Saturday, April 16, 2016

Levi's Puppet Rodeo

1939 was not only the year of the World’s Fair in New York but also the year of the, now lesser known, West coast counterpart, the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco. The theme of the GGIE was ‘Pageant of the Pacific’ and land was acquired to build the campus of ‘Treasure Island’, which promoted San Francisco as a hub for arts, culture and business in the Pacific Rim. Home town company, Levi Strauss, the famous denim jeans manufacturer created an ‘Electric Rodeo’ for the Expo, which was pioneering in its technology as an automated sideshow

fter its stint at Treasure Island, the Electric Rodeo was adapted to take to the roads on the back of a streamliner truck (this splendid 1938 international Harvester D-300 truck and trailer, to be precise) and made a 25,000 mile tour of small towns and livestock shows throughout the West.

Kaiser Frazer displays lots of guarantees, but they weren't in business much longer

Kaiser-Frazer was the only new US automaker to achieve success after World War II, if only for a few years.

Founded in 1945, Dissolved in 1952

Henry Kaiser had no automotive marketing experience; Joseph Frazer did, having been president of the Graham-Paige Corporation prior to WWII. Kaiser believed in pressing forward in the face of adversity, while Frazer was more pragmatic. As the market for Kaiser-Frazer products slowed in 1949 with the introduction of new designs from the Big Three, Kaiser pushed for more production, creating an oversupply of cars that took until mid-1950 to sell. Kaiser and Frazer disagreed until Frazer left the company in 1951, and the Frazer nameplate was dropped after a 10,000 unit production run.

Dodge ute and cool gas pumps

just posting for the cool paintjob on a gasser


the Romac dragster Vette

Coca-Cola Bottling trucks in Mt. Sterling, 1936

freeway 101

ready for any thing but rolling over

Mad magazine's version of the 63 3/4 Edsel

thanks Steve!

well done photos of Robert Anderson's 40 Ford

Pace car Corvette

I thought I was done posting what klutzes and morons Swift drivers are. I was out. But they pulled me back in with this one

and he had to drag it a long way too, look at the area behind him where he couldn't have snagged it. 1/8th of a mile at least of clear road.

the Cunningham Cadillacs

the Cunningham Corvettes at Le Mans

Friday, April 15, 2016

A Cobra at the track is a mighty fine thing

I don't think I've seen or posted the Shelby Cobra enclosed trailer, damn shame it's only in the background of photos

Ecurie Ecosse transporter, 1958 Monza

Thanks to Steve for finding these 2 photos of the other side!

at Laguna, 1970

VW Rometsch, built between 1949 & 1957

looks very similar to the 300SL design, especially that ledge over the front wheel

when trying to park, you will learn just how bad your day will end

Colorado Auto and Parts display at the Rocky Mountain Nationals

they say it all started with a beer, and now here is the maiden voyage of the Plymouth Air Radial Truck

this is a 1939 Plymouth Truck powered by a Cessna radial engine - a Jacobs R-755-A2 with 757ci and a shade less than 300hp

and when they park it, the chock the wheels, cool!

thanks Maurice! from

Colorado Auto and Parts aircraft tractor tug