Friday, May 01, 2020

Stolen quad dumped in a river, was found by accident

It's how stolen cars and bikes have been disposed of for decades, sadly. This one would never have been found if the wheels had been removed.

Mike found a really really good puzzle. Mensa level (thanks Mike!)

answer is in the comments, check when you're ready to see if you already knew it

Stolen motorcycle found and returned to owner after 27 years, someone snagged it (stole it) when he was in the hospital (thanks Gary!)

Jonathan Huginski was in 10th grade when he crashed the bike near his school in Waterbury, Conn., and broke his arm. While he was at the hospital, the bike disappeared.

Hartford Police recently found it among several illegal motorcycles that were impounded last year during a crackdown in a city park and headed to the crusher. The ones that could be were checked against the National Insurance Crime Bureau database, and Huginski’s showed up listed as stolen.

Georgia, never known for Mensa membership, decided to issue drivers licences with road tests

Georgia drivers will be able to get their license on a partial honor system for the next few weeks. The governor removed the road test requirement until the state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic has been lifted.

There is reportedly a backlog of 30,000 applicants, with an average of 5,000 teens having taken the exam every week prior to the shutdown. So getting drivers passed through the system is essential. Georgia’s state of emergency is set to expire on May 13 but could be extended.