Saturday, February 01, 2020

coffee and donuts video... on the process of using a couple dozers to rerail a 100 ton loaded coal car

not much happens until the 11 minute mark, but, even so, even after that, put your player on 2x speed to move it along. They are taking it slow and careful of course, but that doesn't mean we have to waste 30 minutes to see this get back on rails

After they fixed the rails, it looked like this

this restored Milwaukee Road engine sure is pretty

vintage EMD FP7 that was put back into service hauling freight for the Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad.

This EMD FP7 marked ELS 600 is a 1,500 horsepower, B-B dual-service passenger and freight-hauling diesel locomotive produced in January 1951 by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division and General Motors Diesel.

It's currently owned by the Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad but was previously owned by Wisconsin and Calumet, Wisconsin and Southern and Milwaukee Road.

Durand Michigan

The classic depot at Durand, Michigan (now site of the Michigan Railroad History Museum) stood at the crossroads of the Grand Trunk Western main line and the line from Detroit to Muskegon. Hence it was a place where connecting trains met. In this view from the Frank Anthony collection provided by Jerry A. Tyler, we see streamlined U-4-b 4-8-4 No. 6409 at left with the westbound Inter-City Limited. K-4-a Pacific No. 5629 heads train 21 from Detroit, while K-4-b Pacific No. 5633 has pulled ahead from its eastbound counterpart, train 56 from Muskegon. This meet occurred daily around 4:00 p.m. The photo probably comes from the early 1950s.

in a town where they don't use the sidewalks, or tow away abandoned cars

must have been early monday before the coffee kicked in

great photo

well, that's different! Here's what an R/T looks like with the recall Kelsey Hayes rims

This is still in the original owners hands, and this is how he ordered it after transferring from McMurdo Fire Dept in 1968

straight from the original owner's mouth, the 440 came with a 7-year, 70,000-mile powertrain warranty, while the Hemi had a 90-day, 4,000-mile warranty.

well, in addition to the price, that right there seems to explain why only about, what was it, 9 or 11 thousand 426 hemis were ever sold from 65 to 72

Friday, January 31, 2020

Why haven't I seen a Land Rover like this before? Brooklyn Coachworks Land Rover Series One 107 UTE

45 years ago, someone dropped off, forgot, or loaned this bike to the blacksmith of the Zanjan market, Hajj Hassan Nalchegar, in the north of Iran, but never came back for it

For 40 years the blacksmith put the bicycle in front of the store, waiting for the owner to return

About 5 years ago, the blacksmith died at age 81, so the people made a statue of him with the bike.

According to the customs of of the Zanjan area of Iran, trustworthiness is one of the prominent human traits and is one of the pillars of the religion in the Qur'an

Trustworthiness is important because it requires trust, honesty, sacrifice, courage, longevity, and all are excellent human qualities

Now, there is a true story that you won't find anywhere else in English. Good luck trying to translate a half dozen websites to figure out the story correctly. I think I did, but hell, I don't know for sure. 

Finally, a Big Daddy Swamp Rat special edition 1995 Dodge truck showed up on the internet, besides the couple I've posted. When there's nothing on the internet about a specific vehicle, it makes you wonder why, I guess they are simply this damn rare

Very few got both the flames for the front, and the rat on the rear

Even Autoweek posted no information.

What I've learned so far is at

Tom Hiddleston for Jaguar, the Art of Villany

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