Saturday, February 27, 2010

Miss Mopar says...

I don't recall which tumbler I got this from

Charcoal burning generator powered truck

From the LIFE archives

interesting unusual vehicles on Friendship-classics Tumbler

1937 or '38 Hunt House car, also called the Turtle by some.
1971 Starstreak motorhome

Stikingly good looking taillight shot from Pieter Ameye

Go racing and catch big air

Jackie Stewart Via:

When Carrol Shelby was leading a race team

Phill Hill and Dan Gurney via:
Above is Miles, Hulme and Shelby on the right hand side of the photo

I've been curious, how many Barracuda were built in 1971 with the gills, the shaker hood and the billboard stripes? Best looking non SS Barracuda

Image via:
there were 11 Hemi Cuda convertibles, and 5 were 4 speeds

the "Vanishing Point" Challenger


Cool photography site, Spirited Drive tumbler

Lambo rims, really good looking design

Clint Eastwood and a Ferrari 275 GTB

Lance Reventlow Scarab

You don't see many action shots of good muscle Mustangs
Ferrari 330 P4

Enzo and someone important one supposes, (Bear knew it was Sir Alec Issigonis, who among other things designed the Mini ) and that answers my question of why have your photo taken with a mini when you are Enzo Ferrari

Check them out here:

1966 convertible GTO 389 tri power, numbers matching... rough, but priced right at just $15,000, or 7500 w/o powertrain

The best way to find what you are looking for at the swap meets

What an ugly design, late or last design of the Buick Riviera

I hope this and every example of it's ugly kin give their last as demolition derby cars, the only thing I can think that would redeem their hideous existance. Yup, uglier than anything from the 70's AMC.

Shelby American (1964-1967 era) press release photos of the assembly of GT 350s, Cobras, and Daytonas

Oil and fuel pumps at the big 3 swap meet