Saturday, November 14, 2015

chopped Merc with a flamejob

incredible tattoos

the car is photo realistic, and the flying eyeball and flying tiger motif are just cool as hell

Ring Brothers Mustangs at SEMA this year

Full race Aston Martin in the Royal Purple booth

rarely seen cool old muscle cars that I wish were brought to SEMA more, a Judge GTO and a Chevelle

not only was this about the only Charger at SEMA, but it also earned a Optima Challenge golden ticket

interesting tail light panel

there were only two Velosters at SEMA this year, this full race one, and one at the Hyundai booth that is stock

this air scoop on the roof had me curious, so I looked inside the car, and found this well designed air box with the vents from a typical Ford or Chevy (certainly not the stupid old venetian blinds design that Hyundai uses.

and this cool map of whatever racetrack it had recently been to

and this great bumper sticker over the steering wheel

finally did it, set new records for amount of content posted in a year, and a week

now over 4000 posts in a year, and over 150 in a week.

Not that it changes anything how many posts I get done... but I find it cool that I'm getting more online than ever before

Sata had a cool idea for their booth this year, make it look a bit like a 1920s gas station

another great old Chevy truck, man, there were so many at SEMA this year

cool video game, the fastest laptime would win a prize

cool mailbox from a motorcycle gas tank

terrific sign for One Shot

Kia had some crossovers dressed up for SEMA, they have a really big booth, and nothing to promote

Kia set out to honor the American Road Trip, because after all —they’ve been fueling their customer’s desires for freedom and travel with their very own vehicles for many years. Therefore Kia designed four completely new concepts that zero in on a particular region of the country and represent the culture and geography of that area.

version 2.0, after a garage fire they decided to resurrect it

Far more common place than the Franken'Cuda, and nothing as close to being modded like his '59 Imperial, Murray Pfaff did a great visual graphics look and several hood and lighting mods to this Ram 1500. But I dug that Magnuson supercharger under, and Super Bee on, the hood

nice look to the area around the headlights too... and the retro look to the letting on the box is a damn good touch

check out the tire lettering

If you read the name Murray Pfaff, and think, "hey, that sounds familiar, but I can't recall why" it's because I've posted a couple cool cars he's made:

PPG booth, 2010 SEMA

Did you know that the Neiman Marcus christmas dream gifts catalog included a special Neiman Marcus edition Mustang

Stabil has a damn well thought out idea, making sure their bottles get into the filler neck of your gas tank, properly, past the gates and restrictor plates

and they had these great demo pieces to show you how they get in the filler tube, and even screw in to the restrictor properly so they drain completely, and down fall out, splashing fuel additives all over you and your car