Saturday, June 03, 2017

cool old advertising posters

Darn it... I'm in love. Well I would be if I'd been born 60 years earlier when she was alive

1937 This statue of a man crouching around a wheel that has been cut into four industrial scenes, was located in front of the main entrance of the Los Angeles County Museum of History, Science, and Art in Exposition Park, but has been removed

the van from Zootopia, it sure resembled the 70's van craze... side mural and all

by the way, the antenna ball is Baymax from Big Hero 6

The van is a brand name vehicle called "Lobos Z1". "Lobos" is the Spanish word for "wolves".

the original mural was a tribute to the Cheech and Chong van. You can figure Disney wan't going to have that.

The Herald-Express announced their new radio-telephone car, to bring readers "the latest news with jet-like speed" Feb.1947

White wall tires were banned during the Korean war due to shortages of white rubber.

1928 back before hydraulic lifts were affordable, it looks like the most common and cheap way of working under the car was hoisting the front way up (Rotary pioneered lifts about 90 years ago)

I wonder why no one made one of those cool rocking ramps way back then...

I posted about this years ago, but I can't find the post. 

one of the reasons it hard to hire good mechanics... pay. A burger flipper starting at In N Out makes more an hour than a dealership oil and tire mechanic starting.

So, why the hell would a high school grad waste the money buying his own tools and rolling tool chest and making less where there won't be any time spent talking to women?

I work at a dealership in San Diego, there are no women in any job that doesn't have a computer for them to sit at all day long. Not a single one.

But at In N Out, the line is always out the door of college age people waiting to get in. Well, in San Diego anyway, we have about 4 major universities, and lots of colleges...

FWIW, a mechanic at a Harley dealership makes twice what a car dealership mechanic makes, and never has to stand under an hot car spilling hot oil on him.

Friday, June 02, 2017

Panhard truck... huh. Started out as a 4 door, now it has a sliding trunk to carry the scooter

Too stupid to have someone steering, this dummy is immediately busted by the cops for trying to get a bus to tow his car

Of course he's a Beemer driver, just look at the idiot try to zip through a red light around the outside and run up the k rail!

your warehouse rolling ladder ain't got jack on these dirigible access ladders

I dig it when small companies get a cool old delivery truck and fix it up for promotions

thanks Mike!

BF Goodrich Tacoma giveaway

Click on the list of items that has a +1 to get more "entries"

Note though, that clicking "like on the facebook pages of Power Nation and BFG doesn't add more entries, and the promotions company (RTM in Franklin TN) hasn't even gotten BF Goodrich's link in the drop down

Gabriel shocks is celebrating 110 years of business, and giving away a custom built 67 El Camino (50th anniversary) - drawing entries must be in by August 30th

Notice that when making an entry the rules are available only if you notice the very light lower right hand "RULES" and click on them at the bottom of the page, but ya have to agree to them anyway, and you have to chose one of 4 tv shows you probably don't watch as your favorite - before your entry is accepted.

You can see the El Camino getting painted on

in 1900, an entrepreneur named Claud H. Foster decided to combine his two greatest passions, tinkering with automobiles and playing the trombone.

Foster invented a multi-tone automobile horn using the concept of a trombone, calling it “Gabriel’s Horn.”

Taking the name from his invention, and using $1,500 he had saved, he founded Gabriel® - a company that would go on to revolutionize automobile suspension systems.

With the same pioneering and independent attitude that founded the company, Gabriel’s continual advancements in technology and innovation lead to them becoming a company of “firsts”;
 creating the first automotive hydraulic shock absorber;
the first adjustable shock absorber;
the first air-adjustable shock absorber – the industry leading Gabriel HiJackers®;
 creating the first Position Sensitive (Groove Tube) Technology;
 the first U.S. produced twin-tube shock absorber – the Gabriel Gas Ryder;
and introducing Velocity Sensitive Technology for shocks and struts – a new advancement and innovation in ride control technology

Potential winner must take delivery of the prize no earlier than November 7, 2017 and no later than November 18, 2017 at RTM Productions LLC., 130 Southeast Parkway Court, Franklin, TN 37064 or prize will be forfeited. The winner will be solely responsible for all federal, state and local taxes (including but not limited to income taxes and sales taxes), registration, license, title and insurance fees and for all costs and expenses associated with acceptance, delivery of and/or use of all elements of the prize, in whole or in part, not specified herein, including but not limited to all taxes, fees, insurance, travel costs and expenses, shipping costs and/or any other expenses associated with acceptance, use of and/or taking delivery of the prize.

The potential prize winner will be chosen by random drawing on or about September 6, 2017 and notified on or about September 23, 2017 from all eligible entries received.

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Mickey Mouse - The Mail Pilot, 1933

snow tractor converted steam locomotive? Or steam tractor?

8 horse logging rail cart

steam powered rail road crane used in logging

Steam powered tractor and ditch digger, 1923

Because the US Mail also had to deliver through a lot of muddy roads, and nothing gets through mud like tractor tires

this is the only time I've ever seen postal delivery with a tractor

in my opinion, if there are no pink parts showing, it's not porn. Therefore, here's the Jeep humor

Isle of Man TT is tomorrow

Stick a 1967 tail panel on a new Mustang... because Ford's new tail panel designs suck

seriously above? or below....

the choice is obvious, they got it right over 40 years ago, and they'll never do better


cars on their way to the Knysna hill climb in South Africa caught on fire on the transporter

Mining dumptruck snags the powerlines, catches on fire, and the tires blow up

The massive dumptruck tried to cross a normal intersection  and didn't realize that it was slightly too big to fit under the overhead power lines.

 This immediately started a huge fire at its left side rear tires. The person recording this event in their dashcam put their car into reverse, as the situation was worsening by the moment. It didn't take long for the burning tires to explode under its internal tire pressures (which was increasing higher and higher because it's on fire).

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Charles Kuralt's rv used for CBS "On The Road" tv show, 1973 FMC

This FMC motorhome carried a three-man TV crew on America's back roads, where they took time "to meet people, listen to yarns, and feel the seasons change" for 27 years

1900 Wood Electric Truck, it weighed 7500 pounds

A gift from UPS to the Henry Ford museum, B. Altman and Company, a New York City department store, purchased this electric truck from F. R. Wood and Son around 1900. Altman employed horse-drawn delivery wagons but began to experiment with electric trucks in 1898 as a cost cutting measure. Electric trucks dispensed with the care and maintenance costs of horses. This truck made twice-daily trips from a warehouse to a distribution center.