Friday, March 13, 2020

Petrolicious has temporarily closed their office.... wait, they have an office? I want an office!

from their newsletter today

This Trekkie vehicle tried hard to keep it subtle, until the election bumper sticker was put in the back window

Stupid looking wing

found at the mall parking garage of course

Check out this early 60s Volvo Laplander... and those rims. I wonder if those are the Jackmans that Dave Deal used to do the artwork on the advertising for

Nice vanity plate on this Cooper Works edition mini.... I still dig those tail lights

"Roadguard, post!" (yes, I know few people will understand what that means, but taken in context with this video, it suffices for a good title) Thanks Ric!

somebody ordered up a strange mix of selections on their 69 Charger, a 3 speed stick on the column, with a slant 6

airplane contrail.... pretty cool stuff

What a horrible result... when this guy went looking for the Impala he sold in 1980, the result was not anything close to what he hoped for

great art concept

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Wow... respect for this skater's trick!

I guess sled dogs need training exercise in summer to get in shape for winter contests I suppose

Huh, seems they are unfamiliar with how lakebeds, vernal pools, and other wet spots dry on top, and crack, but are still soft and wet under that

Serious scratch damage

the dealership has a 18 yr old valet move a 300k dollar Ferrari in the rain

B2 bomber crashed... because moisture, you know, that atmospheric anomaly often mistaken for rain, which airplanes are suppose to be able to fly through, got into the plane, and into the computers...

That bit of moisture, on a dry day, caused that 2 billion dollar plane to crash on take off.

I say tell the pilots to fly their own damn plane and not leave it to autopilot to get the plane into the air, then forehead slap the damn manufacturer engineers for allowing the computer to get that bungled up because of moisture

In 2008 a US Air Force B-2 Bomber stalls and crashes after liftoff from Andersen AFB, Guam with both pilots safely ejecting. The cause of the crash was moisture that had seeped into and interfered with the plane's computers causing a false takeoff speed and a negative angle of attack on takeoff.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

wow, that's big mural painting

You'd think fewer people who ride bikes would be this inept at riding across railroad tracks... it's dead simple people, you simply will wipe out unless you take on the challenge perpendicularly

Knoxville, Tennessee train tracks lead to dozens of cyclists wiping out on the pavement. University of Tennessee captured video of the problem and engineers later fixed it.

tree huggers have to be losing their minds.... airlines are flying empty planes just to keep their lock on airport hubs

A so-called “use-it-or-lose-it” rule, enshrined under EU law, states airlines must fly 80% of their flights on a slot in order to safeguard their presence at major hubs for the next season.

“Passenger demand for air travel has dramatically fallen due to COVID-19 and in some instances we are being forced to fly almost empty planes or lose our valuable slots,” Shai Weiss, CEO of Virgin Atlantic, told CNBC via email on Tuesday.

the Farm Victory Volunteers, that's one I haven't heard of before, "see your principal" indicates it's aimed at teen girls. Did they seriously expect girls in high school to drop out and become red cross workers?

A trip through New York City in 1911 optimized and colorized

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Coffee and donuts video of the day, A stop motion animation restoration of a vise

Looks like someone hit 88 mph in a Delorean

fun license plate holder for any vanity plate that is hostile

too much Swift on one road for anyone to be safe in the area

this got my blood pressure to rise, you'll probably find it engrossing too.... car jackers took off at over 100 mph after stealing a Ford Escape

Wall Street is freaking out about the supposed crash in the oil price.... but nothing's changed at the gas station.

A barrel of oil price seems to be 34 dollars... and rising.

Supposedly there is some international effort to flood the American market with cheap oil. I say pour that billion year old light crude into tanks, barrels, swimming pools, or whatever, and store it so when they jack the price we can tell them to enjoy their sudden surplus.

With all the bankrupt businesses in the USA, there must be some big containers sitting around neglected and abandoned. How about those abandoned stadiums?

We won't need it as much as they want to sell it for, not if we store up all the cheap priced oil that can be offloaded... find that warehouse that the US Govt used at the end of Indiana Jones, movie #1, and let it gather dust for a while until the prices go back up, then roll it out and send it to refineries to make gasoline.

Goldman and Sachs wants people to freak out that oil might drop to 20 a barrel. Hey, if that means 1 dollar a gallon gas for the 1st time since the spring of 1999, bring it on. I know a lot of gas hogs that wouldn't mind filling up for less than 30 dollars a tank for the first time in a long time.

According to Goldman and Sachs, oil prices are down 30%

Seems to me it's just another slow news day, and there isn't much for the news outlets to focus on, after all, politicians have dropped out of the race for the democratic nomination like shit getting knocked off a shelf by a bored cat, with leg spasms, who is aiming for the dog but missing. So, with the new flu virus (there've been about 10 in the past 10 years that the news has freaked out about) that kills less than overeating and hippos combined, there simply isn't much to "news" about on the 6pm daily freak out.  for that chart... you can look at the graph for months, or years, and see how the oil companies have fucked with the price.

Here's the 10 year graph. Seems to me that the price hasn't changed much, not at the gas pump. Its about 3.40 a gallon now, has seems to have been for a long damn time. I don't recall when I paid less than 3.

Hey, if oil prices really actually, truely fall, then look at what they are charging at the parts store to buy some for changing the oil in your car.... I bet THAT price doesn't drop much below 25 for the cheapest stuff from a brand name like Castrol, Quaker State, Pennzoil and Valvoline

After all, I took photos at Pepboys, Walmart, O'Reillys, and Autozone  of the prices on the shelf, and plan on using those, from when oil was about 55 a barrel, to compare with, now that oil is supposedly crashed in price

Keep this is mind also, the price of oil was at 44 a barrel in 2017. The world didn't end. Gas didn't get cheaper. So, all the noise about the price of oil? Doesn't seem to result in lower prices for consumers, so it must be some bullshit about profits or forecasted profits. Boo hoo, take a vacation ya rich bastards, and cool your heels on a beach instead of your day traders office desk.

In 1954, this pickup truck stalled and rolled backward into Bull Valley Gorge in Utah, killing the three men inside. You can still see the truck hanging suspended above the canyon floor.

The truck plunged down abut 60 feet into the gorge before it became wedged in the narrowing walls. Two of the men fell out of the truck and continued to the floor of the canyon over 100 feet away. The third gentleman remained in the truck. Sadly, all three of the men died, with the body of the fellow in the truck not being retrieved until the next spring.

Archaeologists working at the site of Birmingham’s main HS2 station have uncovered the remains of what is believed to be the world’s oldest railway roundhouse, on the site of the original Curzon Street station, which opened in the 1830s and closed down in the 1960s, during “trial trenching” at the site.

A road somewhere, that is the combination of 4 types of surface material

Might be ridiculous, or this might be genius. It certainly adds an exponential fun factor to playing a video game

The protest in Hong Kong is still ongoing, and they are clever as all get out

over the weekend, the freshly restored Thomas Crown affair Manx sold for $456,000

And if you read past the link they will seem to make a big deal about it being the last of the McQueen cars to go to auction, and it is not.

That's because they are lazy and not thorough in their education about Steve McQueen's driven or owned vehicles. There are at least 2 vehicles he's known to have driven or owned, in this example it's the two he's owned, that haven't went to auction, and one is the truck he donated to the Boys Republic school for boys, and the other is a Manx.

Yep, another Manx, and not just a movie car like the above, it's a Manx he owned 
it was meant to be a stunt car for a movie McQueen had in pre-production that was set to be one of the biggest films ever made called “Yucatan”

anyway, I'm still not sure if the above is the same car that was at the Pasadena Art Center Car Classic in 2014

Monday, March 09, 2020

Kharma can happen mighty fast, especially to people fleeing the scene of damaging a vehicle, and BOOM! Whole lot of kharma unloaded, on this dummy who probably didn't have insurance

wow, excellent display at the Autorama, photo gallery from BaT

Driver with plates that expired in 1997 to Louisiana police: 'Sorry ... I've been busy'

officer’s stopped a vehicle with this license plate on it... they seem to have traced it back to a vehicle that doesn't belong on the vehicle they puled over, nor to the driver they pulled over, who only had this excuse "Sorry, officer. I’ve been busy lately and totally forgot to renew my vehicle registration. I will take care of it as soon as I get home!”

But cops aren't quite stupid enough to believe that shit