Saturday, March 29, 2008

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Radial engine chopper eye candy

That is unique exhaust work I've never seen before!
via spring break Bike Week, Daytona Beach Fla photos of and

Willys Overland still truckin in good health

What a horrible idea, or it's taking advantage of a color blind person

Besides the guy who sold the rims, can anyone one claim this is appealing?

2nd chance for a totaled wreck, must have been a labor of love

Symbolic hosted a morning meet at their Service and Restoration Center, WOW, great show!

So many questions... but indisbutably the best conversation starter there ever was in a Ferrari office. For the story behind the table:

Out in the shop...

The first Lamborghini ever sold to the public

Tha battered metal? That's the remains of the original nose.

Only remaining example of a threesome made by a racecar driver, I think it's a Platte... but I'm not sure.

restoration work at Symbolic Motors repair facility

Roman taxi... very interesting Fiat 600

For many more Fiat taxis, and similar Fiat utility vans..