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it's interesting to discover all the cars that execs at the big 3 made for themselves, I wonder how much their selfishness/greed contributed to their corporations fall from profitability in the following 5 years?

Owned by the "C" Body studio chief, Richard Clayton. He built this as a S-27, which did not exist in 1970.

I've never heard of the S-27

racing stance

imagine, for a moment, how cool it would be to take this 49 Kurtis onto El Mirage for fun!

The first of two “Front-wheel-drive Specials” built for Gil Pearson by Frank Kurtis, and among the last designed by legendary engineer Leo Goossen

Powered by a 270-cu. in. Meyer-Drake Offenhauser engine with twin Riley carburetors and Bosch mag

Used in the 1949 film, The Big Wheel, starring Mickey Rooney

Sympathetically preserved and subsequently exhibited at the 2001 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

assembly line in Detroit, 1947

how will the cops handle this going public? My guess is to delay an official investigation result so long it'll be forgotten about

Volunteers will soon be sought for controlled California study into driving while high

an incredibly well designed collapsible folding food cart on wheels

great way to advertise... lol, these save lives!

a cool exhibit in the National Museum of the Marine Corps museum, but photographed before the blades were installed. The Sikorsky UH-34D display depicts the opening morning of Operation Starlite in Vietnam in August 1965.

It can be seen on the virtual tour of the museum

B 26, Captain Farrell of the 394th Bomb Group. The planes nose art represents Capt. Farrell's home town in Minnesota. "Ishtakhaba" translates to "Chief Sleepy Eye"

 they even did the wheel covers... very cool

P 39

I remember the Disney cartoon of Donald's guardian angel getting ready to scrap with his devil that wanted him to do mean things... it's terrific

oh wow, it's been a long time since I was in a bar on base listening to the drunks sing songs made up when they were far from home and bored, but if you miss those lousy melodies sung by soldiers and flyboys, you're gionna love this

The 523rd Tactical Fighter Squadron's Song Book (typed up in 1958)

Made by: 

This collection of bawdy ballads, limericks and US Air Force songs was compiled in the 1950's by Lt. Col. William John Starr, USAF. 
He probably started compiling the material during his first tour flying the F-86 Sabre jet out of Kimpo Air Base, "K-14" Korea in1953-54. At the time of the book's unofficial completion, around 1957-58, he was flying the North American F-100 Super Sabre at Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico.

Don't give me a P-38, the props they counter-rotate
They've scattered and amitten from Burma to Britain
Don't give me a P-38.

 Just give me operations 
Way out on some lonely atoll
 For I am too young to die
 I just want to grow old*

 Don't give me a P-39
The engine is mounted behind
They'll tumble and spin and auger you in
Don't give me a P-39

Don't give me a peter four oh, a hell of an airplane I know
A gound loopin bastardy you're sure to get plastered
Don't give me a peter four oh,

Don't give me a P-51
 it was alright for fighting the hun
But with coolant tank dry, you'll run out of sky
Don't give me a P-51.

Don't give me a P-61, for night flying is no fun
They say it's a lark, but I'm scared of the dark
Don't give me a P-6l

Don't give me an F-84, 
she's just a gound loving whore
She'll whine moan and wheeze and she'll clobber the trees
Don't give me an F-84

Don't give me an old thunderbolt, 
it gave many a pilot a jolt
It looks like a jug and it flies like a tug
Don't give me an old thunderbolt

Don't give me a jet shooting star, 
it'll go, but not very far
It'll rumble and spout, but soon will flame out
Don't give me a jet shooting star,

Don't give me an F86, 
with wings like broken match sticks
They'll zoom and they'll hover, but as for top cover
Don't give me an F-86

Don't give me an F-89, 
Tho TIME says they'll really climb
They're all in the states, all boxed up in crates
Don't give me an F-89

Don't give me an F-94
 it's never established a score
It may fly in weather, but won't hold together
Don't give me an F-94

Don't give me an 86-D, 
with rockets, radar and A/B
She's fast I don't care, she blows up in mid-air
Don't give me an 86-D

Don't give me a C-45, 
so slow it stalls out in a dive
A ground loop built in it, and bird colonels in it
Don't give me a C-45.

Don't give me a C54,
 six inches of rugs on the floor
And we'll go fat-cat'n, from here to Manhattan
Don't give me a C-54

Don't give me a B-45, 
the pilots don't get back alive
The Mig 15 fs chase em, they soon will erase em
Don't give me a B-45.

Don't give a one-double-O, 
The bastard is ready to blow
The A/B is there, but you're saying a prayer
Don't give me a one-double-O.

Don't give me an F-102,
 it never goes up when its blue
An all weather coffin, that flames out so often
Don't give me an F-102


(Tune - The Battle Hymn of the Republic)

Mine eyes have seen the days of men who ruled the fighting sky
With hearts that laughed at death, who lived for nothing but to fly
But now those hearts are grounded, and those days are long gone by
The Air Force's gone to hell

My bones have felt their pounding throb, a hundred thousand strong
A mighty airborne legion set to right the deadly wrong
But now it' s only memory, it only lives in song
The Air Force's gone to hell

I have seen them in their T-bolts, when their eyes were dancing flame
I've seen their screaming power dives, that blasted Goering's name
But now they fly like sissies and they hang their heads in shame
Their spirits shot to hell

Once they flew B-26's through a living hell of flak
And bloody dying pilots, gave their lives to bring them back
But now they all plan ping pong in the operations shack
Their technique's gone to hell

The lordly flying fortress and the liberator too
Once wrote the doom of Germany, with contrails in the blue
But now the skies are empty, and our planes are wet with dew
And we can't fly for hell

You have heard your pounding 50s blaze from wings of polished steel
The purring of your Merlin was a song your heart could feel
But now the L5 charms you with its moanin, groanin squeal
And it won't climb for hell

Have you ever climbed a lightening up to where the air is thin?
Have you stuck her long nose downward, just to hear the screaming din?
Have you tried to do it lately, better not you'll auger in
And then you'll sure catch hell

Hap Arnold built a fighting team that sang a fighting song
About the wild blue yonder in the days when men were strong
But now we're closely supervised for fear we may do wrong
The Air Force's gone to hell

We were cocky bold and happy when we played the angel's game
We split the blue with buzzing, and we flew our way to fame
But now that's all forgotten and we're all so goddamn tame
Our spirits' shot to hell

One day I buzzed an airfield with another reckless chap
We flew a hot formation with his wingtip in my lap
But there's a new directive and we'll have no more of that
Or you will burn in hell

Mine eyes get dim with tears when I recall the days of old
When pilots took their choice of being old, or young and bold
Alas I have no choice and will live to be quite old
The Air Force's gone to hell

But smile awhile my pilots though your eyes may still be wet
Someday we'll be in heaven where the rules have not been set
And God will show us how to buzz and roll and really let 
The Air Force fly like hell

Jessica is hoping someone has some photos of the B 25 "Working For A Yankee Dollar", her grandfather was the radioman. It was in the 820th Bombardment Squadron in the Pacific, B-25J s/n 43-27882, 820th BS/41st BG

Jessica would really love to have one with the whole crew in front of the plane!

Dr. William “Bill’ Templeton, M.D., 80, of Kingsport Fla, passed away on Sunday May 1, 2005. 
He was born on May 20, 1924. At the age of 17, he volunteered for the U. S. Army Air Corp. and was trained as a pilot.
 During WW II he served in the Pacific Theater as a member of the 820th Bomb Squadron of the 41st Bomb Group, 7 th Air Force as a B-25 Bomber pilot of the “Working For The Yankee Dollar”.

the name for the B25 was found in the lyrics to a Andrews Sisters song:

If you ever go down Trinidad
They make you feel so very glad
Calypso sing and make up rhyme
Guarantee you one real good fine time

Drinkin' rum and Coca-Cola
Go down Point Koomahnah
Both mother and daughter
Workin' for the Yankee dollar
Oh, beat it man, beat it

Since the Yankee come to Trinidad
They got the young girls all goin' mad
Young girls say they treat 'em nice
Make Trinidad like paradise

Drinkin' rum and Coca-Cola
Go down Point Koomahnah
Both mother and daughter
Workin' for the Yankee dollar
Oh, you vex me, you vex me

From Chicachicaree to Mona's Isle
Native girls all dance and smile
Help soldier celebrate his leave
Make every day like New Year's Eve

"Rum and Coca-Cola" was a popular calypso song composed by Lionel Belasco with lyrics by Lord Invader. 
The song was copyrighted in the United States by entertainer Morey Amsterdam and became a hit in 1945 for the Andrews Sisters, spending ten weeks at the top the Billboard Pop Singles chart.

the Alley Oop Squadron

the 820th Bombardment Squadron replaced the 46th Bombardment Squadron in '43, moved to Hickam Field, Hawaii, where it completed its combat training. 
It moved to Hawkins Field on Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands in December. There, it entered combat and attacked enemy installations, airfields, and shipping in the Marshall Islands in preparation for the invasion by US forces. 
After February 1944, the squadron staged through captured fields on Eniwetok to attack shipping in the Caroline Islands. 

In April 1944, the squadron moved to Makin Atoll Airfield, Gilbert Islands, where its operations were primarily attacks on enemy shipping and on Japanese installations on islands that had been bypassed as American forces moved westward through the Pacific.

In October 1944, the squadron was withdrawn from combat operations and returned to Hawaii, where it began training with rockets at Wheeler Field. At Wheeler, it also received new Mitchell bombers. It completed training in May and left Hawaii for Okinawa, arriving at Yontan Airfield in June. While it flew some missions against airfields in China, it primarily bombed airfields, railways, and harbor facilities on Kyushu until August 1945. 
After V-J Day, the squadron remained on Okinawa until December 1945. Although the rest of the 41st Group moved to the Philippines, the 820th returned to the United States and was inactivated at the port of embarkation on 4 January 1946

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When the cameraman risks their job for the truth, and the hipocrisy that can be easily revealed

And just a final question here, is there any sort of work being done with the airlines in order to get flights actually on time or not delayed as much? Just curious if there's any work happening. 

Yes. So we've seen almost a doubling in terms of improvement on on time performance since last year. That is a reflection of all the work that we've done across the ecosystem together with our partner airlines, with agencies, reducing processing time, reducing wait times and fine tuning operations with our air carrier partners. And we see the great results that have come from that.

The camera pans up to show multiple flight delays at Toronto Pearson airport at the same time the airport’s CEO of the GTAA was bragging about the on-time performance for air travelers.

Skip to 6:50 (and also, 3:00)

the last digit cut off the plate of a ConEdison truck so employees can evade speed and red light cameras. The plate is FLX5657 and the location was 3 Av near E 37 St.

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Lucian found this at Classic Nostalgia 2023

I looked around comic con to see what interesting things I'd find, and found a WW2 fighter pilot comic! "Hans Vogel is Dead" is a free-to-read webcomic available on Webtoons and its own website in its entirety.

the book is coming out through Dark Horse Comics on September 19, and you can preorder it through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and by request at your local comic book store!

there is a van on the street in New York's upper East side that's rented out for $96 a night as an Air B N B

on the Upper East Side guests pay at least $96 a night plus fees to sleep on a mattress inside a van parked on the street.

The vehicles, continually moved from one public parking spot to another around one of New York’s wealthiest neighborhoods, have the potential to rake in over $100,000 a year if fully booked.

An Airbnb spokesperson said it is against policy for hosts to rent out space on public property.

The vans are rented out by Magda Agata, a name used by Magdalena Kulisz, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Miss Immigrant USA, a networking group that holds a “community activity pageant” and lists the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, and the New York City Sheriff among its “patrons and sponsors.”

Kulisz, who describes herself as a “searching soul” on Facebook, is also a social media consultant, a marketer, and the inventor of a scarf/bag combo she calls the AmphiBag. She has been photographed hobnobbing with Mayor Adams and Gov. Hochul.

Three Upper East Side listings have appeared on Airbnb with reviews going back to February and titles including “Lovely rv place,” “NYC Van Experience” and “The NYC RV.” All pictured the same vehicle, with a bed, a small sink and a toilet placed between the two car seats. A sign taped to the lid of the toilet reads “For Emergency USE only please! Please avoid doing #2 here!”

Kulisz, designated by Airbnb as a “superhost” claims in her postings the vans have a “portable AC” but said there was no Wi-Fi, hot water or shower, but offered an alternative: “Shower in our home, see picture, just text and come.”

The listings assured vacationers that everything was on the up and up. “Our property is legally parked and insured,” read the ads.

She cautions guests against leaving less than five stars, noting anything less than that is considered a negative reviews.

Most reviews have been positive but not all guests heeded her warning.

“The place is way too expensive for what it is,” carped one renter named Virgile. “Just have in mind *it’s a mattress in a van in the street*. No restroom (a toilet you cannot use) and it was complicated to come take a shower to the host place.”

Three Upper East Side listings have appeared on Airbnb with reviews going back to February and titles including “Lovely rv place,” “NYC Van Experience” and “The NYC RV.”

It’s not the first time New York vans have appeared on the controversial rental site. In 2015, a host named Jonathan offered vans in Long Island City with views of landmarks. At $22 a night, they went for a fraction of the cost of the Upper East Side fleet.

In 2021, seven vans parked in the East Village and Chelsea being used as Airbnbs were seized by the city after an investigation partly sparked by a viral YouTube video made by a guest who paid $97 to stay the night.

I found this in the Data Red Comics booth is all set up at San Diego Comic-Con 2023, the 3d model from the graphic novel “RoboCatz vs. Thunder Dogs”

Toledo School for the Arts (in the building that was a Willys Overland Knight factory 100 years ago) honors its history with homage car show for the Willys Overland Knight

Marc (thanks!) found a story from the Toledo Jeep Fest (Aug 4th -6th) of a family that owns a 1 of 1Jeep prototype truck, (1977 Jeep J10 extended cab) handed down from their grandfather who was an R&D engineer at the Jeep factory, and hid it from upper management who wanted it destroy, in the file cabinet room, behind the cabinets

a lot of people asked about the paint, it's 1977 Golden Ginger Poly 

at the Facebook page there are several stories from engineers who worked with the program that built this, and they are cool to read.
thanks Marc! 

one of the 1st autostereogram advertisements ran in American Airlines’ inflight magazine, American Way, and the flight attendants were giving away a bottle of champagne to the first person who could identify what was in the picture (Magic Eye), and this form of 3D, was invented by a bus driver

This stereopsis, or 3D effect, works because the brain essentially marries the two of them together to avoid experiencing double vision. Further work by visual neuroscientist Christopher Tyler in the 1970s condensed the illusion to a single image. But it would be Baccei who would turn this clever sleight of sight into a national phenomenon.

In the 1970s, Baccei was a bus driver for Green Tortoise, a purported “hippie” transportation company. He eventually moved on to work for Pentica Systems, a computer hardware company located just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. There, Baccei was tasked with advertising a MIME in-circuit emulator, which helped debug computer systems. Perhaps inevitably, he hired a mime for the ad.

The performer, Ron Labbe, happened to be a 3D photography enthusiast and brought along a stereo camera. When Baccei asked where he could get more information about the hobby, Labbe directed him to Stereo World magazine. There, Baccei saw one of the single image random dot stereograms and was amused by the visual trick.

By 1991, Baccei was working on his own start-up, N.E. Thing Enterprises, and taking assignments for the illustrations. One of the images appeared in the American Airlines magazine American Way, where it caught the eye of Japanese businessmen. Soon, Baccei was working with Tenyo Co. Limited on a series of books and posters. While Baccei called the pictures Stare-e-os, the Amazing 3D Gaze Toys, the Japanese sold the images under the name Magic Eye.

That in-flight image also caught the attention of Mark Gregorek, a licensing agent who approached Baccei and told him there was incredible potential for partnering with other companies to create more Magic Eye content. Gregorek secured a deal with book publisher Andrews McMeel in 1993 as well as a variety of other licensees. Magic Eye

After an initial 30,000 print run of the $12.95 Magic Eye book collection sold out, Andrews McMeel distributed 500,000 more copies. Both Magic Eye and Magic Eye II became bestsellers. N.E. Thing Enterprises—which officially changed its name to Magic Eye in 1996—made deals with many other companies for postcards, posters, a syndicated comic strip, and 20 million boxes of cereal.

Coby Whitmore... as art historian Walt Reed noted in The Illustrator in America 1880-1980, “probably no other illustrator has been so inventive over so long a time in doing variations on the theme of boy meets girl.” Sports cars and cocktail parties

Coby Whitmore: Artist and Illustrator  0999513826 The Illustrated Press June 2018 isn't to be found for sale online for less than $150.00

Happy Birthday to Lockheed's innovator, the Skunk Works

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making windrows with an unusual self propelled hay plow (has wheels!)

the rare funny and amazing street buskers, " La Parkita de Tijuana " a dad and sons in TiJuana, making an honest living as street performers, as a family. Very cool.

I haven't seen a great street performance since I posted Karcocha

so, if you haven't been looking at this blog long enough to have seen me post him years ago, here's a sample 

I now have seen video rides at 2 conventions, they are pretty good!

convention goers get to climb on, move iaw a video they are watching, and the get their image added into the video they are seeing

it's very rare for a car maker to make a personal connection with a celeb they are not in business with, but VW spoke out when Jerry died

I love this, the dog in the passenger side is quite clearly the same as the one on the tailgate

It's rare to get stuck in traffic by cops hired to make sure more important people get on with their day, unimpeded by the common folk

it was Manchester United soccer team on the way to Snap Dragon Stadium, getting in the back way, not the jammed up Friars exit off the 15