Not build better cars. Not reduce losses, increase quality, or make some new type of car the public might buy in larger quantities, or in other countries markets. 

Ford is asking owners of vintage Gen 2 and Gen 3 models to send Ford photos of their F-Series pickups earlier this week, in order to use them in the 2024 truck reveal publicity

It's been a while since I've been able to add anything to the collection of innovative side mirrors, and this is the first carpentry project

Newspaper deliveryman, Mexico City, 1977

obscure, but dead simple old snow mobile, reminds me of how easy the old machines were made

I love the chrome grill and headlights reminiscent of a car

Crosley Gasporter, 1 of less than 10 known, for obvious reasons. Some really odd and rare stuff shows up in these estate sale auctions

1934 Auburn Twelve Salon Cabriolet, 1 of 27 produced; 1 of only 5 known survivors; rarer than a Speedster

Thursday, September 07, 2023

coolest thing I saw today, someone on a motorcycle helping some poor guy pedaling on a very long highway, and very slowly going, until the helpful push that probably cut an hour off his travel

great display of a spark plug collection coming to auction

The Land Cruiser Heritage Museum (Salt Lake City) has about 100 examples of all the variations, from around the world

The goal of the museum is to acquire and display one of every model of Land Cruiser ever produced, which is well over 100 models.

Greg Miller dreamed up the museum (his private collection) when realizing Toyota did not maintain a complete collection of his favorite vehicle.

Tesla has agreed to a deal allowing Honda to use Tesla’s North American Charging Standard port, which is currently being standardized as SAE J3400

Back in June manufacturers started making it official, that the Tesla charging port and connection would be their standard from now on, Rivian, Ford, Fisker, Mercedes, Nissan, Polestar, Volvo and GM

SAE’s adoption will make it easier for electric vehicle charging station manufacturers and operators to implement the port while also making charging for EV owners more consistent and reliable.

Tommy James named his hit song MONY MONY because he saw an insurance billboard across from his apartment, Mutual Of New York

I had the track done before I had a title. I wanted something catchy like "Sloopy" or "Bony Maroney," but everything sounded so stupid. So Ritchie Cordell and I were writing it in New York City, and we were about to throw in the towel when I went out onto the terrace, looked up and saw the Mutual of New York building (which has its initials illuminated in red at its top).

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is Sept 10-16th

I didn't know graders could get this catawampus