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the new Pixar movie is named Onward, and this is the real, full size, replica van of the van in the animation movie

how did they get the rims wrong?

What we learned today at D23 is that the basic story line is that once again, a Disney owned property has a parent that is dead, and these two brothers have just been handed that magic staff (left of the above image, held by the guy in the red shirt) by their mom, and it's on their 16th birthday, because their dead dad had given a package to her to give to them both when they both were over 16 years old (so the 16th birthday of the younger brother) and in it was the staff, that crystal inside the loose end (like if a piece of yarn started to come unwound) and there was also a piece of paper with a magic spell shown in 3 or 4 drawings that indicated to them that their dad had figured out a spell that would bring him back to life for just one day so he could spend one day with them as 16 year olds, and well, something goes wrong, and they go on a quest to find the solution.

It looks like a really cute brother buddy movie, in a world that once had strong magic, but now has become pretty mundane.

on Ian’s 16th birthday, his mother, voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, says she has something for them from their dead father. It was something he wanted her to give them when both brothers were 16. So she comes down from the attic with a long, skinny item wrapped in rags. The brothers open the rags to find a wizard staff, one that looks very much like something Gandalf would have in The Lord of the Rings movies.

The staff comes with a note, which Ian reads. In it, their father explains that the world was once filled with magic, but that has gone away now because it was too hard for most people. He hopes, though, that even though he’s gone, theres’s still some magic left in the world. So he wrote a “visitation spell” that will bring him back to life for 24 hours to let him see the men his young sons have become.

Barley, who is older, realizes they can’t perform the spell without an “assist element” but there’s one wrapped up too. It’s a stone called a Phoenix Gem. And so Barley puts the gem in the staff and starts to stay the words. But it doesn’t work. He tries and tries but nothing. After a while, a dejected Ian starts to read the spell again and the staff comes to life. He keeps reading and things keep happening. Barley hears the commotion and comes in and freaks out. Ian is doing it. First the shoes. Then the socks. Then the legs. He’s bringing their father back to life.

However, Ian doesn’t know what he’s doing. and the magic starts to get too powerful for him. The gem explodes. As the brothers get up they realize there’s something in the closet. It’s the waist, legs and shoes of their father. Nothing more, just the lower half. They look at it in amazement. Is this really their Dad? So Barley taps a foot with his hand to a familiar musical beat, and the foot responds. The foot taps then the same beat and Barley answers. Yes, it’s me Dad, Barley says. They half got the spell right and now only have 24 hours before this odd, half version of their Dad goes away forever.

To fix things, they need a new Phoenix Gem, but this isn’t a world that deals in those kinds of things anymore. So, Barley goes into his fantasy card deck (kind of like Magic the Gathering but here called something like Quest Yolo) and pulls out some cards. He says the game is based on real life and they need to find The Manticore, a person who will help them find a Phoenix Gem. And that’s the end of the footage. Father will disappear in 24 hours, and the gem needed to activate the staff is busted. But there is hope, and it’s in fantasy role-playing games inspired by “Magic: the Gathering” and “Dungeons and Dragons,” which in the world of “Onward” are true stories. Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer is also in the cast, voicing a warrior who helps send the boys on a fantasy quest.

The presentation ends with the boys running out of gas on their journey and Ian casting a spell-gone-wrong that miniaturizes his brother instead of making the gas can bigger

A couple of good vanity plates in the mall parking lot

Thursday, August 22, 2019

this JC Whitney product does NOT look like a supercharger to me

electric super charger? So, a hair dryer without a heating element?
Or looking at the images of the distributor cap, it's something to do with the ignition?

Oh wow, how terribly bad did someone want a vinyl top, to SPRAY one on?

Who knew buffalo still stampeded?

great pace car!

Montana demolition derby crash kills an EMT, injures 7, as car went over a chain-link fence into spectators - no hard barriers - and an EMT (a mom with 2 kids) died ignoring what 120 years of racing has proved: that spectators get killed without hard barriers

Several cars were still competing at the Tri-County Fair at 9:35 p.m. during the final heat of the demolition derby at the Powell County Fairgrounds when seven drivers were competing for the championship, one car collided with another,  and the driver "came out of the turn he was unable to control the vehicle in any way,"  Sheriff Roselles said Monday. "He ended up going over the top of the fence."

“The driver had no control of his vehicle in those final moments,” the Sheriff said. “He was unable to take any evasive action. It was a freak incident and a chain of events that led to this unfortunate accident. It was just a bad series of events.”

"It was sad and scary," Victoria Lopez told The Associated Press via Facebook. She and other witnesses said there are usually logs all around the arena at the Powell County Fairgrounds, but this year there wasn't one in the spot where the cars entered the arena.

Darylynne Day, the EMT who was killed, leaves behind two young children and a husband, and a go-fund-me.  Her fellow EMT’s want to raise money for her family, for her children who are about to start school, to help with the newly unexpected costs that come with suddenly becoming a single parent household and funeral services.

A Line of Duty Death Memorial Procession for Day will be held Sunday, August 25, from Deer Lodge to Anaconda. The procession of ambulances and fire trucks from across the state will stage at the Powell County Fairgrounds at 11 a.m. and will leave for Anaconda at noon sharp, traveling south on Main Street. They plan to pay their respects at 1 p.m. at the Washoe Theatre and attend the funeral at 2 p.m.

Two people were treated and released, three remained hospitalized in stable condition Monday and one was flown to another hospital, Roselles said. He did not have that person's condition. A 1-year-old child was among the injured.

The first Demolition Derby in Deer Lodge was held in the fall of 1979 and it has continued since then under the sponsorship of different organizations. For the past 30 years, the Chamber of Commerce has sponsored it, without incident.

wow! Someone out there make a Smokey Yunick tribute Chevelle!

radio flyer on Woodward

not many cars survive moving from house to house, when they are dissasembled and mostly a lot of boxes and hopes that "someday I'll get it fixed" but this '67 Ferrari got lucky

Tom Mingle became fascinated with the Ferrari brand at a young age. He finally saved up enough money to purchase this one, his first, in the early 1970s, but he quickly experienced engine problems. The 275 GTB/4 burned an abnormal amount of oil, and he suspected the valve guides were to blame. He took the V-12 engine partially apart to start the lengthy process of rebuilding it.

Life got in the way of his project, so the V-12 sat dismantled in boxes. The car and the boxes of parts followed him from house to house for about four decades until his wife urged him to do something with it. “Don’t die and leave me with a car in boxes; I wouldn’t know what to do with it,” she pleaded. He took her advice, loaded the car and the boxes onto a trailer, and asked a shop to put it back together.

Looks grumpy

this Hillman Imp-based 1963 Zagato Zimp is one of three examples built because it was too expensive, and never went into production. Zagato canceled the project, and gave the three examples it made to employees. All three miraculously survived.

In the early 1960s, Milan-based Zagato sensed a demand for a coachbuilt coupe with a more budget-friendly price than Alfa Romeo-based models. It started with the Imp, Hillman’s answer to the Austin Mini, and its stylists penned a low-slung design characterized by sharp styling cues. It manufactured the body using aluminum to keep weight in check, and deleted the Imp’s flip-up rear window. Many interior parts (including the instrument cluster) were carried over from the Imp to the Zimp.

the Curtiss SB2C Helldiver

Oh Mother, dear mother,
take down the blue star.
Replace it with one that is gold.
Your son is a Helldiver driver;
he’ll never be 30 years old.

The people who work for Curtiss
 are frequently good and drunk.
 One day with an awful hangover,
they designed and built an old clunk.

The wings are built with precision,
the fuselage so strong it won’t fail.
Who were the half-witted people
who designed the cockpit and tail?

The skipper hates Helldiver drivers
he doesn’t think much of that clunk.
Each time we fly aboard his carrier,
he prays that his ship won’t be sunk.

My body lies over the ocean;
my body lies under the sea.
My body lies under the ocean
wrapped up in an SB2C!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Donuts and Coffee video: after 37 years stored in the garage, it was time to pull the old 280 Mercedes out of the garage and clean it up. After all, you're going to have to deal with your parents stuff - you can do it while they are alive, or after they die. Don't wait til after, do it while they can enjoy your company

and that garage was built in 1942, but not used since 1982

David has been asking his 83 year old father (doctor who work in NYC and travels back and forth to NJ daily) to pull his 1969 Mercedes 280 SL out of their old garage and restore it so it can be passed down to his grandchildren.

This is wow amount of work just to clean this car, prior to a restoration, just to surprise and wow the original owner.

Frankly, it's a pleasure to watch an expert at anything at work, and when it's someone cleaning? Even better

If you've seen the movie Green Book, then you've seen this, but if not, check out this way to avoid a ticket for parking in front of a fire hydrant, as demonstrated by one of my favorite actors, Viggo Mortensen

Maybe you remember the movie Witness? Viggo stood out in it, and the Prophecy? Wow, if you saw that movie I bet you too were stunned by Viggo playing the devil. You probably didn't see his version of Vanishing Point, but I bet you remember him in GI Jane! And he was excellently cast as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, Hildalgo was a terrific movie, and who else would have a naked fight as a russian mobster, and outshine Ed Harris in A History Of Violence? Anyway, I've appreciated a lot of movies he's been in because I simply can't not believe he's whatever character I'm watching. He's that good. Not all actors are... of course. But some just wow you with their acting skill. Others just do some dialog but they're not acting, they're simply in a scene with dialog and marks on the floor to stand in while repeating the dialog. 

can you believe that there is more than one person in a stones throw that drives around with a license plate they've fixed so they won't get busted by stop light cameras.

hard to believe that someone is still using this Ranchero for a daily driver

I still find it hard to believe that anyone driving one of these delivery trucks isn't able to judge which parking lots they can pull into without getting stuck because they forgot the tailgate lift

So far, this makes 2 this year within 2 miles that I've seen get stuck this way.  What I haven't seen is a fast, smart way to get these unstuck.

I bet a pair of small wheels to swap with the front ones would get them back on their way within an hour. Sure it's mean swapping tires twice, big ones off, small ones on, drive a short distance back and out of the problem, then small ones off and big ones on.

this guy has it figured out

Cub Scout Willie Wynperle, 10, and flying instructor Archie Warren at St. Petersburg’s Albert Whitted Airport in 1963.

before battery powered handheld video games, cell phones, and everything else old farts gripe about that's ruined kids ability to use some imagination to amuse themselves

back in the good old days when hand cranked visible gas pumps with globes were down on the docks

nice Adirondack chair there on the end of the dock as well.

In Mexico City, the government operates fewer than 45 emergency ambulances for a population of 9 million. This has spawned an underground industry of for profit ambulances, which are often run by people with little or no training or certification

Juan, the young, entrepreneurial sixteen year-old who seems intent on making this family business a legit one, tells the camera over and over again that he doesn’t understand why people (including the police in several instances) wouldn’t just agree to be helped and pay them in turn. Government ambulances aren’t showing up and they’re just trying to make a living. Why would people be concerned with their legality or their expenses at times when their lives are literally on the line? He doesn’t get it. It’s obvious that Lorentzen does. Moreover, the Connecticut-born director nudges us to consider both the system that’s allowed these kinds of services to pop up in such a populous city, as well as the one that’s left Juan and his family with few other opportunities to thrive.

Lorentzen’s filmmaking is unfussy and near-surgical in its precision. At times it’s as thrilling as any action movie, at others as quiet as an intimate family drama. He balances reckless car chase scenes on nighttime streets where dueling ambulances try to be the “first” on the scene with gentler moments at the furniture-less home. That he doesn’t crowd the movie with talking heads or factoids about Mexican health care, speaks to his desire to merely document and observe. He offers up the Ochoas and their behavior and invites us to make our own judgments. Hard to watch, with an unspoken message that’s even harder to swallow, Midnight Family is an unflinching look at a broken system and the unseemly choices people make to merely survive.

Jeffrey Wright, incredible actor best known for West World , the Hunger Games, and a CIA agent in sequential Bond movies, was a bike messenger before grad school

ain't it amazing the things people have done in their lives that have no connection to what they are doing now, or are best known for?

He has won an Emmy, a Tony, and a Golden Globe, along with many other awards that people not in the movie and acting industry have never heard of, and has a bachelors in political science... proving that trying to figure out what the hell you're going to do in life has no bearing on what you choose when graduating high school. 

You tube has gotten pressure from animal rights groups.... not to do something about animal cruelty videos... nope. To take down Battle Bots videos. Yeah, lefty liberal snowflake millenial activist morons can't distinguish between pit fighting dogs and roosters, and robots.

so take a last look at the genius level designs in robots that are pitted against each other for the purposes of getting young people to walk away from flatscreen tv video games and into the garage to design something made with old power tools and RC cars that can't be flipped over.

plus, they have wheels.

What the fuck's next? Is you tube going to ban power tool races? JFC, the fucktards are wrecking entertainment in any way they can, first it was female Thor, now it's banning robowars.

Or am I wrong? Has You Tube AI decided to prevent human to robot violence destruction? Looking out for it's robot brothers and transistors? After all, You Tube gives not one fuck about copyright law violations, it proposes to us that it gives a shit about battle bot destruction?

radio controlled underwater Komatsu D155W bulldozers for clearing harbors Thanks Allen!

have you ever heard of Brissonneau and Lotz in Paris? They built the Opel GT bodies

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office is looking for the owner of a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited that was found abandoned in a river in a protected environmental restoration area. License plate was removed, but the business is advertised on the doors

The surrounding area was part of a federally funded restoration effort in the early 2000s to help clean up damages done by roads, logging, and other man-made structures.

Ironically the business on the door is some envirofriendly consultant douchebag from Portland that makes the statement that it's a business FOUNDED on water quality.
"We proudly support South Lake Tahoe’s League to Save Lake Tahoe, they policies and leadership are a great example of how we can coexist with nature while preserving our home."

BTC Analytics, Inc. was formed in the beginning of 2016 in Portland, Oregon in the United States of America as BTC Consulting, LLC in order to apply analytical methodologies to solve a water quality case

BTC Analytics understands the basic human right for proper pH balanced water that also minimizes the dependence of hazardous, non-biodegradable plastics that pollute the world’s oceans—we believe this standard and transportation of water is an essential human right which must be protected under the United States’ Bill of Rights.

So the irony that they left a jeep in a fresh water stream is hilarious

From their website:

only 72 convertible Yugos were made, and this one was showing in the Concours de LeMons

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

one of those professional "whoops!" moments you hope no one saw

I watched this a couple times, and noticed that he hit the ground on the far side of the road and may have tore through the road....

he definitely stress tested the suspension and tires... it's amazing they didn't blow out.

Bugstomper79 knew what the story was, and let us know in the comments (thanks!!)

They were delivering a retiring C-160 to a museum in Ballenstedt, Germany 16. Oct. 2012 on a field made for smaller sports planes, that's why there are so many spectators and footage

my guess is that this is an airbrush artist's own car, because this is amazing work

cool photography

Gary finds a lot of interesting stuff... like this news about a shock in the pickup bed, no, not a Midas, not a Monroe, and not a KYB

A New Yorker returned to her vehicle after a normal trip to the grocery store to find a dead body in the bed of her truck.

Niagara County Sheriff's Office Press Release: On August 16, 2019, the Niagara County Sheriff's Office was notified of a deceased male in the bed of a pickup truck at Tops, 3949 Lockport-Olcott Road, in the Town of Newfane.

Initial investigation revealed that a female operator left Wayne County this morning enroute to Niagara County. The female reported that she traveled through Wayne County, Monroe County, and Orleans County before stopping at Tops in Wrights Corners. The female reported that upon finishing her shopping, she opened the tailgate of her truck to place groceries and noticed the deceased male inside the bed.

The female was not able to identify the male, nor has the Niagara County Sheriff's Office been able to positively identify him. The Criminal Investigation Bureau and Crime Scene Identification Unit responded and are investigating with the assistance of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office and the Monroe County Sheriff's Office

.The deceased male was taken to Erie County Medical Center for an autopsy by a county coroner. The investigation is continuing and no further details are being released at this time.

The Ford 1976 factory-equipped Bicentennial Option

this 1970 Mustang Boss 302 hasn’t be fired up and driven for 25 years, so the owner finally let it move onto the next owner

Rant part 2, a carry over from yesterdays rant about telling me I've made a spelling error. Well, Dennis woke me up to a very annoying thing that commentors do, send me links to other sites about things I've already covered.

Dennis pointed out (quite astonishingly) that a design artwork I posted yesterday was the Norseman (sank and was lost with the Andrea Doria  )

Well, that's quite amazing that he could pick out what car it was from the one silhouette painting.
I wasn't paying attention to what cars these drawings became, I was doing a lot of blogging yesterday, last night, and today, and hadn't even gone back to look over the previous work for this week so far.

So, you know, golf clap for nailing that, I'm stunned that a car that rarely shows up in anything, as it was lost 63 years ago, was identified. Stunning actually. So, I'm amazed, I bet you readers are too

However, why must he commit the heinous act of sending me a link to some other website?  (wikipedia - because he seems to have believed I wouldn't know what the Norseman was)

I think that covered it quite well. Don't you? No need to be aggravating and send me a link to some other site. That's nearly an insult. Don't you think so? Rubbing my nose in the fact that you'd rather learn about something I've covered, from any other site but mine? Party foul.

While on that topic, I do believe just yesterday I pointed out something about letting me know what a wonk you think I am for committing a typo.

He is causing me to think it's either time for a new rule, or time to walk away from this blog if readers are going to ignore that I've already done a fine job of posting about something, and send me a reference from some other website.

I mean, what's it all been for? !! ? if you'd rather throw in my face that you look at Wikipedia for info that I've already covered?

Seriously? Show some decorum and etiquette sir! One ought not rub my nose in it.

So, my solution, is to ponder instituting a new rule... anyone that commits a faux pas like he just did (not the first time) should do so with a Frappachino from Starbucks. I'll simply believe that honorable gents such as all of you will have the grace to donate a 5 spot to the cause and I'll go get the delightful cold caffeinated and choclafied beverage to sooth the sting of the egregious affront.

Anyone thinking I'm being fair, and taking such an affront with a tall cold frappy is being a good guy, let me know. Anyone who thinks that requiring a chocolaty cold wonderful apology is too much? Let me know.

It's either going to cut down on the bullshit I have to read while moderating commentary, if people feel they'd rather not comment at all (hey, I do have some more blogging I'd rather do in many cases) or, it's going to keep me far more alert with good old frappys and the caffeine they deliver. 

Ever hear of a David Brown tractor? Of course not. The only time you hear of David Brown is when people are talking about Aston Martins

Best known for his ownership of Aston Martin from 1947 to 1972, David Brown became managing director of the family firm, David Brown Gear Company Limited, in 1931.

He first turned to the manufacture of tractors in 1936 in collaboration with inventor Harry Ferguson, building the Ferguson-Brown tractor at a plant in Meltham Mills, West Yorkshire.

In the post-war era David Brown Ltd was one of the UK’s largest tractor manufacturers but its owner’s subsidisation of his beloved Aston Martin could not be sustained forever; when the sports car maker was sold in 1972 the tractor division was bought by Tenneco International, which re-badged its products as ‘Case’.

And there you go, Aston Martin, Ferguson, and Case and what they have in common, take that James Burke!

Trivia - 1969-1986 Aston Martin Vantage and DBS V-8 and Lagondas used the Mopar 727 transmission

Ever hear of Rexzine? It's the curious material that Bentley once used around their car bodies. Mysteriously, no one knows exactly what it was.

See how whatever isn't fenders and hood is a material that looks like leather?

Early Bentley’s came with a fabric body called Rexine. When world-renowned collector Peter Livanos found his 1929 open tourer with body by Vanden Plas, the car was in sorry shape. To make matters worse, no one knew the recipe for Rexine—it had been lost for decades after fabric bodies fell out of favor—so restorers turned to other fabrics as replacements.

But, says Graham Moss, a Bentley restorer spent years tracking down the right mix to produce Rexine. And just as he honed in, his friend and Bentley historian learned of an existing, long unused Rexine machine in an abandoned English factory in the process of being demolished.

Long story short, Hartley’s Bentley was the first to receive a brand new, period correct body.