Saturday, June 23, 2018

A hungry truck driver was walking to Whataburger when he realized his truck was rolling

Swift office worker gets 5 years in prison for swindling $1.65M from company

An IT worker at carrier giant Swift, has been sentenced to 57 months in prison and ordered to pay $2.2 million after he pleaded guilty to embezzlement charges early this year.

Reynolds, 30, pleaded guilty to bilking the carrier out of $1.65 million over a three-year period via multiple schemes.

Prosecutors say that, between 2013 and 2016, Reynolds used a Swift corporate credit card to make personal purchases, including items like cell phones, TVs, furniture, computers and gun accessories, amounting to $865,000 over the three year span. He created fake invoices for the purchases to disguise them as company purchases.

Friday, June 22, 2018

100-year-old model J Harley Davidson barnfind just underwent a 10 year restoration, and now will be ridden across America.... a WW1 motorcycle, and that's pretty rare

"This is the first time the motorcycle has rolled on U.S. soil since its export to France 100 years ago," said Jimmy Lyons, director and chief executive officer for the Port Authority.

Christophe De Goulaine and Pierre Lauvergeat are set up a 1918 Harley and sidecar and on Monday, they will roll out for Jacksonville, Fla. Planned stops after that include a visit to Harley-Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee on a 5,600 mile tour of America after a short residency at the Gulfquest National Maritime Museum.

For de Goulaine, fixing and returning this motorcycle to its homeland expresses his deep admiration of the United States and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

"This motorcycle was built to liberate Europe, we plan to complete all 5,600 miles without special technical assistance," he said.

The Harley-Davidson Model J's reputation for simple toughness was the reason the US government bought 20,000 of these bikes for combat.

along the way, they'll be stopping into Harley Davidson dealerships for meet and greets, like on June 29th, 4pm to 7pm
8909 Baymeadows Road
Jacksonville, FL 32256

they had this fixed and still kept the patina  for updates on the trip!

the newest season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, preview

A worker fixes a studded tread onto a motor vehicle tyre in the rubber factory of Charles Macintosh and Sons Ltd, Manchester, in September 1918

4 Congressmen requested an investigation to determine if the EPA colluded with Volvo lobbyists to prohibit the use of glider kits.

“It is our understanding that a major original equipment manufacturer and its affiliates lobbied the EPA to secure a prohibition on glider trucks in the (greenhouse gas) Phase 2 rule in 2016,” the letter stated. “When EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt repealed the current glider rule, career employees at the EPA communicated with (Volvo) with the intent of eliminating the glider industry. In our opinion, EPA’s conduct undermines the current administration’s policies and prevents a repeal of the rule.

hey boss, I noticed we might need a new bridge, and, uh, I don't want anyone to use the old one and uh, get stuck.

what it looks like when you consider that you may have to wait until the ground freezes in winter to dig your way out

Iowa DOT could be closing one-third of Iowa rest stops

The Iowa Department of Transportation is working on a three-part survey to evaluate how useful the rest stops are to travelers.

Officials said the specific areas they want to close are not being used or are too close to other stops.

There are draft plans to close 10 of the 37 fully functioning rest areas.

you may have had a bad day at work... but not as bad as this

HA! The perfect gift

beat a speeding camera using math.

Tokyo commuters waiting for their train

You know you’ve got that base model when…

Pikes Peak is this weekend... and VW is back for the 1st time in 30 years with a factory sponsored race car, the VW I.D. R Pikes Peak electric car, driven by Pikes champion Romain Dumas

The times for the VW I.D. R  from the 3 practice stages add up to 7 minutes, 33 seconds.

The standing course record is 8:13.878.

Best known for winning Le Mans and a WEC title in the Porsche 919 Hybrid, Dumas also has three outright wins at Pikes Peak.

His personal connections with this specialist hillclimb manufacturer also provided the final piece of the puzzle once VW Motorsport settled on Pikes Peak as the promotional tool for its forthcoming I.D. EV lineup.

The I.D. R is based around a heavily modified and reinforced Norma monocoque, and Dumas says the previous experience of driving their cars at Pikes Peak will give him a head start for the pending shakedown.

Weighing less than 2,500 pounds, capable of 0-60 mph in just 2.25 seconds and packing 680 hp and 479 pound-feet of torque from its two electric motors, the I.D. R's official goal is to beat Rhys Millen's 2016 electric record of 8:57.118.

Filming underway for The Grand Tour Season 3

FP2 session at Paul Ricard

This is so cool, I just got an email from Chad Johnson, who was an inspector in the 1952 -1967 Mobilgas Economy Runs!

My name is Chad Johnson, and was the owner of "Chad Johnson Auto Repair", Burbank, California. (from 1946-1986). My age is 97, and I live in a retirement community in Palm Desert, California.

I enjoyed your article on the Mobil Economy Run. I'm sure that you spent many hours in researching each aspects of the run, but I think that you were given some mis-information in a couple of areas. I joined the run in 1952 as an inspecter, and reported to Mr. A. C. Pillsbury, AAA, and Mr. Frank Meunier, Mobil Oil Company. I was involved in every event from 1952, including the last run to Boston, in 1967. Later on as I became a member of the technical staff, I spent much time each summer with both of these gentlemen, plus other members of the technical staff to make changes in the operation of the event. Our main objective was to make the event as fair as possible, and I think we succeeded.

If your information is correct, it must have happened before my time on the run. Over the many years I spent involved with the run, many changes were made to make the event as honest as possible. Were there mistakes, probably, but we made sure that they would not happen again.

Copied from your article: I believe the following charges are not accurate.

Cars were classified according to cost and engine size, and were selected by the AAA Contest Board from showroom floors, dealer lots, or factory assembly lines. These vehicles were no different than the average American would own, and certified as stock. Minor changes could be made in terms of carburetor jets, timing, and tire pressures. Break-in runs were allowed, and that was when the rules were stretched.

Tires were scrubbed to reduce rolling resistance, brakes worn down a much as practically possible, and support cars dragged chains in front of the race vehicle so as to have as much dust and sand enter engines minus air cleaners.

Thank you for your time,


How cool is that!!!!?!!! I don't think I can recall ever getting an email about an article from someone who was involved before... if I did, and you did, and I've forgotten - well, I'm sorry my memory really does suck that bad.

Anyway, I did find where I got those paragraphs from, and if that is all he could find to gig me on, then damn, I did good!  I responded at great length, and gave links to the specific stuff he didn't like.

I was pretty proud of the thoroughness of the post and quickly found the sources of the info he has a gripe with. Nothing I originated, and he can take up the 1st paragraph in italics with a book author, John Heitmann, professor of history, science and technology, The Automobile and American Life is his book. Good luck arguing with him on that, even if you were there. I doubt that the professor made mistakes in what he wrote.

The 2nd paragraph was half from the New York Times article, and half from a comment. That part was hearsay, probably 3rd or 4th hand, but still, I'm leaving it in, as I know that lots of sneaky cheating stuff happened in all racing, and only rumors get out about it until someone confesses to the cheating. Happened in every racing there probably ever was.

1320 on your AM dial

Ford Performance has begun accepting orders for the new 50th Anniversary 2018 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Julius LeBlanc Stewart, a rich American artist who spent his career in Paris, he was nicknamed "the Parisian from Philadelphia".

Nascar's hall of fame... hmmm, ponder this: Smokey Yunick will never get in, and Danica Patrick - who never won a race, probably will

He was a great influence on Nascar.
She is a great influence on fans.

He won races as a mechanic, a crew chief, engineer, and team owner.
She brought a new generation of fans to the races, and helped extend the profitable age of Nascar racing. She never had a top 5 finish, in 191 races.

He pissed of the France family in perpetuity
She led laps in the Indy 500 and the Daytona 500, the only woman to do so. Simply, there aren't many women who have ever raced in either. Danica crashed out in both. Never lived up to the hype.

But no one brought more eyeballs to the sport in the last 7 years. She was featured prominently in all Nascar marketing they could use her image in. Not because she won, or competed fiercely.

So, if I were a gambler, I'd say that she's going to the Nascar Hall of Fame before Smokey

She was great for the sport's profits. That's the only reason the Nascar exists. Profits.

Banjo Matthews, Humpy Wheeler, Bill Rexford, haven't gotten in yet

Ken Squier is in already. Who the hell is he? Don't know, don't care. The point is, he's in, and Smokey isn't. Banjo isn't. Humpy isn't. Get what I'm saying. The fix is in.

It's a hall of FAME and not of merit. So, is there any reason to be upset? Probably not.

the NASCAR Hall of Fame has a voting panel of 53 people, they induct five people per year.

Autoweek article June 18 2018 issue, page 46

For a more technical look at some of the nominees:

• From the 1950 Southern 500 to still racing at age 90, Hershel McGriff exhibited a competitive passion that lasted longer than any driver in NASCAR history.

• With nine NASCAR championships to his name, Mike Stefanik remains one of the greatest to ever drive in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

• No one is quite sure how many times Larry Phillips won, but a crew chief estimated he won 1,000 times; maybe 2,000. That’s a lot of Victory Lane celebrations.

• Ray Fox not only served in the U.S. Army during World War II, his strong mechanical work on engines led several drivers, such as Junior Johnson, to big wins.

• Known as NASCAR’s Ironman for more than a decade, Ricky Rudd held the premier series record for consecutive starts (788) until 2015.

• Known as a master motivator, Joe Gibbs’ 150-plus premier series owner wins and four premier series titles rank among the sport’s most elite company.

• For Massachusetts native Ralph Moody, it all started with a Model T Ford he built in 1935 and raced on nights and weekends.

• John Holman was considered the mastermind salesman and business manager of the famed Holman-Moody ownership duo.  gives a much longer look at each of the above, and many more

It's flooding in Texas again... but wasn't hurricane Harvey just a few months ago? Damn, if you are not parked on high ground... go move your vehicles!

Since Tuesday, 5 to 10 inches of rain has fallen along the Texas coast from the border to around 125 miles south of Houston, with more than 15 inches in some areas, the National Weather Service said.

Damn, that's got to have hurt

Welcome To Marwen, the most original movie concept I've seen since Colossal, Steve Carell as an artist specializing in WW2 drawings, then photography of WW2 dioramas. It's like they looked at my blog and made a movie!

This holiday season, Academy Award winner Robert Zemeckis—the groundbreaking filmmaker behind Forrest Gump, Flight and Cast Away—directs Steve Carell in the most original movie of the year. Welcome to Marwen tells the miraculous true story of one broken man’s fight as he discovers how artistic imagination can restore the human spirit.

On April 8, 2000, 38 year old Mark Hogancamp was attacked by five men and left for dead, beaten into a brain-damaging coma, outside of a bar in Kingston, NY. After nine days in a coma, he awoke to find he had no memory of his previous adult life. He had to relearn how to eat, walk and write.

When Hogancamp woke up in the hospital he had no idea who he was or where he was, a devastating attack wiped away all memories, and no one expected recovery.

 He was beat up so badly that he couldn’t walk, talk or speak. His therapies were cut off by Medicaid, of course, and Hogancamp had to make his own treatment, and in the process he makes some most unusual friends.

 Putting together pieces from his old and new life, Hogancamp meticulously created a wondrous 1/6th scale World War II-era town in his backyard where he could heal and be heroic. As he builds an astonishing art installation—a testament to the most powerful women he knows—through his fantasy world, he draws strength to triumph in the real one.

In a bold, wondrous and timely film from this revolutionary pioneer of contemporary cinema, Welcome to Marwen shows that when your only weapon is your imagination…you’ll find courage in the most unexpected place.

The epic drama is produced by Oscar®-winning producer Steve Starkey (Forrest Gump, Flight), Jack Rapke (Cast Away, Flight), and Cherylanne Martin (The Pacific, Flight) of Zemeckis’ Universal-based ImageMovers banner produce alongside the director.

Mark Hogancamp's artwork is on display at One Mile Gallery (or take a quick look at the first feature in

One Mile Gallery
475 Abeel Street
Kingston, New York, 12401

Since the New York Film Fest documentary debut, Mr. Malmberg has set up a web site and invites viewers to support Mr. Hogancamp by donating to J and J Hobbies, Mr. Hogancamp’s favorite store, a Kingston hobby shop. Some send money, which Mr. Hogancamp uses to buy new figures and supplies.

Mr. Hogancamp lives from disability check to disability check. To save money, he eats one meal a day. He buys groceries every Tuesday, when a neighbor gives him a lift to the Cumberland Farms store five miles away.

He was a boatswains mate in the Navy, in the 80s, served on the Savanna, and did about 6 to 9 years (approx, it's difficult to get that accurate) and honorably discharged out.

The prospect of a Hollywood film of his life is “scary,” Mr. Hogancamp said, and he still feels overwhelmed at the attention from the art world. But over all, he is pleased with this unexpected chapter. After the documentary, fan messages and gratitude from people suffering from P.T.S.D. filled its Facebook page.  “I didn’t know that my fight to get my mind back would benefit other brain-injured people,” Mr. Hogancamp said. “Now they know they can create their own world that only they understand.”

In November 2010, the deli where he used to shop went out of business. It was just two miles away, and he could walk there by himself, keeping steady by focusing his eyes on the lines at the side on the road, and staying calm by dragging behind him an Army jeep the size of a handbag filled with Deja and the other girls, all armed to the teeth to keep him safe. The trip was also helpful in that it wore down the factory seams on the jeep’s rubber tires (Mr. Hogancamp is a stickler for detail).

A book of his photography

can be previewed and bought at and the preview is wow... a lot of incredible photos, and several chapters to read. More than usually found on Amazon.

Ford vs Ferrari, a movie in pre-production

The true story of the battle between Ford and Ferrari to win Le Mans in 1966 will finally get the major motion picture treatment with Matt Damon positioned to play Carroll Shelby.

Christian Bale will play racer and GT40 test driver Ken Miles, with Bernthal playing Lee Iacocca.

The Ladies Pavilion in Central Park... the ornate Victorian pavilion was built in 1871 as a shelter for trolley passengers.

The Ladies Pavilion is an important and charming example of 19th century American decorative arts. Architect Jacob Wrey Mould designed the ornate Victorian pavilion in 1871 as a shelter for trolley passengers.

It originally stood near the Park's Central Park West and 59th Street entrance. When construction began on the Maine Monument in 1912, the pavilion was relocated inside the Park.

Perhaps it went here because this was once the site of the Ladies’ Cottage (above right), where female ice skaters congregated between the Lake and the Ladies’ Skating Pond

if you fall... get the hell out of the way of the racers that are coming through at full acceleration and don't have time for you to be in the way... awesome split screen coverage

Danilo Berto who, riding his Ducati, lost control of the bike by falling on the track

At the "Pirelli Cup" in Interlagos, Brazil, his leg was broken and he spent 10 days in the hospital, if the translation is correct

Interlagos Brazil Moto GP this past March 2018

a descriptive video of New York's Grand Central Station... I had no idea Jackie O had saved it from destruction, for example

thanks Bill!

So, two words, Commuting and Ramp, both were invented here, according to this video. Huh! That's interesting trivia

Paul Helleu was awarded the Légion d’honneur and became one of the most celebrated artists of the Edwardian era in both Paris and London and an honorary member of the most important beaux-arts societies. He was a member of the International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Engravers and the Societaire de la Nationale des Beaux-Arts. He was decorated by the French Government with the Legion d’honneur in 1904. He was the creator of the astrological ceiling decoration in New York City's Grand Central Terminal completed in 1912.

for a couple galleries of his remarkable Belle Epoque art,

49 guys with their own airplanes flew over the Chiefs v Raiders game leaving pink smoke for breast cancer awareness

As part of the huge buildup to the nearby Kansas City Chiefs NFL game (they won and were 6-0 for the season) a mass formation of 49(!) KC Flight Formation Team Van’s RV kit build aircraft flew low over Arrowhead Stadium trailing pink smoke.

The game against the Oakland Raiders and the flight were part of a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign (hence the pink smoke) raising something like $30,000 for the cause. The crowd at the game broke the Guinness Book of Records for the loudest crowd roar at an outdoor stadium at a whopping 137.5 decibels! The flyover of 49 Van’s RV aircraft is also believed to be a world record for the largest ever civilian formation flight

Organizers also made a phone call to the Guinness Book of World Records regarding the flight.
"The Guinness world record was set in 2009, with 37 aircraft in Oshkosh Wisconsin," Lame said. "I think we're going to really beat the record really badly, with 49 aircraft it should not be a problem."

The decision to participate was also pretty easy for pilots all over the country.

They flew in from 19 different states to be a part of this record-breaking flyover.
Thanks Mike! 

Worlds largest indoor Ferris wheel, 90 million dollars. Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the record for the world’s tallest indoor ferris wheel belongs to the Alem Cultural and Entertainment Center of Ashgabat, Turkenistan.

 The 24-pod ferris wheel, called “Alem,” which means “the Universe,” is enclosed in a 187-feet diameter glass and white steel casing that rests at the top of the step pyramid structure. Each floor of the six-story building measures at approximately 23 feet, which brings the building to 312 feet.

 A 56-foot decorative spire rests at the top, bringing the center’s overall height to 368 feet. Designed by architects at Polieks, the center is home to two movie theatres, a planetarium equipped with star-gazing equipment, a bowling alley, and a restaurant.

The building’s main feature, the record-breaking ferris wheel, is housed in a structure built to resemble the eight-sided star of Oguz Khan, a legendary Khan who is commonly included in many motifs across the nation.

Sure, this mini van is cute, but did you notice the cool mirrors?

I wonder what the Stig is doing this morning

hopefully it's supermodels in a French villa. I miss you Stig, the worlds no damn good without you.

beware when traveling through the Philippine airports, that there is a scam airport security uses to extort money from foreigners. The lone bullet scam

travelers are targeted, as anyone with the money to vacation and fly on an airline has the money to pay a bribe.

Unlicensed possession or purchase of firearms and ammunition is illegal in the Philippines.

CNN Philippines reports that police have recorded 30 alleged cases of the scam, known locally as "tanim bala," between January and November 2015.

Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport, has being crowned the world's worst for three years in a row

The Philippine government National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) later confirmed that an extortion syndicate is behind the bullet planting scheme

 According to the NBI's investigation, some porters are involved in identifying potential victims of the bullet planting scam.

Allegedly, airport officials in the security and immigration services present in the four terminals of the airport pursue target victims after their identification by porters.

Usual victims were found to be the elderly and "overseas Filipino workers"

tips for avoiding the scam:
 saran wrap your luggage. This keeps airport workers from tossing a bullet in your luggage pockets

These include using a hard case and avoiding luggage with external pockets
wrapping the entire bag in cling film,
and calling in witnesses, lawyers and airport supervisors if security insists on going through bags.