Saturday, April 08, 2017

A car I've never seen before, not in magazines, books, tv shows, or car shows... in fact, I doubt anyone can identify this soley on the front or back or side photos. Yes, it's a Dodge, but have you ever seen one? Can you tell what model or year?

See what I mean, nothing on the car says what model... so, here you are, a one of 1458 made

I've never even heard of them.

This one belongs to a former SeaBee Master Chief, a really great guy, who inherited it from his father in law. It has a 383.

They made the 880 from 1962 1/2 to 1964 if I recall what he told me correctly.

Check out that simple contract. Wow. Now they are pages and pages of nonsense, and this was 1/2  a page

"Chattel - item of property other than real estate" (I had to look that up)

1967 Belvedere convertible, the 1st car his parents bought when they got to America, and his mom kept it and stored it. He inherited a very cool car, and his two brothers had no interest in it.

he got it out of storage, I think he said from the 1990s to the mid 2000s, and had it fixed up a bit, and while that was happening, upgraded a bit too.... a 4 barrel, dual exhaust, this cool battery disconnect, and I don't recall if he said it was originally a 6 cylinder, or this 383. 

Real magnesium vintage dragster rims for sale at the Mopar Spring Fling, Van Nuys, Woodley Park

Halibrand Big Window mags, 2200 for the pair

I think these were 1500, 12 spokes.

Wow, you can read the early issues (most of them) online at the Horseless Carriage Foundation Library ... but, the cheapest membership is 40 bucks. (or stop by their library in San Diego

For example, this 1928, December 1st issue

Click the below link for 1928 issues, or manipulate the link to get the year you'd rather see

Friday, April 07, 2017

how about this... several fire stations using circus tents as temporary shelter for the equipment in 1933 or 34

Crew, captain, and apparatus outside large tent secured from Barnum Circus to serve as Station No. 9 following demolition of permanent structure that suffered damage in 1933 earthquake.

And the fire engines in the bottom photo seem to have the Bright Bumpers, and the Wood lite headlights from

How cool is this, the fire chief bought a 1927 Graham Paige touring 621 with Woodlite headlights... and the aftermarket bumper upgrade. Some how I get the idea he was filthy rich, or someone didn't mind how much he blew on the car, maybe they lost to him at poker a lot or get really close up with

Check out that front bumper too, a Bright Bumper! (Factory option for Packards)

Thanks Dennis for knowing the bumper was a Bright, and
Thanks Mark for learning the car is a Jordan!

Battalion Chief's Jordan

White letters on those tires really stand out

Thanks Mark for correcting my misidentification!

The Jordan is no earlier than 1925 as that was the first year with four wheel brakes and smaller wheels. You can read 6.20 x 32 on the rear tyre.

the definition of Crumple Zones, and the result of a texting while driving moron

people who park like this, are entitled jackasses, the Ted Cruz way, with his security detail double-parking his GMC

Photo by Washington photojournalist who focuses on politicians, Bill Clark

There is some cool original concept car art from the GM and Ford design studios coming to auction that you can bid on right now