Saturday, December 21, 2019

Here's the whole set of Darwin vs religion, etc, variations that I've photographed so far

the SUV you might have never seen, the Isuzu VehiCROSS... I've only ever seen two. 10 years apart

made from 1999-2001 here in the states, 97 to 99 in Japan.

they even made an Ironman edition, each one was named after the long-distance triathlon, with  215 horsepower 3.5-liter V6 and four-speed automatic transmission

only 4,153 were sold in the U.S. throughout its production run.

I was surprised to find this many vehicle things in Hallmark today. The Hallmark stores are far fewer in number thna they used to be, and their variety is very much more extensive than it ever was before, astonishing

about 50 years of patina, and still on the job

one of these beltlines is not like the others.

so, is that variation of the factory build technique?
Is it within the tolerance the manufacturer states is allowable due to variations in the parts supplied?

Or did they forget to install a bushing? A washer?  Inquiring minds want to know

it's rare to see this many A12 Road Runners lined up, it makes a nice photo

Can anyione tell me why the shifter in a dually does not have a 6 on the handle? There are 6 tires on the ground. It should have 6L N 4H and 6H on the shifter to engage the front tires with the power train

so why the hell haven't they figured that out at manufacturing and design

Friday, December 20, 2019

this 68 GTX has been sitting 20 +years, but a determined gearhead searched it out and scored a very nice time capsule

and there you have it, a 440 4 spd GTX was running high 14s back in the day. Now they can run 10s if you can afford the gear

hard to believe that they waited 40 some years to let it rust away before sending it to the junkyard, but there you have it. We've all seen worse get restored too.. it's a shame

women in Russia are finally getting to take on jobs they've been denied for 75 years, like driving metros. They were prohibitied from 455 jobs

The USSR made a rule, prohibiting women from all the professions involving lifting of heavy objects, and bus driver, sailor, paratrooper, airplane pilot or even car mechanic.

In the year 2000, Vladimir Putin made this government rule a law. But in August 2019, the government decided to reduce the list to 98 professions, thus offering women the possibility of holding 358 new positions, including that of metro driver.

The new law, passed in August 2019, will allow women to become truck and bus drivers, airplane pilots or to join the navy.

Professions which involve heavy tasks like welding or repairing aircraft, and certain trades like firefighter, will however always be prohibited to them.

Deserted for 50 years, this gigantic station will soon reopen

Erected in 1928 in the Pyrenees, Canfranc was the second largest station in Europe. But no train has been on it since 1970. Fortunately, volunteers want to give it new life.

It was to be the Eurotunnel of the Pyrenees. A railroad track connecting the province of Aragon to France, the Franco-Spanish hyphen that it took four years to build. Time took it's toll, and so did wars, a derailment, and the destruction of a bridge.

Isolated and unused for 50 years, the tourist attraction will be quite the destination for those who've been everywhere and seen everything.

Martin Lewis was an astonishingly good artist, his works look a lot like Ed Tillrock's, but he was born at the wrong time to break out of commercial illustration and into fine art painting

By the time he hit his prime, illustration was falling out of favor, and he spent his last 3 decades as an art teacher, and mentor to Hopper

Also, crazy bit of history, he decided what his son's name was going to be, and since his wife was absolutely against Hayden Seymour Lewis, his birth certificate listed him as “Boy” Lewis.

His father would call him Hayden for the rest of his life. His son officially changed his name when he entered the military during WWII.
hat tip to  via  The Golden Age Of Illustration facebook page

Miami pop star graffiti artist, takes a car, and makes a statement about wealth. Irony, or am I wrong?

a McLaren customized by Miami-based 1016 Industries, with the company’s $65,000 carbon fiber bodywork and race hood, side skirts, lower front lip, mirror caps, rear wing and rear diffuser.

Then it was handed to artist Alec Monopoly, whose spraypaints involving cultural icons like the Monopoly man and Richie Rich went viral in 2008

I was just posting a summer camp IH a couple days ago, mentioning how I like to find those wagons used for camps, with signage on the sides... when Magnum PI drove this in an episode late in season 2

How about that.... the tradition of wood side paneling continues!

And pretty tasteful Wagoneer too! This was so that the Magnum PI character could transport the basketball team he was volunteering to coach, from Honolulu to the estate tennis court, where a basketball hoop was set up, so the kids could practice away from basketball competition spies. 

I was watching an episode of Magnum PI when I noticed that they made no effort to hide the chain they pre-welded to the car's tail, so they could use a crane to get it out of the harbor, after the stunt of jumping it off the pier