Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Great hot rod art is really good at hot rod design artwork, illustrations, models etc etc.

Remarkable artist who does photo quality airbrush paintings of hot rods

Click on images for the full size

Remember that I was taking these pictures at a bad angle so as to not let the artist know I was getting his images for free instead of paying for them. Turns out I was right, he doesn't have any full size images on the internet we can save for free to our computers for good wallpaper.
From a hot rod website:
"French artist, Guy Tempier, was a show revelation. He had an exhibition of paintings in the Chateau, and his work was stunning. A measure of just how good it was came when Herb Martinez purchased a piece for himself – “I just had to have it,” he commented. Guy delivers a photo/realist style of painting, and told us he works with acrylics on canvas and also uses an airbrush to get his soft hues and blends. He’s been painting for over 25 years, and initially started out illustrating nautical scenes before crossing over fairly recently into the hot rod scene. As you might expect, such quality work doesn’t come cheap, and the main paintings displayed – above A1 size – were priced between 2600 and 4500 Euros."
You can look at 2 car paintings here, and get a full size, but with an ugly huge watermark:

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

San Diego cruises pull a big variety of vehicles

Serious about off roading, this even has an inclinometer to check what angle it reaches on it's side

Would someone tell this guy to park for pictures? And I do not the believe the hood emblems that claim only a 383... not likely.

Nice looking hot rods and cool cars in three shots

This awesome Mustang now has a dedicated period perfect hauler

I've taken more photos since this first gallery, for the most indepth and extensive:

Last year this car was trailered around like most... but now? Enviable, classy, one of a kind ride in style!
For more photos I've taken of Les Werling's hauler and Boss 302,

Long miles are behind this Oldsmobile

Great custom... lots of cool features

Check the dash for all the cool stuff, a door handle above the glovebox, custom airduct outlets, terrific shifter in the middle of the dash, great speedometer, and a Mack truck horn button