Saturday, May 19, 2007

Turbonique article from Feb 1969 Mechanics Illustrated

What's hanging around your neighborhood? continued

In the parking lot, you can usually find something as interesting as in the show.

So, I expected to see more Vettes in the parking lot, and there were a couple. But I didn't think the Honda's and Nissan's would be holding a club meeting, that's a new one to me! Or maybe it makes sense to find out where there will be a car show, and have your club meet in the parking lot to see if you can steal the show... .literally!

When Corvette meant style

Bahia Mission Bay Corvette show, and what is the difference between all of these?

I do believe the dealership they were purchased at. Other than that, they all seem to be just garaged and cleaned factory stock corvettes that a lot of people bought in order to bring to a show to compare who does a better detailing job. It must be me, I must not get the point in buying the same car as everybody else in my club, like the Miata, Corvette, PT Cruiser, etc etc, club members.

" Gee Bob, is that a Z06?"
" Yup."
" Why, I've got one just like it!"
" With the LT4 and a 6 spd?"
" Exactly."

Laugh it out your nose funny!

with whom or what entity these snappy sayings are associated?

6)Deeper Richer Smoother
8)Fast Precise Light
10)Slide in easy. Ride in easy. Feels good inside.
12)The laws of physics want their virginity back

Just as unsual in person as it was in the magazines

A Spawn fan and an airbrush artist... you must see the work this guy's done!

From Corona, and in San Diego for both Corvette shows this weekend, he airbrushed this car after he and his wife first stripped all the factory paint off. Now that is prep work! In upcoming work, there is a 69 Coronet, a 71 Roadrunner, and a 72 Charger. the Road Runner is a 440 4 spd, and for sale... so get ahold of Jason now to give input into how it turns out!
You can bet I'm crazy over the Mopars that will be fixed up by Jason.
This job would cost you around 8-9 thou from Airhead Kustoms, about 1/2 what other shops will charge you. That's a shop with a reputation to build on value and quality. Keep in mind that just the paint and materials are going to run close to 2 thou.

NOS Supercharged, 605 HP

Bahia Mission Bay Corvette show

Wow. I'd rather have one of these custom vettes. I think I'd be a little uncomfortable at a corvette show if I drove one of these in, all the vette owners would be a little snarky that you spent more than they did.

Holy hot rod Batman! Look at the car photography of this studio commisioned by Petersen Museum for it's online photos!

1938 Delahaye type 135m coachwork by Figoni and Falashi, which was purchaed new for a customer in Oran Algeria, and was found in '92 under an olive tree in the Algerian Mouintains!
Some incredible strories, 1939 Bugatti type 57c originally given to the Prince of Persia, finally left the Shah's garage for $275 dollars in 1959. Then was owned by lots of Bugatti enthusiasts and finally restored in 1983, before ever being shown in public. The windshield is able to lower into the cowl by a hand crank!

They do amazing photography! Found by looking through an online museum tour of French 1930's aerodynamic marvels "French Curves"

From the Scammel Scarab to this stout truck, that is a big variance from one truck manufacturer

Hotel Del's 1923 Ford Laundry delivery truck, returned to Coronado

In '23, the Hotel Del bought a Model T to bring laundry from the hotel to Coronado Island residents, and it stayed in service until 1930, when it was given to the driver who used it as a daily driver until 1942. He had a fender bender, and placed it in a garage for storage until 1966. The grandson of the owner took over and restored it from '66 to '78, when it then began to trade hands and was found eventually in 2004 at a Paso Robles vineyard.

It is now temporarily at the El Cordova Garage, on Cornado Island, showroom where they will keep the truck on view at 10th Street and C Avenue until July 4.

see it at

take a look at muscle cars

Terrific article on auto museums, what the best are, where, and why

I didn't know Studebaker started with Conestoga wagons, and was in business for 114 years. Wow!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The world of hot rods began with drag racing, then top speed racing at Muroc, El Mirage, etc.. it has come a long way, here's a great website about it

Take the time (about 2 hours) to flip through the photos of the Starbird 50th Annual Rod and Custom Show, look at page two for the black and whites of vintage racing, and for lots of sweet customs, look through the HAMB drags pictures (Via )

Just keep a cold one handy, I never moved for 2 hours while soaking it all in.

Thanks Mr Pontiac for the link, and the photoalbums, keeping the rest of us in car porn is a kind thing to do!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A farmer in 1974 bought 2 VW vans, the second to use when the 1st broke down. It never did get used

So this 1973 VW panel van never had more than just 33 kilometers put on it. Now it's going up for auction at Coy's in London.

When you look at a pedal, think how much cooler it could be.
In the Dynaliner Deuce, they installed a Ludwig Speed King drum kit pedal instead of a humdrum gas pedal. Now that is multiple levels of cool! here for a marvelous write up.

Tow Truck museum in Tennessee a few good pics

Cool new website you should look over

Upscale car porn, uberstyled ultraclean trophy winning car porn

And you know that is high pedigree car porn

New car show you've never heard of, the employees of Raytheon's Balboa Ave facility bring their hot rods to work on July 19

Get off the 163 at the Balboa exit... which lets you out at Kearny Villa road or Mercury (depends on the direction of travel on the 163) , head East on Balboa one stop light East of Kearney Villa Rd. Turn Left (No other choice) into a long road through the parkign lot, the car show will be at the far end of the parking lots.

Lat year there were Cobra's, Corvettes, 9 sec Nova, Camaro's... 50's Ford trucks... a popcorn maker, dunk tank, live band, San Diego Blood Bank mobile donation bus, etc etc.

Car Porn

The Palo Alto concours
good photos of good cars

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bob's Big Boy in Burbank, is the hot spot Chevrolet chose to drop into with the new Camaro, also showing up, the Holden Efigy, the Eco-jet... wow

Primedia has a new owner, they are the company behind almost all car magazines you've heard of

Hot Rod, Car Craft, Motor Trend, Automobile, and about 67 others for 1.2 Billion$. They also purchased a lot of the asociated stuff, like 90 websites for those magazines.

Majority of Chrysler stock sold off ( now Daimler isn't the big dog ) at bout a 60% loss on the investment Daimler made when they bought Chrysler in 1998.

80% of it is now owned by Cerberus Capital Management

Dodge's 2008 Challenger Super Stock Concept car

11.6 at 113mph. Go to the link for a video and more pictures, a complete write up, etc.

Just how many special edition Mustangs are there?

And why?

I'm including everything I know of that comes after the word Mustang. Or before. Or instead of, but means that it's a special Mustang

Parnelli Jones
SDS (San Diego Special)
Foose Stallion
GT CS (California Special)
Street Scene
Susan G Kolmen pink stripe package
Cannonball World

and if I spent a couple of minutes on the web, I'm sure I could double this list.

Never race a van that does a nitrous purge....

10.44 and 128. Yikes.

Mr Gasket.... wow, huge corporation

They own, Hays Clutches, Hurst Shifters, Accel Ignition, Erson Cams, Jacobs Electronic Ignition, Mallory Ignition, and Lakewood Safety and Suspension

A bit of tool talk

First and quite important, lets get the "Made in China" out of the way.

Don't buy any, ever. Junk that will fail when you need it most... like when you use it.

What CHINA stands for... Can't Handle INdustrial Applications
I just started working with hand tools at work (vs the electronics job I just left) and when discussing tools, Dave told me that bit of wisdom... truer words never spoken.

Tool Boxes:
Light use are good for a home owners general rare use
Mechanic are decent metal, and have slide drawers
Trax are decent metal, and have roller bearings
Magnum are the best

Made in China
for the past 10 years Vise Grip and Cresent
for the past 6 months Craftsman

Made in Taiwan Gearwrench, who is made for K-D tools, who is owned by Danaher the Danaher company also owns Allen (allen wrenches), Armstrong, Fluke (multimeters), Jacobs Vehicle Systems (Jake Brake), Matco, and about 50 others I've never heard of, or don't believe are part of the auto industry

For the highest quality wrenches and sockets at the right price (Snap -On considered overpriced compared to the competitions quality)
best: SK / Proto / Wright
next best: K-D / Eastco / Craftsman

Now if it comes to buying at a swapmeet, or garage sale, and the tools you find are some other brands remember, for the best quality, buy AMERICAN, then made in Taiwan, and never Made In China

Always go to the experts for expert advice. You'll never spend as much time as they have learning all they have gained from experience. Ask Craig at Pat's Tools in El Cajon.

Early Stone, Woods, and Cook shop pics of the crew and car

I don't know much about alot of stuff.

I do know from experience that it takes a long time to do justice for alot of deserving people. So if and when you read a good story, I hope it occurs to you how many searches, crossmatching, comparing and contrasting of available info usually happens to make a few good paragraphs of solid info to educate with facts.

For more on the Stone, Woods, and Cook crew, the write up is recommended.

This posting instigated a posting on The Jalopy Journal, which was where I found these three pictures. So it goes when legends are the topic of conversation. We learn things we don't know from each other, and others join the thread, and give us more knowledge that fills in our gaps in our knowledge.

I'm damn proud to be a member of the HAMB, where so many educated car guys spread the knowledge, legends, and lore of the things that inspired us, thrill us, and please us.

The Stone, Woods, and Cook car and crew are the ONLY reason I love the '40-'41 Willys. It's my top of all lists, car to want, desire, and hope to own someday. I knew little more than that, and remembered less, but to read the posting on Jalopy Journal, and the posting of all the people who joined in the thread with info and pics is a cool thing to know I started, even by pinching and photoshopping these 4 pics from the nooks and crannies of the threads, posts, and links from

" The guys in the group picture are K.S Pittman, Wayne Arteaga, Doug Cook and Tiny Roberts. The guy in the white t shirt in the other picture is John Hellmuth"
"All of those pictures were taken by either Wayne Arteaga or his brother Eldon. Both are professional photographers and have provided many pictures to Don Montgomery and the gassermadness site. They were taken in Wayne's garage in North St. Louis. He and my brother often provided pit service to all the name gassers when they were passing through the area."

A really good reason to visit are pics like this!