Saturday, November 12, 2022

the "Daily Timewaster" blog finds some good stuff, I check it every day for entertainment

in Foose's booth, the Luc De Lay built Marcel roadster (honoring Marcel, of the legendary Marcel's Custom Metal)

early thirties Willys, I think


'74 El Camino at SEMA proves you can't guess what you might see next


and this reinforces my notion that it must be easier to source a 74 than the much more in demand 68-70

I hadn't seen a Rokon restored until now, they sure do have an interesting 2 wheel powered system, with steering going through the same connection, somehow

Kevin Hart (famous actor/comedian) had this Road Runner resto modded to an amazing level, and it was featured in the Meguire's booth


Legendary Auto Interiors had this 69 R/T demonstrating what nice interior stuff they sell


nice 68 Charger, but the grill is a love it or hate it design

you meet the coolest people at conventions... when only the most dedicated car people are up at 5 to be photographing at 6, look around. That's how I met a Mini loving, photographer, car show runner! From New Hampshire!

and a couple years after getting a new mini for high school graduation, and looking through mini Facebook pages, she found that one of the members was selling their classic '62! Now she has 2! 

and the '62 is a frequent local show winner too. 

But I get ahead of myself in admiration of her Minis. MaeLynn not only has a couple Minis, she joins rallys, hill climbs Mt Washington, AND runs a car show!  

The Southern New Hampshire Cars and Coffee in Salem, in South Eastern New Hampshire on the Massachusetts border, off I-93 with a Cars and Coffee meet held on the third Sunday of every month
Plus, MaeLynn blogs.. . mostly a diary type blog, but that includes car events!  Her first post and she's been an avid writer and photographer since 5th grade

Pretty cool, and her day job is as a mortgage accountant. 

only 27 years old, but a hell of a cool story to tell on how he got into Pebble Beach Concours with a 1926 1-of-10 Willoughby-bodied Berline Landaulet Lincoln town car, and won 3rd in class

Max Neary’s business card resembles a 1920s movie poster and reads “Antique Auto Repair and Maintenance” specializing in Lincoln, Stutz, Locomobile, Packard, and other makes of a bygone era.

Colorized Christie front wheel drive

incredible artwork by Emma Capener

Jim Clark 1966

Brands Hatch 1981

colorized movie footage of Campbell setting a land speed record of 276 mph in his Blue Bird at Daytona Beach back in 1935, should be appreciated, it's SHARP!

WD 40 has a very clear "don't email or message us" problem (WD-40 Company )

So I found it irritating to receive a marketing email from WD40, "Your Chance to Win" @ Sat, Nov 12 at 10:58 AM. " take a moment to tell us a little bit more about yourself "

 If they'd like to know, ok, but sending junk mail to me, that states "We all hate junk mail" was ironic, and their marketing manager ought to be advised of that idiocy. 

Be better than that, just choose wording more effectively. 

 If you want to know more, ok, I am a Yooper, crewed on 2 subs in my decade in the Navy where I also did 3 years as an MP. I did travel around the world, and we pulled into ports in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, etc. I was formally trained as a mechanic, and electronics technician, and OJT as a quartermaster (navigation and charts) then after I got out of the military, was a Sears tire oil and battery mechanic, used car lot mechanic, restored a couple 1969 Corvettes, fixed radars for Raytheon, was a security guard for Lockheed Martin, a photographer for a Mopar and Jeep dealership, and now fix utility locators for Ridgid as an electronics tech... all while blogging about cool stuff with wheels on my website

If anyone knows how to get this message past the WD 40 isolation from customers wall and nonfunctional "contact us" webpage please let me know. 

a bit of honesty would be nice from a corporation, in my opinion

Update, Nov 16th!

I got an email from Vanessa at WD 40!


We came across your blog post titled “WD40 has a very clear “don’t email or message us” problem (WD-40 Company)” posted on November 12, 2022 and we wanted to reach out.

Because of your blog post, we discovered the issue with the contact form and should have a fix in the next week or so. As for the “Your chance to win” email, we will take another look at the messaging and test a few new headlines to ensure users don’t think we are sending them junk mail.

One of our values is to make things better than they are today, so thank you for bringing this to our attention! If you have any more specific feedback, please reach out to this email to let us know.

Vanessa, on behalf of WD-40 Brand

Elvis had a ranch in Mississippi and a 67 GMC

Elvis started out as a truck driver, landing a job driving a truck after graduating high school in 1953.

in 1953 made his first ever recording when he paid $3.98 at the Memphis recording service singing two songs, “My Happiness” and “That's When Your Heartaches Begin.” The so-called vanity disc was a gift for his mother.

It would surface 37 years later. In 2015, the recording was auctioned and sold for $300,000 to a Nashville recording studio owner. The same simple typewritten label was actually typed onto the back of a leftover Sun label

After high school graduation, Elvis took a job driving a truck for Crown Electric. During this summer, Elvis learned the popular trucker hairstyle, which was the voluminous slicked back hairdo he sported for most of his career. He also kept up with songwriting during his time on the road. In his downtime, he would practice writing song lyrics and poems.

took a while to photoshop the Mercedes logo off the banner, but I think it turned out well.

compliment of the day from Jim S!

The SEMA stuff is kool, hope to get to Vegas one year and drool. Your stuff is the best, first thing I hit on the web in the morning is JACG.

an unusual choice for a full restoration, a Henry J without an external trunk opening