Saturday, December 14, 2019

Jordi Reixach is one of the most amazing model makers. His incredible creations require thousands of hours of work to accurately recreate the smallest details

I doubt anyone would know the above photos were of anything other than a real full size original car, until that photo of the seats

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coffee and donuts video for the morning, the time lapse demolition of the double level highway on Seattle's waterfront

How bad is "The Enthusiasts Network" aka Motor Trend magazine company? Well, did they bother telling you they'd decided to not continue printing your magazines, after asking you to extend your subscription? Money grubbing bastards just announced they are no longer printing 20 magazines

4-Wheel and Off-Road
Car Craft
Chevy High Performance
Classic Trucks 
Diesel Power
Hot Rod Deluxe 
Mopar Muscle
Muscle Car Review
Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords
Mustang Monthly
Street Rodder
Super Chevy 
Super Street
Truck Trend 

The suits decided to tell the staffers last Friday. Yeah, JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

WTF is the deal with upper corporate assholes always making decisions to kill peoples jobs weeks before Christmas? It happens all over.

FYI, I gave up on Car Craft a couple years ago, there wasn't good content anymore. I gave up on Automobile because there was so little good content and I had too many magazines to read.
I gave up on Hot Rod Deluxe and Muscle Car Review because they wanted 40 or 50 dollars a years for a subscription, and damn it, I can't afford that much money for subscriptions anymore, the cost of gas, insurance, and rent is killing me. I don't get pay raises.
I still was subscribing to Mopar Muscle, and Autoweek, and NEITHER bothered to tell me that what I'd ALREADY PAID THEM FOR was something they decided to stop providing.

But the mfers are still printing Motor Trend. Who the eff reads that anyway?

Mississippi is hoping a Baby Yoda meme will help parents to get their kids in car seats

The state’s department of transportation has jumped on the Baby Yoda bandwagon in an effort to remind drivers to use car seats for their children.

The disparity has been turned into a meme that the agency referenced on a traffic sign:

It took artist Leandro Erlich two years and 330 tons of sand to create his largest work of art to date — a giant traffic jam, made entirely of sand.

Erlich was commissioned by the city of Miami Beach to create the work, which was unveiled during Art Basel. The surreal traffic jam depicts 66 life-sized sculptures of cars and trucks stuck in an imaginary traffic jam on the oceanfront of popular Lincoln Road.

The installation is meant to suggest a future relic, like a contemporary Pompeii, and alludes to Florida’s fragile position in the large universal canvas, touching on climate crisis and rising sea levels.

The installation cost over $1 million, but the city paid $300,000 thanks to sponsors and donations. It will remain on display until Dec. 15

good marketing idea, make your electric car up in christmas lights

love that Spyker shifter design, but I don't think I'd seen a photo until now of the interior that showed how nice IT looked

looks like a great way to go camping

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I wonder if this is a vinyl wrap

Friday, December 13, 2019

Warning, winter snow drifts might get bad, real bad, like back in '78. Carry a shovel, a phone, and a blanket - at the least, if you're driving where it's snowy.... what's the worst that could result, you never use them?

a couple moose were on the roadside in the yoop, and while recording the unusual sighting, this camera man also happened to catch a very cool bus driver who pulled over so all the kids onboard could see the animals

Germany takes one more step to outlawing religious subjugation of women

The German parliament’s upper house, the Bundesrat, introduced a new law to ‘ensure a driver’s identity can be determined’ if they’re caught speeding. Anyone found with a facial covering, including carnival masks and face-obscuring hoods, will be fined €60.

The Transportation Ministry declined to comment on whether the legislation essentially meant a ‘burka ban’ but said: ‘The rule of law requires that only drivers can be held accountable. ‘That presumes that they can be identified.’

VW discovered a 1953 T1 van that had been stored away for 54 years, it's remarkable because it was one of the earliest radar speed trap training vehicles using the Telefunken VRG2 traffic radar from 1961 to 1964

the Lower Saxony police procurement agency bought it in 1953. At that time, the 25 hp VW bus cost 6,750 marks. The Hanover police used the bulli for eight years, then it was fitted with a radar system.

One of the police officers was Heinz Scholze. The 89-year-old says: "It was completely new territory - for the road users and us." For the first time in Germany on February 15, 1959, speed violations were measured with radar between Düsseldorf and Ratingen.

Incidentally, the VRG2 still works today, explains Frank Märtens from the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt: "It still measures very precisely today, its error rate has a maximum deviation of three km / h, which means it is within the absolute tolerance range."

yard art

those streams and rivers are often a lot deeper than you hope. Proceed only after using something to measure the depth.

Or not... it's your weekend you'll be wasting getting your rig out of a river in the middle of no where

The dash of a 1989 Pontiac 6000

a mud-covered 1985 Ford F-150 from Lake Winona. It had been reported stolen out the city of Winona in 1989, and ended up under 17 feet of water for 30 years. June 2019 news

The truck had a 1990 Wisconsin license plate, but the Department of Motor Vehicles people were unable to connect the plate to an owner.

Chief Deputy Jeff Mueller estimates the truck sat on the lake bottom for the past three decades before it was discovered when a fisher picked up something unusual on a fish finder sonar about 100 yards from shore.

The vehicle’s location has led some to speculate that the vehicle may have fallen through the ice.

The discovery of the truck comes just less than a year after the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Department pulled a sunken 1980s Chevrolet Suburban from the Mississippi River.

The Suburban was discovered last July after multiple agencies received reports of a large object located about 50 yards off the shore in the area of Ninth Street in Buffalo City.

first time I've seen a cement mixer made of bearings... cool!

apparently before they invented cabs for trucks (yes, really) they got creative on hot to prevent the logs from slamming the driver in the back... and what the hell, it works!

Rachel put 567,000 miles on her Comet Caliente, and three sets of shocks, eight mufflers and 18 batteries. The lifetime guarantee people's nightmare.

When Rachel bought “Chariot” in February of 1964, gas cost 39 cents per gallon. And the car only cost her $3,289. Veitch says the car has been featured in several car shows and was renovated in 2002 after she got a speeding ticket for going 92 mph in a 55 mph zone.

The key to keeping it so immaculate? “When I buy gas, I write down the mileage, the date and how many miles per gallon I got,” she told. “I’ve never been a destructive person and I’ve just taken care of everything, except my husbands.”

if you want to watch part two:

Things I did not know, Adam Driver had 3 Emmy nominations for a show I've never heard of, an Oscar nom, was an E3 infantry in the USMC, and busted his sternum in a mountain bike crash

Bicyclcing was so intriguing they had it advertise the circus?

Junkyards have disappeared from freeways and highways, but, did you know that some of the old backwoods junkyards can still be spotted from the train tracks?

one Mopar guy held onto, but did not drive, a Coronet R/T for 43 years and a 440 Road Runner for 37 years. He finally let them go to his buddy who will make them drivers again, and not flip them to collectors.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

a look at how exciting the world news was before things got PC, as this example from just ONE page of ONE car makers newsletter shows

The ancestor of the Pirelli Winter Tread, was the BS3, introduced at the 1959 Turin Auto Show

pretty bizarre that they thought they would sell enough of these to stay in business

1927 Chevrolet "Radiator" Watch

there has been more than one live theater play with working cars on stage, in action... but it was over a hundred years ago

Earl Tupper, of Tupperware fame, had a patent on a "pop-up" rumble-seat top

Tim Burton and Winona Ryder on the set of ‘Edward Scissorhands’ with an AMC Matador.