Friday, December 31, 2021

this guy is an inspiration, because he built the vehicle he wanted, a Jeep Wagoneer Yosemite National Park service 4x4

About 3 years ago Eric Rothenhous bought this in So Cal for $3,000 from a guy who intended to make a low rider of it.

“It was a specially ordered Jeep,” the owner stated. “Originally purchased by NASA and Naval Air Station Moffett Field, it spent the majority of its life living at Moffett Field working as a fleet vehicle and still has the Moffett Air Base bumper sticker attached.”

 The wiring on this truck is early 1960s jet wiring, probably done by military people with too much time on their hands. “I believe at one time it had lights all over it which basically said, ‘Come follow me.’ 

It was also used for VIPs. It had military plates so it wasn’t registered for the road until 1977. The custodian of the Jeep kept meticulous maintenance records from 1967 to 2005.”

 That individual ended up purchasing the Jeep when it was decommissioned in about 1978 and owned it until his death in 2005.


Hiro Naka uploaded most of these images to Pinterest

Back when gas companies had promotions at gas stations. I don't think anyone does that anymore

back when super stockers and streamliners would show up at gas stations, I've posted several of them

back before spectators valued their lives at races, or in countries where they still don't

the December banners