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Comeback Motors in Argentina is making exact replicas of the 1916 Indian board track racer

over a dozen off duty Orlando cops busted over 3 dozen times driving double the speed limit, going home from work

Fourteen Orlando police vehicle not responding to a call were clocked at between 90 mph and 115 mph 37 times. Additionally, sixteen Orange County sherrif's deputies--also not being dispatched to a call--were driving between 90 and 109 mph some forty times that month.

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investigation in New Orleans finds traffic court judge seasoned traffic law violator (surprise!)

An investigation by WWLTV in New Orleans found that several traffic court judges and clerks were using illegal license plates and lights on their taxpayer funded cars. Yes, they get free cars.

 According to the report, five taxpayer-funded cars had been outfitted with blue emergency dashboard lights, which is a violation of state law.

 Judge Jones III also had another piece of equipment on his car that was a potential traffic violation: A plastic cover over his license plate that reflects flash cameras like those used to collect tickets for driving violations. Using the plastic cover is another violation of state law.

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wrong person for the top safety job, the former director of the Massachusetts Sate Highway Safety Division has 32 instances of breaking the driving laws, including failure to stop for police - twice. That is a lot of tickets to still have a license

the director of the state's highway safety division, had 32 entries on her driving record since 1984.

Those included seven accidents, four speeding violations, two failure-to-stop-for-an-officer citation and one failure-to-wear-a-seat-belt mark.

from 2007 to 2012 she was the director, working for the office of public safety, and until she got into an accident sufficient to hospitalize her, and that accident? Hers was the only car involved. So... hit any trees or buildings lately?

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Utah State Trooper Lisa Steed ruined lives of dozens of people... by trying to have the best stats for DUI tickets, and she was awarded cop of the year. Her victims? Lost their cars, jobs, etc because cops are not honest

State trooper Lisa Steed was honored inside the state police force for busting an extraordinary number of drunk drivers. But some of her convictions were subsequently over-turned, and the trooper was reprimanded and then fired for making false arrests.

If you add up all the cases these attorneys think are out there, the lawsuit could potentially cost Steed and the Utah Highway Patrol $20 million.

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What gets me - her co-workers and supervisors, and dept head, etc did not question the complaints, or the stats, of a solo cop making incredible numbers of DUI arrests of poor people who couldn't afford a lawyer.

So, any one else feel that if you aren't a cop or a lawyer you haven't got a chance?

Just days ago I posted several instances of corrupt cops

What the hell went wrong? When did cops lose their honor, integrity, and dignity?

if a geyser blows out in a parking lot, and you aren't in Yellowstone, it's time to be concerned, but look at the drivers still wanting to park there!

top execs of car companies like BMW, Cadillac, Jaguar, some GM dept heads, and other top dogs were asked about their first cars, surprisingly most were ordinary

Bob Ferguson, now head of Cadillac, drove a 1976 Mustang II, powered by a 302-cc V8 engine.

 Bill Peffer, Cadillac's U.S. VP of sales and service, also started off with a Ford, a 1987 Mustang GT.

Andy Goss of Britain, now president of Jaguar Land Rover North America, had a 1981 Mini, in russet brown. 

CEO of BMW North America Ludwig Willisch had a 1958 Beetle, about 20 years old by the time he got his hands on it. It was not a unique choice, he said: "In my generation, the probability of driving a Beetle is very high, because at that time Beetle had about 50% market share," he explained. "Especially for poor students, it had close to 100% market share."

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New Hampshire city attorney sues parking meter feeders, they are cutting into city revenue by preventing the meter maids from writing tickets

The city of Keene, N.H., has sued a group that feeds change into parking meters that are about to expire, saying members are harassing parking enforcement officers.

The group calls itself "Robin Hood of Keene." Members walk city streets with rolls of dimes and quarters to feed the meters. WMUR-TV reports the city accuses the group of interfering with officers' work. It asks them to stay at least 50 feet away.

The group records its time outside and posts videos online, sometimes showing members following the officers.

The city says one officer suffered stress, anxiety and heart palpitations from the group's actions. Group member Garret Ean says he's not trying to cause any medical problems. He says he tries to keep a good demeanor with all the parking meter enforcers.

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the first sign I've seen that Chrysler/Mopar/Dodge gives a hoot that it's their centennial anniversary

Found on a new Challenger. So far, I haven't seen anything in print, advertising, billboards, on vehicles or commercials

a 12 year old in Mt Pleasant decided to restore a car for her 16th birthday... cool!

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 her 16th birthday is in 2014

 Kathryn DiMaria was only 12 years old when she came to her parents with the idea to refurbish a Pontiac Fiero. The car hadn't been in production for 13 years when she was born, but after spotting it at local classic car show, she knew it was for her.

 The fact that the restoration would allow her to learn her car inside and out for several years before actually getting her driver's license seemed like solid reasoning to mom and dad. So using her babysitting money they bought a rough, but drivable 1986 Fiero for $450.

 Her dad hit the Internet message boards to brag about his 'cool daughter' and her story became a source of inspiration for other Fiero lovers. Even though the pair aren't asking for help, assistance from the community has been pouring in ever since that first post.

 Members have followed the 2 years of updates and pictures of progress and have helped with their advice and even a few tools and parts. For her 13th birthday members of the forum even sent her gifts just to be part of the build.

When the DiMarias had trouble with the bumper, a user named James Schultz sent them some parts from his side business Fiero Fiberglass.

Right now she's facing the biggest job yet, rebuilding a 3.4-liter Camaro engine to replace the 2.8-liter that came in the Fiero. Now 14, she is optimistic the car will be running by the time she reaches her 16th birthday in 2014.

the '65 Winternats on the ABC Wide World of Sports

Drunk on the job... but that's ok, he's not really an employee. He's a homeless guy hired by the guard that needed to get more sleep. Seriously.. In Manhatten, anything can happen

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The actual Transit employee Santiago was covering for, Max Caramas, was filmed asleep in a bus on the lot while Santiago was drinking and directing traffic.

Jane... a coffee and motorcycle shop. Good video, looks like a cool place

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Taxis saved Paris from surrendering in WW1

By mobilizing the taxis of Paris, 6000 men were transported to the front line, and saved Paris.

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A car graveyard, one of four originally, all that remains of a car lot that was parked when US Army were returned to the US after WW2

Don't trust the repair shop to take care of your rare and valuable car... often, the mechanics joy ride and wreck the customers car.

In Stuttgart Germany, this 300 SL was worth 3/4s of a million dollars, roughly.... before it was rolled and wrecked by the 26 and 19 yr old mechanics. Found on via

And not very long ago I posted about the ZL1 Camaro the dealership was refusing to replace after it's young mechanics wrecked it

Happy Fathers day to this Dad! Skip the first two minutes, avoid the idiot grandkids noises

Full size bumper car made from an '84 Colt.. was on sale on Ebay

Well designed trunk, a Toyota camry

First thing I noticed... its BIG

With a great styrofoam organizer and support for the luggage carpet.. and floation device in case of flood!

and the pull tab to lift the carpet up has a terrific latchy piece that hangs onto the trunk rim to free up your arms to pull out the spare, or put in the flat

and a 60/40 split fold down rear seat

inside wrecked cars... notice the one thing they all have in common?

great homebuilt cart found on Go Away Garage

Found on the site that does not give credit to bloggers, photographers, or creators or content:

the Curtiss Bleeker SX1 ... a case for divergant evolution among helicopter designs?

the purple people eater... was good at Wyoming deer hunts

A Saudi Arabian Muslim told a Saudi news outlet that driving does damage to women's ovaries and pelvises, and that by driving they risk giving birth to children with 'clinical problems.' (WTF is the brain damage among men in Moslem?)

According to CNN, Sheikh Saleh Al-Loheidan told the Saudi news website that medical studies have shown driving to affect women's ovaries and pelvises.

"We find that for women who continuously drive cars, their children are born with varying degrees of clinical problems," Al-Loheidan said.

Al-Loheidan's comments were made in reaction to Saudi Arabian activist attempts to organize women to defy the Kingdom's ban on female drivers. Over 12,000 women have signed up on the site, declaring their intention to defy the ban on Oct. 26.

"Since there are no clear justifications for the state to ban adult, capable women from driving. We call for enabling women to have driving tests and for issuing licenses for those who pass," the petition states.

NBC reported that while no law specifically prohibits women from driving, the notorious government sanctioned religious morality police arrest female drivers based on religious edicts.

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Though the honest scorn and derision is completely my own. Go ahead, declare a religious WTF against me, see if I give a damn, I'm not going back to the sandbox... Australia is much more my style. 

the advertising rivalry between Audi and BMW is hilarious!

you can cut 3 minutes off the video by just looking at the adverts at

the result of a load not secured. Military people understand... if it's going to sea, sky, or war, it better be locked down. This 747 fell out of the sky in 30 seconds of take off, all captured clearly on this video

you only will need to see the first 30 seconds to be amazed this was caught on film, and sad for the crew of 7. No passengers, this was a cargo flight.

SAO PAULO - Stunning images of the 747 load that fell yesterday in Afghanistan. The plane had seven crew. Never seen anything like it. Reportedly much of the cargo consisted of military vehicles and weapons. The whole bagasse was not properly secured and, at takeoff, the burden had shifted to the bottom of the aircraft. The weight caused the unsustainable plane flight angle, and the pilot didn't try to nose down instead of power out.

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Dodge, it's history and 100th year anniversary are here... and a family owned dealership, (3rd generation) owner is blogging about it!

Scotland Yard's historic fleet goes for a parade lap from the police garage to the police driving school

Real, or fake.. how does the car move after the kid jumps out, and then lurch to a stop?

interesting design analysis of inline, v8, and boxer engines...

hey! Peugeot used the Wacky Racers in a commercial... can they do that? Great idea!

Fire fighting is a dangerous feat, and in the 1920s it was far more difficult, and hard to see, so firemen had a portable generator and flood light rig made

 a mobile generator 10kW, five kilowatt lamp stationary and portable eight, 400 watt. Plus 500 feet of wire for these remote spotlights

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out rage ous police actions in the news, it's time to keep a lawyer in the passenger seat, and never go to Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico to avoid anal and vaginal searches at traffic stops.

200 cars seized by 4 cops during traffic stops, both the chief and the acting chief of police, two patrolmen, and the tow truck driver have all been arrested in King City, Monterey County, California. They were selling the cars to get rich. They targeted poor minorities.

in Hildago County New Mexico:
"Though they never arrested him, officers held Eckert against his will. At the direction of police, doctors subjected him to two rectal exams, three enemas, X-rays of his abdomen, heart, chest and lungs, anesthetic and a colonoscopy, despite his repeated objections. Again, no drugs were found."

all over the United States citizens guilty of nothing more than traffic violations have endured roadside vaginal searches, anal probes and beatings at the hands of police.

 Four police officers in Milwaukee, WI, were charged with felonies related to illegal rectal searches of "dozens of victims" that took place over a three-year span between 2009 and 2012. In one case, a 15-year-old boy had his anus searched by police officers

In one case, an officer held a gun to a man's head as two others held his arms and a third put him in a choke hold while jamming a hand into his anus, purportedly searching for evidence, according to the criminal complaint. Another man bled from his rectum for several days after his encounter with police, the complaint says.

Also in Milwaukee: Chief Edward Flynn and his department, already under fire over the in-custody death of Derek Williams, detaining the mother of a slain boy and reporting inaccurate crime statistics to the FBI and the public.

and in Texas: pulled over for a cigarette tossed out the window (alleged) not only does trooper Kelly Helleson make no attempt to hide her illegal cavity search, she told Farrell that she's going to use his camera to record it.

She then walked Angel Dobbs into full view of the dashcam in his cruiser. As the video shows, Helleson first feels the elder Dobbs' right breast, then reaches into her underwear, searching her anus and then her vagina.

Her niece is then subjected to the same search. Helleson didn't even change gloves in between searching the two women.

Above all from

I'm ashamed to put this info out on the web, but not doing this is allowing the police to continue to break laws and mistreat innocent people, men and women. Not speaking up in condoning this out rage ous behavior.

My advice? Check with your police dept, city, county, and sheriff public contact and find out what their reocrd of breaking laws is, suspensions, and firings. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

the pinwheel... rocket helicopter

portable nuke reactor power plant... as if that's as easy as just rolling to where you'll need it


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Jessica put together a photo gallery of Jay Leno's collection

Not a good idea to leave stuff in the back of the truck when you're in eagle country

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64 Galaxie 500XL, R code, 427 solid lifter dual quad beast hangs out in the corner of the garage except for an occasional romp

1970 drag racing documentary, heavy on Sox and Martin, filmed in Dallas at the World Finals

Dash cams... capture the most amazing things... like the road blowing up

911, not very useful in Maryland and Pennsylvania, are cops that busy writing speeding tickets?

A man killed in a road-rage incident in Pennsylvania called 911 several times before he was run off the road and shot multiple times.

the movie Need For Speed.. is it a gumball rally from New York to California? Looks like it!

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To go from New York and San Francisco Tobey Marshall only has 45 hours to get to an underground street race with the most exotic supercars in the world.

They ripped through the Motor City, Moab, Bonneville, Atlanta, and redwoods in California

 In addition to practical stunts and badass driving, the film wanted to make sure it shot as much on location as possible. 

Stolen in 1984, a 57 Chevy is found heading for Australia and returned to owner

The 65-year-old owner says the car has had a lot of work done on it since it disappeared from his Lake County home in 1984. It was returned with a monogrammed interior, 17-inch racing wheels, rack-and-pinion steering and a 350-horsepower V-8 engine.

This was stolen from Wilson's place in Clearlake Oaks not just once but twice in the early 1980s.

Wilson, who's 65 and battling cancer, had long before quit hoping to see it again when, about three weeks back, a California Highway Patrol investigator named Mike Maleta phoned him from Southern California.

The discovery came after a routine inspection of outbound cargo containers sparked suspicion by officers of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Officers isolated the container with the Chevy inside and called in officers of the non-profit National Insurance Crime Bureau. They confirmed that the car's vehicle identification number was listed as belonging to a stolen car.

It was a white-over-yellow two-door in sorry shape when he bought it for $375 from a fellow on the East Coast in 1975. Wilson had done a fair bit of work on it when it was stolen from his home in Clearlake Oaks in 1983, then recovered with its engine and transmission removed.

Wilson hadn't put it back together when it was stolen again in 1984. For 30 years, he couldn't spot a mid-50s Bel Air on the road without wincing.

He said the CHP's Maleta told him that since the theft, the car has gone through four owners. Wilson struggles to understand how and why the Department of Motor Vehicles would transfer ownership of a car that had been reported stolen.

Wilson had to pay just $900 in transportation, storage and towing fees. He said the DMV notified him that he is liable for 30 years of registration fees, but then backed off that claim.

It wasn't the first long-missing classic vehicle that federal and state officers have intercepted in L.A. prior to its shipment overseas.

Last fall, the CHP's Maleta and an agent of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Protection ran a check on a 1953 Triumph motorcycle scheduled to be shipped to Japan. They yanked it from the port upon discovering it was stolen from a Nebraska man in 1967 — 46 years earlier.

And late in 2009, Border Protection officers and Maleta seized from the L.A. harbor a 1965 Volkswagen bus that had been snatched from Spokane in 1974 and was bound for the Netherlands.

Story by Chris Smith chris.smith@pressdemocrat.com

pretty cool for a dumpster!

interesting stuff from Go Away Garage

tell me you recognize the Smokey Yunick Hurst Floor Shift Special!


Unusual looking fuselage design of this Fokker T2

photos from and more information at

1973 Chicago Auto Show Ford Explorer concept... cool! Just ripping off the far more popular Deora concept van

in the foreground of the 1973 Ford Truck exhibit on the lower level of McCormick Place, a radically different recreational pickup is displayed on a raised circular platform. This was the Ford Explorer SUV, a futuristic sport-utility concept with a midship mounted high-performance 429 cubic inch V-8. The louvers placed behind the doors vented the engine compartment.

 The scene is from the 65th annual Chicago Auto Show, held February 24 - March 4, 1973.

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Baldwin Motion Meyers Manx SR... ever heard of Motion Mini Cars? Me neither...

The Manx SR was a “grand touring” version of the Manx and it was actually designed to be a road car by Bruce Meyers and Stewart Reed. Featuring an 80-inch wheelbase and a curb weight of 1,500lbs, anyone with a mildly cooked up VW motor had a pretty legit little hot rod on their hands.

Word around the internet is that about 200 of these things were sold before the molds were thrown up on the shelf and forgotten about. One of those 200 made it into the hands of Baldwin-Motion.

Now, we know that you’re asking what in the hell the guys who plugged big HP rat motors into everything wanted to do with a VW, but there was a side of Baldwin-Motion you may not remember.

 Motion Minicar was a joint venture between Bill Mitchell, Joel Rosen, and Marty Schorr. They worked on hot rodding VWs and other small cars of the era. Bill Mitchell campaigned a nearly unbeatable H-Gas VW known as the “Thunderbug” and this Manx SR was the tow vehicle for it at the track.

 While we’re not really sure why Mitchell went from the ranks of A/Modified Production into the VW ranks we do know that he hauled the mail and laid waste to the national record perhaps dozens of times over the period he was running the Thunderbug. This particular Manx SR was on the cover of High Performance Cars

found on

the Ebay listing (ended at $5,599.00) has

 Own a piece of car culture history. The single most iconic Meyers Manx SR in existence and in barn find “as found” condition having recently been brought back to excellent running condition. This was the cover car on Performance Cars magazine (included) and had been reportedly stored at Atco Raceway in New Jersey for decades. This is as original and low miles as any classic from that era could be. It drives nice and is ready to be shown at any VW show to truly wow the crowds and take home the survivor class top honors. Its rarity is unmatched since it is “1 of 1” with its amazing Baldwin mini-cars drag-strip heritage. The twin carb engine does appear to have some minor updates since 1970 for functionality and performance and I assume long term road ready reliability. But it should be noted that it would be a very simple task to reold (opposite of renew) these telltale minor tweaks back to an earlier set-up. The unique original custom seats, coupled with correct era gauges, wheels and the extremely rare fabric convertible roof are all features that make this a “must have” for the serious VW or Dune Buggy collector. This is the Meyers Manx Body SR41 June 1970 original fully documented magazine cover car. The SR model is a very rare series and features the original patented door swing that in recent years has been called “Lambo” style, but here we see a car that proceeds Lamborghini’s distinct signature doors. Bruce Meyers wanted a street version of their popular line of dune buggy’s and this Steward Reed design was and is the perfect combination of a shortened VW underpinning mated to a low profile two seat aerodynamic 13 piece composite (fiberglass) sleek futuristic American made road sculpture. Some 1970’s articles about the SR refer to this design as the “Targa Buggy” from its same era Porsche inspired removable roof feature. It is considered to be unequaled to this day in its simplicity, stance and symmetry. The true Meyers dune buggies are escalating in value in recent years and this very car is destined to be among the most sought after examples of that company’s classic very innovative collectibles. I might be wrong, but the radio may be newer than 1970, but that should be a very simple swap-out. This is otherwise an original 1970 Meyer Manx SR (Street Racer). It is a very rare car since Meyers reportedly only built 206 of them but this is the only one to go to Motion performance on Long Island for the famous Motion Mini car program. It was never intended for resale in their very popular mini car sales program, but rather it was for their own use. It is very well documented that this car was used at the drag strips by Joel Rosen (owner of Motion) and Bill Mitchell (NHRA Champion) when they raced the famous NHRA Record holder THUNDERBUG. This was the Thunderbug’s drag race return tow car and was campaigned at race tracks all over the USA wherever Baldwin Motion Performance was being featured at national events. This car was in magazines and is considered to be among the rarest Motion of all. It is in pretty great shape but definitely showing its age with hairline cracks and chips very evident in the amazingly preserved psychedelic 60/70’s mind blowing paintjob. I think that since it was painted by Ultra Automation who was famous for their amazing artwork, that this represents not only a legendary and rare example of a Meyers Manx, but a work of 60’s car art that should be preserved as-is as a true survivor era correct unrestored piece of Americana . Any VW enthusiast would be proud to have such an iconic, historical and fun representation of the true dune buggy era as this famous one and only example. The Manx starts, runs and stops fine with a just replaced battery and is still using its original rear tires which I just had new tubes installed in order to preserve the date coded original and rare L60 Good Year tires. If I kept it I would have a spare set of rear wheels and tires for long road/cruise usage and use these original vintage rear tires only for shows. Amazingly this car has only 7350 original miles which by all accounts is accurate. It is very fun to drive and you will absolutely draw a crowd no matter where you take it. I have collected a good amount of documentation and some interesting extras such as a custom front license plate, new SR floor mats, wild shift knob, rare extra emblems, etc. that I’ll include for the buyer. You may be aware that Bruce Meyers will be cruising from California to the East Coast to Nags Head North Carolina for the awesome “Manx on the Banx” dune buggy gathering on October 14th to 19th of this year. Pick up this car and head there to be the centerpiece of this show. The SR model is so rare it may well be the only one in attendance, last I heard. A historical perspective: Dune Buggy's in the 60's provided a way for even a novice car enthusiast with very limited funds to create a personal vehicle usually from an older Volkswagen’s floor pan and drivetrain. One of the true legends in Dune buggy body kits and ready-made completed cars was the legendary designer and builder Bruce Meyers. Meyers was considered the style to copy and beat. He produced several variations up until the early 70's. One of his most innovative efforts as penned by Steward Reed was a radical design resulting in this amazingly unique creation. This car went to Baldwin Automotive, where Motion Performance was headquartered for NHRA Drag racing. In the 60’s and 70’s Motion was considered to be the pinnacle muscle car and race VW supplier in the North East holding many NHRA records of the day and selling street an race cars that are highly sought after today. They sent this 64 VW cut down pan with it's then new factory body out to Ultra Automation be painted in what can only be described as the most psychedelic paint schemes ever applied to any car. The car was featured at race tracks across the country as Motion's "tow car" to the delight of fans. It is perhaps the most remembered and unique Manx of all time. Although further research may be needed, it was purchased by Atco Dragway and has been stored there for decades and then in recent years sold. When it came on the market I knew this would be a fun car to own and preserve exactly as it was in 1970. I have maintained it’s heritage in every way possible and I would hope the next owner will continue to push it's originality on into the future. I am reducing my modest collection by two cars and this car must be sold. It is being offered at a very reasonable reserve.