Saturday, June 13, 2009

there are 21 square feet of fragile, non-safety, plate glass on a stock 1924 model T

That's a bit of glass shards to cut you if that car gets hit.

Superchargers, ones that failed to survive against the competition

Von Dutch on the Mothersills Special of Carl Borgh, a 1948 Class A record holder at B-ville

The Roadster was the “Cover Car” for the Hot Rod Magazine in March 1949 and the “Hot Rod of the Month” with a feature article. The above photos are from the 1956 article about it's 2nd life when owned and raced by Carl Bough.

Spurgin & Giovanine once again raised their own record when they raced the two-way runs in an average speed of 123.655 mph, after having qualified at 125.52 earlier in the day.

This gave them a perfect score in S.C.T.A. class competition in placing first and setting a new record in their class at every scheduled meet of the season.

This most incredible feat brought them a total of 1800 points and won the Spurgin- Giovanine Roadster the title of Seasons Champion for 1948.

To win an event in 1948, one had to qualify at a world record speed, and run an A and B run at the world record speeds. The car was the Cover Car and the Hot Rod of the Month with a feature story in the March 1949 Hot Rod Magazine.

Featured as a Cover Car for the SCTA -First Annual Hot Rod Exposition in Los Angeles and was a feature car at the 1949 Second Annual Hot Rod Exposition in Los Angeles as the 1948 SCTA overall Champion.

" I would like any information and comments from anyone regarding what they remember of the Spurgin-Giovanine Roadster as it had quite a long run and it was one of the stars of the Albata Club. If there are any photos or historical would be appreciated. I am going to have Tom Fritz do a painting as he is the ultimate master of the low orange yellow sun and swirling dust from the clay pan. Thanks and I will keep you updated. Ernie Nagamatsu "

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Conservative pinstiping by Von Dutch on 1924 Barris customized sedan, and the #333 1929 Walker Bros sedan was graced with a Von Dutch grill

the T was completed at Barris Kustom City. George Barris displayed the finally finished coupe at the '64 Winternationals Custom Auto Fair in Los Angeles. Von Dutch did the striping in '66

The Yeakel roadster, a upside down Von Dutch work of art across the grill.

And for more on the Yeakel roadster, try the HAMB thread or better yet see the Rod and Custom magazine article online with a full gallery of photos

there are a couple photos around the net that aren't very clear, like the 2nd photo in this post

for a very in depth gallery of this roadster, go to the facebook page of the driver,  Fran Hernandez

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the Hirohata Merc by Barris... found for sale in the classifieds, it is amazing what you could find for sale in the back pages of car magazines

Think this was a once in a lifetime find?

How about Roth's Orbitron? Or cars owned by Phil Hill, Fangio, or record holders like Mickey Thompson's Bonneville record setter! Race cars (owned by Fangio) that won the Italian Gran Prix, or Max Bulchowsky's Old Yaller III!

Summer brings back all the car cruises, here's the Clairemont Neighborhood Cruise at Woody's chili dog

This is a pretty cool innovative way to use a modern side mirror..
This is the only 23 Buick in San Diego, it was originally sold in San Francisco, and is only one of 4 known 1923 Buick model 23-4-36 to still exist

1944 Chev 1 and 1/2 ton

This was the material in the Fairlane seats