Saturday, December 02, 2023

interesting short movie

 The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

Peter Parkedcar from the new Spiderman movie

found in a San Diego parking lot

imagine if painting an anime version of the pilots was a tradition in America, the amount of humor the Navy pilots would add? Boundless

the JSDF upped the ante on its cartoons by attempting to embrace "moe", a style that (usually) features cute female characters and is popular in Japanese cartoons and comic books. 

The JSDF's use of moe came to attention in 2011 when the Fourth Anti-Tank Helicopter Squad painted one of its AH-1S Cobra attack helicopters with the image of a moe style girl they named Aoi-chan. By the next year, Aoi-chan had three sisters, each with her own attack helicopter. The sisters proved to be a local sensation, to the point that female members of the squad would dress up as the girls for air shows and other PR events.

Friday, December 01, 2023

well planned out

update on my ol Dodge

it's waiting on parts now

Different oil pan so the QA1 steering has room, well, hell, actually just so it can bolt on, seriously. 

The axles need to be upgraded to "Green Bearings/sealed bearings" so the Wilwood discs can be mounted

The name comes from the Green Bearing Company which first produced them.

The Tesla Cybertruck can't haul or tow as well as Musk said it would. It also has a shorter range and higher price than promised.

 plus, it's not "bullet-resistant."

Now Elon Musk is saying that the Cybertruck is stiffer than a McLaren P1 – and that it can’t roll over.

It's more like a politicians promises to get elected... they promise anything you want to hear to get your support, then disappoint you with the limitations of what can actually be accomplished

When Elon Musk took us to see the Cybertruck at our exclusive sneak peek in 2019, he pointed out that the windshield and the stainless steel skin of the Cybertruck would be "bulletproof." Specifically, the body would be resistant to 9mm rounds

In 2022, Elon Musk suggested (on Twitter, now X) that the Cybertruck could not only float but could also float well enough to travel from South Padre Island to SpaceX's Starbase facility in Boca Chica—a distance of at least several miles, as the crow flies, with a fair bit of water in between.

Tesla's ambitious $39,900 base single-motor pickup was always a long shot, and Musk has all but explicitly confirmed it isn't coming. The $39,900 version of the truck was dropped from the consumer website way back in 2021. Given the moving target of promises swirling about the Cybertruck, we might continue to see claims that lower-priced versions could emerge. But don't believe it until you see it. Tesla's site—now that production has actually started—shows $60,990 as the entry price, which applies to the rear-wheel-drive version due in 2025. The tri-motor examples shown at launch, which are dubbed "Cyberbeasts," carry a $99,990 price tag.

November banners

George Miller does not disappoint

of all the hazards on train tracks that train crews have to beware of, would you have guessed that drunk Grizzlies would be listed?

Train conductor Paul Summers confirmed to Cowboy State Daily that grizzly bears and other wild animals frequently get intoxicated on fermented grain spilled from rail cars, and too many of them end up getting killed as a result.

“Especially in the summertime, it’s common to see bears, including grizzlies, drunk on grain. You will see them wobbling,” he said. “You will see them staggering.”

Summers worked on BNSF Railway trains as a conductor from 2013-2022. He now lives in Seattle and works for Amtrak.

Summers said grizzlies' own stubbornness works against them, as they don’t move off the tracks despite warning horns from trains.

when someone says, I just realized after buying this that I have too many projects, is that simply code for "I found it, I'm flipping it"? Or is it just me? This Kellison 1967 Astra X-300 GT was recently pulled out of the 2nd owners long term storage garage, and immediately flipped

1 or 40 made in the 50s, has a 289