Friday, February 23, 2018

a good design allows for a simple adaptation to make a dual purpose able item, like a truck/trailer towing, or a sofa sleeper, or a draftsmans table, or this tractor / train engine

in the above, visible on the far side rear rim, they bolted on a flange

and that made this tractor able to roll on rails as the front rims were made with flanges and the right distance apart

if the tractor looks a little familiar, maybe you're remembering the trench crosser

Volkswagen Trailer Assist (thanks Mike!)

and here's the behind the scene's vid, even more interesting

I've never heard of fake railway lines, these were painted in black on canvas, and placed over a British gun position to provide camouflage for the emplacement.

well this is obscure and obsolete, an the 1st I've ever heard of the WW1 lice killing clothes steamer truck to combat the pest, and typhus

Official figures show 71 per cent of duty-time lost in the AEF in France was through disease, against just 22 per cent from battle injuries.

The Army had a 'delousing' program which consisted of infrequent visits of a large tank-truck-like device and a steam generator. We were required to completely disrobe and toss our clothes into a bundle which was then thrown into the tank and live steam cooked the bugs. During this time we froze, of course, since the contraption never came on a nice warm day, but usually made its appearance during the winter months.  has a lot more photos

a plank road for King George V, who was being chauffeured in a Vauxhall staff car during his visit to the front at Vimy, on 11th July 1917

When those batteries need to get connected, but you're out of jumpers

with a little help

either for the mancave, the office, or the local bar... this is a cool stove. This one is at the Beer Farm in Margaret River (near Perth Australia)

sometimes it's easy to spot the retired grandpa. Coolest thing I've seen today

“Hello shop.” Shop-go ahead. Op- hey I have a serious issue on this hoe, can ya come take a look?

I think this calls for a sunday afternooon John Wayne movie where he runs a dozer

I think this must have been the movie where he portrays the guy who put out oil well fires, Hellfighters

how can this have not been locked down enough to keep it from moving 15 to 20 feet. That is not a "shifted" load.